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What is RSS?

"Really Simple Syndication." It's designed to enable you to "subscribe" to content you want to receive without having to trawl through endless numbers of websites to find it. You've found our Feeds homepage, which is a good start; it's basically a list of all our RSS feeds with this little bit of blurb explaining how to use them.

How do I use RSS?

Modern web browsers, like Firefox and Internet Explorer 7, have little icons that light up whenever a website is offering you an RSS feed. All our article pages highlight our general news feed - a list of all the latest DS headlines - and a feed relevant to the sort of article you're looking at. Here's a screenshot from Firefox showing the orange "feed" icon in the address bar and the options it presents:

You can then "subscribe" to the feed. In Firefox, one way of doing this is by making it a "live bookmark" - as the title suggests, this is far more exciting than just a regular, non-live one. As well as being a bookmark to your favourite entertainment news site, it also displays a list of headlines:

Internet Explorer does something similar, and there are a variety of web-based aggregators (like Bloglines) and downloadable applications (such as FeedReader) that can do all sorts of fancy things with RSS, too. Also, if you have a non-commercial website, please feel free to include our feeds on it!