Ashley Cole

Occupation: Footballer

Nationality: British

Born: December 20, 1980 (34)

Ashley Cole is an England footballer best known in the entertainment world for being the ex-husband of Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole née Tweedy. The couple met in 2004 and were dubbed the new 'Posh and Becks' upon their marriage in July 2006, but their relationship ran into trouble following allegations of Ashley's affairs with three other woman. The couple announced their separation in February 2010 after further claims of cheating, which were accompanied by the publication of raunchy photos that Cole allegedly sent his lovers. Cole has kept a relatively low profile since his estranged wife officially filed for divorce in September 2010.
Fergie says that Cheryl Cole should give Ashley Cole another chance if that's what she wants. Fergie: 'Cheryl Cole should give Ashley Cole second chance' Derek Hough reportedly makes peace with Cheryl Cole following her reunion with ex-husband Ashley Cole. Derek Hough 'gives Cheryl Cole blessing over Ashley' Cheryl Cole allegedly tells Ashley Cole that he needs to spend less time with his friends. Cheryl Cole 'tells Ashley Cole to lose his friends' Cheryl Cole reportedly gives ex-husband Ashley Cole a list of demands before they remarry. Cheryl Cole 'wants £10m from Ashley to marry again' Derek Hough reportedly calls Cheryl Cole "weak" and an "idiot" for allegedly reuniting with Ashley. Derek Hough 'calls Cheryl Cole a weak idiot' Ashley Cole is to open a new London restaurant in a joint-venture with rapper Jay-Z. Ashley Cole, Jay-Z to open London restaurant Cheryl Cole's ex-husband Ashley Cole admits that he has "made mistakes" but says that people should not judge him too quickly. Ashley Cole: 'I've made mistakes and have to live with it' Cheryl and Ashley Cole reportedly reunite over a shared desire to start a family together. Cheryl, Ashley Cole 'want to start a family together' Cheryl Cole reportedly performs a lap dance for ex-husband Ashley Cole at her birthday party. Cheryl Cole 'gives Ashley Cole lap dance at party' Ashley Cole has reportedly bought a new property in Los Angeles, which he hopes will help him win back ex-wife Cheryl. Ashley Cole 'buys LA home in bid to win back Cheryl Cole' Cheryl Cole reportedly changed her hair colour to blonde because it was Ashley Cole's preference. Cheryl Cole 'went blonde for Ashley Cole' Victoria Beckham reportedly tells Cheryl Cole that she should "follow her heart" and reunite with Ashley Cole. Victoria Beckham 'tells Cheryl Cole to reunite with Ashley Cole' Cheryl Cole reportedly tells her friends that her footballer ex-husband Ashley Cole is her "soulmate". Cheryl Cole 'tells friends Ashley Cole is her soulmate' Cheryl Cole reportedly gets an injunction to prevent the paparazzi from following her to take pictures. Cheryl Cole 'gets injunction against paparazzi' Cheryl Cole reportedly tells friends that she wants to start a family with ex-husband Ashley. Cheryl Cole 'wants children with Ashley' Ashley Cole reportedly tempts Cheryl to start a new life abroad with him. Cheryl Cole 'considers moving to Spain with Ashley' Ashley Cole is pictured with a blonde-haired female at a party, while on holiday in Los Angeles. Ashley Cole 'parties with blonde female in LA' Ashley Cole reportedly plans to buy his estranged wife Cheryl Cole a new puppy for her birthday. Ashley Cole 'to buy Cheryl Cole a Chihuahua' Cheryl Cole has reportedly been warned not to get back together with ex-husband Ashley by family and friends. Cheryl Cole 'warned off Ashley Cole reunion' Ashley Cole reportedly tells friends that a reunion with ex-wife Cheryl is a "done deal". Ashley Cole 'claims Cheryl Cole reunion is done deal' Cheryl and Ashley Cole reportedly enjoy a "special night" at their marital home in Surrey. Cheryl Cole 'moves in with Ashley' Cheryl Cole reportedly plans to fly to the US to see her ex-husband, Chelsea footballer Ashley. Cheryl Cole 'will fly to LA to see Ashley' Ashley Cole reportedly tells friends he is "close to winning back" Cheryl Cole after being seen wearing his wedding ring. Ashley Cole 'photographed wearing wedding ring' Ashley Cole reportedly updates his BlackBerry messenger status to "I want my wife back!" Ashley Cole: "I want my wife back" Cheryl Cole is reportedly spotted visiting ex-husband Ashley and is said to be wearing her engagement ring. Cheryl Cole 'has reconciled with Ashley' Ashley Cole seeks advice from Jay-Z regarding the setting up of a new record label. Ashley Cole talks to Jay-Z about record label Ashley Cole reportedly starts a relationship with Hollyoaks actress Annie Cooper. Ashley Cole 'dating Hollyoaks newcomer' Ashley Cole reportedly tells his friends that his ex-wife Cheryl will eventually "be having my babies". Ashley Cole 'says he will remarry Cheryl' Ashley Cole's father says that he would like his son and Cheryl Cole to "work things out". Ashley Cole father 'backs Cheryl reunion' Perez Hilton claims that Cheryl Cole has been damaged beyond repair by ex-husband Ashley. Perez Hilton: 'Cheryl Cole is damaged' Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti says that there is "no way" he will sack footballer Ashley Cole. Chelsea boss 'not happy' with Cole incident Surrey Police confirm that they will contact Chelsea FC over claims Ashley Cole shot an intern. Police to investigate Ashley Cole shooting Sources describe former couple Cheryl and Ashley Cole as being in "the first flush of love again". Cheryl, Ashley 'spent Valentine's Day together' Ashley Cole reportedly wounds a 21-year-old on work experience with an air rifle. Ashley Cole 'shoots Chelsea intern' Derek Hough reportedly warns Cheryl Cole against reuniting with her ex-husband Ashley. Hough 'issues Cheryl Cole ultimatum' Cheryl Cole allegedly tells friends that she still loves her ex-husband Ashley. Cheryl Cole 'admits Ashley feelings' Ashley Cole's mum Sue reportedly wants him and Cheryl back together. Ashley Cole's mum 'misses Cheryl' Cheryl Cole reportedly puts her relationship with Derek Hough on hold after her reunion with Ashley. Cheryl Cole 'puts Hough romance on hold' Cheryl Cole reportedly turns to her ex-husband Ashley for support in a series of late-night phone calls. Cheryl Cole 'turns to Ashley for support' Cheryl Cole reportedly tells friends that ex-husband Ashley is "very much my present". Cheryl Cole 'tells friends she loves Ashley'