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The drama pilot starred Anna Torv, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Wes Bentley. Ryan Murphy's Open not going ahead on HBO Whose Line Is It Anyway? host will play Monica in the Glee creator's new project. Aisha Tyler joins Ryan Murphy HBO pilot Jennifer Jason Leigh and Anna Torv to play couple in Ryan Murphy's Open. Anna Torv to play lesbian on HBO pilot JJ Abrams and Joel Wyman have reunited for a new Fox sci-fi drama. 'Fringe' stars for 'Almost Human'? Bryan Cranston and Laurie Holden scoop awards at last night's (June 26) ceremony. 'Walking Dead' wins at Saturn Awards Noble reveals that he still hopes the show's final season will be recognised. 'Fringe' star John Noble on Emmy chances Digital Spy's verdict on the sci-fi drama's emotional two-part series finale. 'Fringe' series finale review The sci-fi show unveils a promo for its two-part series finale, airing next week. 'Fringe' releases series finale promo UK fans can watch the last ever episode at the same time as the US gets it. 'Fringe' finale to be simulcast by Sky1 As Fringe returns, the team runs the risk of losing Peter forever. 'Fringe': 'The Human Kind' recap The two actors confirm that they will not be auditioning for new series. 'Fringe' stars 'turn down 2013 pilots' The sci-fi drama follows up last week's shocks with another emotional episode. 'Fringe': 'An Origin Story' recap The network says the final episode of the sci-fi show will air in January. 'Fringe' finale date confirmed by Fox Joel Wyman hints at "cool" additions for loyal viewers "post-Fringe". 'Fringe' exec on fans, series end The final season continues - read our verdict on the latest episode. 'Fringe' recap: 'The Recordist' Digital Spy's verdict on episode two of the sci-fi drama's final season. 'Fringe': 'In Absentia' recap Torv suggests that a television show shouldn't end on a tragic note. 'Fringe' star Anna Torv on series finale Joel Wyman claims that emotional resolution is the most important thing to him. 'Fringe' boss on 'emotional' final run The latest Week in Geek blog explores Fringe's lack of awards recognition. 'Fringe': Will sci-fi drama win an Emmy? The JJ Abrams-created series unveils a teaser for its fifth and final season. 'Fringe' final season teaser - watch Delay on Fringe filming to be extended for actor's medical treatment. John Noble 'treated for sleep disorder' JJ Abrams says that he is thankful for cult show's five seasons on the air. Abrams thanks Fox for keeping 'Fringe' The sci-fi show's cast discuss the show's future beyond season five. Fringe movie 'very possible', say cast X Factor USA, Glee, New Girl and Touch return dates revealed. Fox unveils fall 2012 premiere dates The actress speculates on what the sci-fi drama's final season will involve. Anna Torv on 'Fringe' final season Jeff Pinker and Joel Wyman also hint at the fate of star Seth Gabel. 'Fringe' execs hint at season five The actor teases two-part episode, 'Brave New World'. 'Fringe' star John Noble hints at finale The actress drops hints about the Fox sci-fi drama's future. Jasika Nicole on 'Fringe' twist The Good Will Hunting actor admits he is a fan of the sci-fi drama. Robin Williams 'wants to join Fringe' To save both worlds, the two Fringe teams make a drastic decision. 'Fringe': 'Worlds Apart' recap Images from this week's exciting episode of Fringe. 'Fringe': 'Worlds Apart' in pictures The Observers rule a future Earth in an 'oddball' Fringe episode. 'Fringe': 'Letters of Transit' recap Walter (John Noble) takes a trip to the alternate universe to assist on a case. 'Fringe': 'The Consultant' recap Images from Friday night's episode of sci-fi drama Fringe. 'Fringe': 'The Consultant' in pictures As the heir steps down, we bring you ten facts about James Murdoch. Ten Things About... James Murdoch Images from this week's episode of Fox sci-fi drama Fringe. 'Fringe': Episode 17 in pictures The Fringe team attempts to hunt down a huge porcupine-like creature. 'Fringe': 'Nothing as It Seems' recap A grotesque killer strikes, leading Olivia to reconsider her feelings for Peter. 'Fringe' recap: Fox sci-fi drama returns Mader will play a character with an "emotional connection" to Olivia (Anna Torv) 'Lost' Rebecca Mader wins 'Fringe' role Images from the next episode of Fringe. 'Fringe': Fox sci-fi returns - pictures