Ayda Field

Ayda Field is accused of sexually harassing a former employee of the couple. Robbie and Ayda Field deny harassment claim The new dad announces his 2015 European tour 'Let Me Entertain You'. Robbie Williams announces 2015 European tour The singer welcomed his second child with Ayda Field on Monday (October 27). Robbie Williams reveals baby son's name The singer chronicled the birth on Twitter by posting videos and pictures. Robbie Williams, wife Ayda welcome a son Ayda Field is taken to hospital as the couple await the birth of their second child. Watch Robbie 'help' wife during labour Star says daughter has brought "more depth" to his life and charity work. Robbie: 'I keep going so Teddy won't struggle' The singer confirms on Twitter that Theodora Rose is going to be a big sister. Robbie Williams to become a dad again Lady Gaga, Harry Styles and Idris Elba in today's celebrity pictures. Gaga, Elba: Today's Celebrity Pictures The singer says he has "very fond memories" of his time with the All Saints star. Robbie "feels sorry" for Nicole Appleton The singer admits now that he loves being a father. Robbie Williams 'unsure about being dad' The singer says that he would want to make sure she experimented safely. Williams: 'I'd buy drugs for daughter' The 'Candy' singer also unveils a new stadium tour rehearsal video. Robbie Williams: 'My wife calls me c**t' The singer has reportedly been convinced by Robbie Williams to stay in LA. Adele to buy Los Angeles property? 'Candy' singer says that he and wife Ayda Field are "practising" for a new child. Robbie Williams: 'I want another baby' The 'Candy' singer's brother-in-law produces a music video of the star's wedding. Robbie unveils wedding video teaser The singer was reportedly told of the techniques by Robbie Williams's wife Ayda Field. Adele 'belly breathing for stage fright' The 'Candy' singer may buy a Caribbean holiday home for his wife Ayda Field. Robbie Williams to buy Bahamas home? The 'Candy' singer says he has yet to have the urge to cheat on his wife Ayda. Robbie Williams talks avoiding affairs The 'Candy' singer reveals that the umbilical cord almost strangled his baby. Robbie Williams: 'Birth was like Alien' Robbie Williams performs on Italian X Factor with topless dancers - pictures. Robbie stuns X Factor with naked dancers The 'Candy' singer plans to keep his US home in case he wants to return. Robbie 'spending fortune on LA home' Singer admits that he wants to send daughter Theodora to private school. Williams 'wants private school for daughter' The singer hints that he'll embark on a stadium tour in 2013. Robbie to take baby daughter on tour Take That singer dismissed rumours that his baby is named after Teddy Roosevelt. Robbie: 'Baby not named after president' Digital Spy's columnist on the Superstar tour, Kate Middleton and more. Anna Williamson's Showbiz Peek at the Week The Take That star posts a picture of his newly-born daughter Teddy. Robbie Williams posts first baby picture The 'Candy' singer says that his wife was worried about a classic nursery rhyme. Robbie: 'Ayda avoided Wednesday birth' The 'Candy' singer says he has always wanted Gary Barlow's "approval". Robbie: Scrap OBE, I'll have knighthood Popstar's wife Ayda Field gives birth to Theodora Rose Williams on Tuesday. Robbie Williams welcomes baby daughter The singer has suffered from mood swings and morning sickness like his wife. Robbie: I've suffered pregnancy effects The singer admits his obsession with aliens made him 'weird and fat'. Robbie Williams: 'I was weird and fat' The singer reportedly arranges the same birthing suite as Victoria Beckham. Robbie Williams 'plans VIP birth suite' Robbie Williams wears armour and wings while riding a horse on video set. Robbie Williams goes Medieval for video Singer shoots the video for comeback single 'Losers' in East London. Robbie Williams 'hit by car' for video Robbie Williams was reportedly set to cover a David Bowie hit for the event. Robbie Williams 'quits Olympic ceremony' Robbie Williams posts a picture of wife Ayda's baby bump on his website. Robbie Williams shares baby bump picture The singer reportedly wants his daughter to be born in the UK. Robbie Williams wants UK birth for baby? Williams says he'll be "subconsciously" fighting his Take That bandmate for the honour. Robbie backs Gary Barlow knighthood Singer confirms sex of first child, saying he's "very excited" about fatherhood. Robbie Williams: 'We're expecting a girl' Pete Conway claims famous son Robbie Williams has been in hysterics. Robbie Williams 'crying a lot' over baby