Anton Murphy

The former housemates lay into each other on Twitter, with threats of legal action being made. Big Brother contestants argue on Twitter Harry Blake's send-off from the Big Brother House leads another strong Friday night for Channel 5. Harry Blake's eviction attracts 1.5m Harry leaves the compound after being nominated by housemates' loved ones. Harry Blake evicted from Big Brother Big Brother and the return of Ice Road Truckers put Channel 5 ahead of Channel 4. Channel 5 boosted as Anton is evicted The 24-year-old admits that he "relied" on public support to survive in the house. Anton Murphy: 'I wanted to be nominated' Big Brother's latest evictee predicts that Aaron will become "a Big Brother legend". Anton Murphy: 'Aaron has fooled public' The latest evictee describes house rival Aaron Allard-Morgan as "a massive gameplayer". Big Brother's Anton denies sexism The music producer is eliminated from the Channel 5 show in a four-way public vote. Anton Murphy evicted from Big Brother Aaron and Harry admit their frustrations with fellow housemates Jem and Louise. Big Brother Aaron, Harry slam Jem, Louise Faye Palmer confronts Aaron Allard-Morgan over his attitude towards her sister. BB's Anton stirs up Faye, Jem over Aaron Nearly half the house are up for eviction in this week's nominations. Big Brother reveals eviction nominations Housemates will meet celebrities to watch the premiere of Paranormal Activity 3. Big Brother announces zombie task Jay and Anton predict the outcome of this year's Big Brother. Big Brother: Jay tips Aaron for victory Big Brother's Anton Murphy and Jay McKray triumph in the 'Don't Scream' task. Big Brother Anton, Jay win 'Scream' task Celebrity Big Brother winner Paddy Doherty will re-enter the house tonight. Paddy Doherty in Big Brother return Harry and Aaron made negative comments about Louise and Anton while in the sauna. BB's Jay, Anton overhear Harry, Aaron Anton and Jay are set a Supernatural Activity task in their secret crypt. Big Brother sets Supernatural task Anton and Jay move to a crypt, where they have the chance to change the nominations. Big Brother reveals nominations twist The housemates risk having letters from their loved ones destroyed in today's explosive task. Big Brother sets 'love letters' task Aden Theobald's eviction from the Big Brother house attracts 1.6m to Channel 5. Aden's Big Brother eviction lands 1.6m Ex-Big Brother housemate Aden is urged to distance himself from Anton by past evictees. Big Brother's Aden warned off Anton Big Brother star Aden Theobald enters into a relationship with Rebeckah Vaughan after his eviction. Big Brother's Aden asks out Rebeckah The psychiatry student is the first man to be voted off the Channel 5 series ahead of Anton Murphy. Aden Theobald evicted from Big Brother Housemates miss out on a luxury budget after breaking the rules of the shopping task. Big Brother housemates fail task: Pictures Anton says he is leaving the house on Friday regardless of whether he is evicted. Big Brother Anton: "I'm leaving on Friday" Five housemates face eviction from Big Brother this week. Who should go home? Big Brother eviction poll: Who should go? Half the house is nominated for the public vote in this week's eviction. Big Brother: Aaron, Aden, Anton, Faye, Jay up for eviction Big Brother's Faye fears that she will be nominated for a second week running. BB's Faye cries over nomination talk Big Brother housemates are granted temporary permission to discuss nominations. Big Brother reveals nominations twist Tom and evicted housemate Rebeckah catch up over dinner in the Big Brother house. Big Brother: Tom wins Rebeckah 'date' The Big Brother evictee discusses "horrible" Anton and her failure to connect with Louise Cliffe. Big Brother's Maisy: 'Anton's horrible' Big Brother's Louise confesses that she finds Jay difficult to open up to. Big Brother Louise admits to Jay doubts Harry Blake rows with the boys in the house after they cover his clothes in ketchup. Big Brother boys clash over Ketchup-gate Jay Mckray leads his fellow housemates to victory in the toy manufacturing task. Big Brother housemates pass toy task Faye Palmer and Maisy James will face this week's public vote. Big Brother: Faye, Maisy nominated Record label manager Anton Murphy claims that he knows who some housemates nominate. Big Brother Anton: 'I know nominations' Faye Palmer and Aaron Allard Morgan fall out over rumours that the wrestler kissed Anton. Big Brother: Faye, Aaron row over Anton The housemates are challenged to a pedal race while consuming mini burgers. Big Brother: Anton, Jay win fast food task The group must convince Anton that his song is number one in order to win him a birthday party. Big Brother sets Anton chart mission The holistic healer leaves the Channel 5 show over Aden Theobald by less than half a percent of votes. Big Brother Heaven: 'I was too much'