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Top Story Shamitabh's Amitabh Bachchan: 'I'm not a singer' Bachchan described the complex dubbing process required for the film. Amitabh Bachchan, Akshara Haasan and Dhanush at the Shamitabh photocall
The actor says the mobile Twitter camera will bring him closer to his fans. Shah Rukh sends first Twitter video message Azmi says stars should make an informed choice when shooting item songs. Shabana Azmi: 'Children dance to item songs' The actress attended as a personal guest of designer Georgio Armani. Sonam Kapoor at Armani fashion show Bachchan says he has always admired the South Indian film star. Amitabh Bachchan praises Dhanush The actor says it's possible to find success in Bollywood without a film family. Ayushmann Khurrana: 'Talent works for you' Shah Rukh says he is proud to have been mentioned in the president's speech. Shah Rukh Khan proud of Obama speech mention The lavish event featured bridal wear from India's leadings designers. Designers praise Aashni + Co Wedding Show The tiger population in India has grown from 1,411 to 2,226 in two years. Amitabh Bachchan on Save Our Tigers campaign The director says the film received more support than opposition. Bhardwaj: 'India can tolerate Haider' The actress says she will only accept 'dignified roles' after marriage. Esha Deol: My roles must be dignified now The actress says Salman Khan encouraged her to speak Hindi during Kick. Fernandez: 'Salman is a great support' The actor shares a video of his rendition of the Indian national anthem. Amitabh Bachchan records Indian national anthem The actor thanks his fans for their messages of congratulations.  Amitabh 'humbled and overwhelmed' by honour The actress posted images of herself in her bridal attire on social media. Soha Ali Khan marries Kunal Khemu Pakistan censor board banned the film due to its 'negative image of Muslims'. Akshay Kumar's Baby banned in Pakistan The director praises Dhanush after working with him for the first time. Balki: 'I wish I had met Dhanush earlier' The actress says she doesn't define success by the number of films she has made. Mallika Sherawat: 'I'm satisfied' Barack Obama says the Indian prime minister was received like a celebrity in the States. Obama: 'Modi like a Bollywood star in US' Bollywood movie is being reinvented for the small screen as Sholay Adventures. Sholay to release as animated TV series Indian actor says that reports he will feature in Lion are "baseless". Nawazuddin denies doing Nicole Kidman film The Hawaizaada director says he travelled the length of India location hunting. Vibhu Puri recreates 1895 Bombay in Gujarat Kumar speaks about music of Arjun Rampal, Ranbir, Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez film.  Bhushan Kumar: 'Roy songs integral to movie' The actress believes that luck plays an important part in a film's success. Pallavi Sharda hopes Hawaizaada does well Mirziya is expected to release in late 2015. Mirziya actors banned from partying Jazbaa is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's first feature since 2010. Aishwarya to bring daughter to Jazbaa set Bikers were chasing the his convoy and taking pictures on mobile phones. Salman Khan angry at fans chasing his car Filmmaker discusses challenges surrounding the third instalment in the franchise. Arbaaz: 'Dabangg 3 needs to be even better' The Baby star talks about working in different genres of film. Akshay Kumar is 'an actor, not a superstar' Khurrana says that "there are some films you do to satisfy your soul, not your stomach". Ayushmann Khurrana did Hawaizaada for free Filmmakers behind Aamir Khan-starring movie are summoned to give evidence on April 16. PK filmmakers accused of plagarism The actor says the film's story has nothing to do with Rajnikanth directly. Dhanush: 'Shamitabh not Rajnikanth story' Sherawat wants directors to take her seriously after Dirty Politics. Mallika Sherawat on hopes for Dirty Politics The show will feature questions posed by ordinary members of the public. Shah Rukh Khan to host new TV show The actor says people should realise that even celebrities suffer depression. Varun Dhawan: 'I was depressed after Badlapur' Fazal says he had a fanboy moment when he met his idol Kurt Russell. Ali Fazal praises Fast & Furious 7 co-stars Soha reveals that Kareena Kapoor has been helping with wedding preparations. Soha Ali Khan, Khemu for intimate wedding Leone says she feels proud when she sees billboards of Chopra in the US. Sunny Leone: 'Priyanka Chopra is inspiring' The actor takes to Twitter to mark the 40-year anniversary of the iconic film. Amitabh celebrates 40 years of Deewar The two stars provided vocals for a romantic ballad in the Zoya Akhtar films. Farhan Akhtar confirms Priyanka Chopra duet Dhanush says he loves Bachchan's films but can't imagine starring in a remake. Dhanush not keen on remaking Bachchan films