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Pooja Bhatt receives abusive and threatening calls

Pooja Bhatt


Pooja Bhatt has spoken about receiving obscene and threatening calls from an unidentified person.

The actress filed a complaint at Bandra police station after receiving the offensive calls.

Writing on Twitter, Bhatt said: "Have been getting threatening/obscene calls. The male voice, obviously inebriated, abused me and threatened to come over.

"I called 100 to complain. A rude female voice on the other end asked me to go to the nearest police station as she could not do anything.

"When I explained that it is close to 1 a.m. and I could not possibly be expected to go to the police station alone, she got extremely brusque."

Mahesh Bhatt
Bhatt's father, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, revealed he had also "received a call from the same number at 12.35 am".

"It's organised terror," said the Raaz 3 director.

Mahesh Bhatt recently denied that Bollywood encourages men to be violent against women.

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