The Biggest Loser Australia

The Biggest Loser Australia Top Story 'Biggest Loser' Australian eliminated contestants return Three ex-Biggest Loser Australia housemates win their way back into the game.
Biggest Loser star Lydia Hantke says that her transformation was "profound". 'Biggest Loser' Lydia 'hated the games' Biggest Loser star Lydia Hantke regrets her friendship with Margie Cummins. Biggest Loser's Lydia "disgusted" at friend A contestant leaves The Biggest Loser after gaining weight. 'Biggest Loser' eliminates contestant Michelle Bridges says that she wants to "fulfil" her "ambitions". 'Biggest Loser' trainer to host own show Simon Hurley from The Biggest Loser says that he was "glad" to leave the show. 'Biggest Loser' Simon wants date with Lisa Biggest Loser's Simon Hurley says he "never" thought he'd find love on the show. 'Biggest Loser' Simon, Lisa is "fate" The Biggest Loser Australia will now screen on Sunday nights on Channel Ten. 'Young Talent Time' moves slots on Ten Two Biggest Loser contestants have "first argument" over which should go home. 'Biggest Loser' eliminates contestant Fans of the single contestants on The Biggest Loser 2012 can apply to date them. 'Biggest Loser' offers dates with stars Selena Brown says that being nagged on The Biggest Loser was "annoying". 'BL' star labels contestants "horrible" Another Biggest Loser competitor leaves the show after a full team elimination. 'Biggest Loser' eliminates contestant Lara Whalan says she thought Luke Stephens would be a "force" in Biggest Loser. 'Biggest Loser' star upset at booze bust Biggest Loser's Hamish Elliott looks forward to future with Michelle Cortesao. 'Biggest Loser' Hamish: 'I love Michelle' Another weight loss contestant leaves the Biggest Loser compound in Sydney. 'Biggest Loser' eliminates contestant Rebekah Gilchrist says that Selena Brown makes excuses to avoid exercise. 'Biggest Loser's Rebekah: 'I'm no bully' A Biggest Loser contestant says that she feels "stabbed in the back". 'Biggest Loser' contestant eliminated Lara Whalan from Biggest Loser 2011 says that there is a lot of "pressure". 'Biggest Loser's Lara 'feels for Selena' One of this year's Biggest Loser Aussie stars is punished for smuggling alcohol. Drunk 'Biggest Loser' Aus star expelled Biggest Loser eliminee Ryan Preuss says that he wished he'd "pushed harder". 'Biggest Loser' Ryan: 'I was an outcast' A contestant leaves the Aussie weight loss contest after a unanimous vote. 'Biggest Loser' eliminates contestant Biggest Loser trainer Tiffiny Hall says fitness has been "built" into her life. 'Biggest Loser's Tiffiny 'has fat days' Biggest Loser's Brenda says teammates Margie and Lydia planned to vote her out. 'Biggest Loser' star names 'game-players' A contestant is voted out of the weight loss competition by their housemates. 'Biggest Loser' eliminates contestant Simon Hurley's ex-wife denies that she dumped him because he was "fat". 'Biggest Loser' star's ex slams claims Another contestant is voted out of The Biggest Loser by his fellow housemates. 'Biggest Loser' eliminates contestant A Biggest Loser contestant leaves the show in return for $30k in gold bullion. 'Biggest Loser' contestant leaves show A former contestant gets a second chance at weight loss in The Biggest Loser. Ex-'Biggest Loser' star re-joins show The first contestant leaves The Biggest Loser Australia after only one week. 'Biggest Loser' Aus eliminates 1st star Biggest Loser's Shannan Ponton says Ryan Preuss "expresses" himself by eating. 240kg 'Biggest Loser' star breaks record Aussie Biggest Loser star Courtney Jackson is pleased he had cosmetic surgery. 'Biggest Loser' star praises surgery 'Biggest Loser's Michelle Lozanovski says that she gained weight after the show. 'Biggest Loser' star: 'Surgery saved me' Biggest Loser 2010 winner Lisa Hose says that cosmetic surgery has boosted her "confidence". 'Biggest Loser's Lisa: 'I finally feel free' Sammy Fisher from the Australian version of The Biggest Loser says that she feels "good" about herself. 'Biggest Loser' star "loves" new breasts Leigh Westren and Lara Whalan from The Biggest Loser reportedly split amid cheating rumours. 'Biggest Loser' couple Leigh and Lara split Biggest Loser star Leigh Westren is rushed to hospital after splitting his head at the wrap party. 'Biggest Loser' star Leigh Westren in hospital The winner of the sixth season of Australian Biggest Loser is announced. Australian 'Biggest Loser' 2011 winner revealed A couple from The Biggest Loser feel like they are "cheating" on each other since losing weight. 'Biggest Loser' couple 'feel like cheats' Meg Duncan comes in fifth place in reality weight loss show The Biggest Loser Australia. Another contestant leaves 'Biggest Loser' There are now five contestants remaining on The Biggest Loser Australia. Another contestant leaves 'Biggest Loser' Meg Duncan from The Biggest Loser says that she is very grateful to personal trainer Tiffiny Hall. 'Biggest Loser' star Meg owes life to show