Alin Sumarwata

Lucas will head back to Erinsborough after buying back the garage. Neighbours trailer sees Lucas return James Mason chats to us about his departure from Neighbours. Neighbours star talks show exit and future Who's heading back to Erinsborough and when? Find out in our one-stop guide. Neighbours 30th: Our returnees guide The actress will come back for next month's 30th anniversary. Alin Sumarwata talks Neighbours return The 30th anniversary episodes will air in March 2015, with filming now under way. Neighbours: Nine more stars back for 30th We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the Aussie soaps on Channel 5. 'Neighbours' collapse, 'H&A' setback We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the Aussie soaps on Channel 5. 'Neighbours' wedding, 'H&A' heartbreak We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the Aussie soaps on Channel 5. 'H&A' danger, 'Neighbours' arrival Scott Major filmed his final scenes in June. Neighbours star's last day on set - video Alek Pocoli's arrival throws the couple's wedding plans into chaos. 'Neighbours' Lucas fears losing Vanessa Actor Damian De Montemas will appear in the role from next month. 'Neighbours' casts Vanessa Villante's ex Eve Morey tells us about two hard-hitting stories ahead on the Australian soap. Neighbours star on issue plots and more Sachin Joab gives forthright interview on Ajay's departure and his future plans. 'Neighbours' actor on exit and diversity The Erinsborough mechanic slips back into his old ways in a new storyline. 'Neighbours' Lucas to face new crisis Digital Spy catches up with Neighbours actor Scott Major. 'Neighbours' actor talks Lucas exit Vanessa discovers she is pregnant again. Neighbours' Vanessa, Lucas in baby shock Scott Major finished filming at Neighbours last week. 'Neighbours' exit for Lucas Fitzgerald Lucas Fitzgerald will be left fearing that his cancer battle isn't over. 'Neighbours': Shock collapse for Lucas Channel 5 creates its own promo for next week's big Neighbours episode. 'Neighbours' eclipse gets C5 trailer More details are revealed of a dark storyline ahead for Neighbours. 'Neighbours' star talks baby snatch plot Steph will resort to shocking measures in upcoming Neighbours episodes. 'Neighbours' Steph plot takes dark turn Vanessa Villante star couldn't be happier to be sharing scenes with the youngster. 'Neighbours' star shows off baby Patrick Steph will try to break up Vanessa and Lucas in an upcoming Neighbours story. 'Neighbours' Steph plots against Vanessa Digital Spy chats to Neighbours actor Scott Major. 'Neighbours' star talks cancer plot Carla Bonner discusses the chances of more stints on Neighbours. 'Neighbours' Steph open to more returns Carla Bonner teases Steph's upcoming return to Neighbours. 'Neighbours' star talks Steph, Lucas Digital Spy chats to Neighbours actress Eve Morey. 'Neighbours' star talks shock explosion Lucas resolves to give Vanessa his full commitment following difficult news. 'Neighbours' Lucas plans proposal We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the Aussie soaps on Channel 5. 'H&A' attack, 'Neighbours' break-ups Vanessa Villante questions her future with Rhys following shocking news. 'Neighbours': More heartache for Vanessa Ramsay Street actor Ben Barber hints that Rhys may have managed to win back his ex. 'Neighbours' for shock marriage proposal Neighbours fans get a sneak peek at upcoming nuptials and a new arrival. 'Neighbours' wedding and baby - pictures Who will be at Vanessa's side as she gives birth on Neighbours? 'Neighbours' labour details revealed Digital Spy chats to Neighbours actress Alin Sumarwata. 'Neighbours' star teases wedding dramas We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the Aussie soaps on Channel 5. 'Neighbours' deception, 'H&A' Casey latest Vanessa, Lucas and Rhys all present for big scenes on the Ramsay Street soap. 'Neighbours' sham wedding preview Father Guidotti will preside over Vanessa and Lucas's upcoming nuptials. 'Neighbours' casts priest Father Guidotti Life is to become more complicated for two Ramsay Street residents. 'Neighbours' duo in sham wedding plot Francesca will be shocked to discover daughter Vanessa is pregnant out of wedlock. 'Neighbours' brings in Vanessa's mum Sonya Mitchell and Vanessa Villante actresses discuss pregnancy storyline. 'Neighbours' stars show off baby bumps