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The reimagining will see Lee Boardman rubbing shoulders with William Hurt. ITV's Beowulf adds David Bradley and others How the cast of the 2002 summer box office hit went on to achieve stardom. Where are the Bend It Like Beckham cast now? The British film stars Karen David, with cameos from Nina Wadia and Meera Syal. Amar, Akbar & Tony starts filming in UK Departing star reveals that she came up with the high-profile Masood family plot. 'Enders Wadia came up with Syed gay plot The former Dr Yusef Khan will appear opposite Jennifer Ellison as Peter Pan. Ace Bhatti to play Captain Hook in panto The actress says her role helps her not to take things out on her real husband. Nina Wadia: 'EastEnders is therapeutic' The Denise Fox actress praises Pat's "powerful" EastEnders exit episode. 'Enders star: 'Pat's death was moving' Nina Wadia jokes that things couldn't "get any worse" for her character Zainab. 'EastEnders' Wadia wants Masood humour EastEnders' Himesh Patel wants Tamwar and Afia to get back on track. 'Enders star wants Tamwar, Afia reunion We take an in-pictures look at EastEnders' B&B explosion. 'EastEnders' Xmas explosion: In Pictures EastEnders' latest Yusef and Zainab spoilers are revealed. 'EastEnders' Christmas showdown - Pic Nina Wadia wants EastEnders' Yusef plot to help change lives. EastEnders star talks Yusef plot impact Nitin Ganatra chats to us about the climax of EastEnders' Yusef storyline. 'EastEnders': Nitin Ganatra interview Diane Parish reveals her excitement over Denise's EastEnders Christmas plots. 'Enders star praises Denise Xmas drama Zainab tries to escape Yusef's clutches on EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders' Zainab fights back - Pics Nitin Ganatra praises EastEnders' B&B fire storyline. 'Enders fire scenes 'are spectacular' A new video is released offering a brief glimpse of the EastEnders fire. 'EastEnders' fire: First look - video Nina Wadia discusses EastEnders' latest Yusef twists. 'Enders Zainab 'blames herself for fire' Find out why Afia is furious with Yusef in EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders': Afia, Yusef showdown - Pic We present all the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. 'Enders wedding, Corrie Lloyd, E'dale punch Yusef tries to stop Tariq from ruining his plans in EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders' Yusef faces new setback We present all the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. 'Enders proposal, Corrie Max, E'dale outburst More details are revealed about EastEnders' Christmas blaze. 'EastEnders': More fire rumours emerge More rumours emerge over the future of EastEnders' Yusef storyline. 'EastEnders' Yusef shocks revealed? Albert Square resident will become depressed after being injured in the B&B blaze. 'Enders star disfigured in Xmas fire? Nina Wadia admits that she was in a dark place while filming the domestic violence plot. Wadia 'broke down filming Yusef plot' Nina Wadia reveals her hopes for next year's EastEnders storylines. 'EastEnders' star wants Masood reunion More pictures and spoilers for Jane's EastEnders return. 'EastEnders' Jane return - More Pictures Ben tries to get revenge against Christian on EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders' Ben's shock lie - Pics Nina Wadia reveals who she would like to work with more on EastEnders. 'Enders star wants Zainab friendships Nina Wadia teases the future of EastEnders' Yusef storyline. 'EastEnders' Yusef Khan 'will get worse' More rumours emerge over an upcoming EastEnders exit storyline. 'Enders legend's death story revealed? Read the details of why EastEnders' Roxy is suspected of being an unfit mother. 'EastEnders' Roxy left devastated - Pics Read all the details of how things go wrong for Yusef in EastEnders. 'EastEnders' Yusef faces backlash - Pics The shock EastEnders fire will form the climax of Yusef Khan's storyline. 'EastEnders' Masoods 'at centre of fire' EastEnders' Preeya Kalidas warns that Yusef could meet his match in Amira. 'Enders Yusef 'shouldn't mess with Amira' We present pictures and spoilers for Yusef involving Christian in his schemes. 'Enders Christian, Yusef twist - Pics EastEnders' Jane promises to make a big commitment to Masood. 'Enders to air new Jane, Masood twist We present pictures of EastEnders stars at the Four premiere. 'Enders stars at 'Four' premiere - Pics Nina Wadia discusses the future of her current EastEnders storyline. 'EastEnders' star promises Xmas shocks