Chanelle Hayes

The 26-year-old makes the revelation about her time on the show back in 2007. Chanelle: I slept with Ziggy every day in BB From Dawn French to Jodie Marsh, we look at the celebs who have channeled the Spice Girl. Victoria Beckham's 40th: 7 stars as Posh Spice Rebecca Loos, Courtney Stodden, Tila Tequila, The Situation and more. When reality TV stars launch pop careers The glamour model posts a topless shot of herself in response to "haters". Chanelle blasts Co-Op over 'Nuts' row Big Brother 8 star strips off and claims she still gets "asked for pictures every day". BB Charley topless: 'I still hate Chanelle' Reality star says it is "overwhelmingly clear" he's still grieving for Jade Goody. Chanelle Hayes dumps Jack Tweed Ex-BB contestants trade insults following Hayes's "insensitive" comments about the late star. Chanelle slams Chantelle over Jade Goody Hayes criticises boyfriend Jack Tweed for saying she'll never replace Goody. Chanelle defends Jade Goody comments The former Big Brother housemate says that Tweed was criticising her weight. Chanelle Hayes dumps Jack Tweed online Featuring Britney, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey. Naked pregnant stars - pictures Featuring Paris Hilton, Gene Simmons, Chanelle Hayes, Basshunter, Verne Troyer, more. Top 10 worst sex tapes Watch a trailer for Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei's weight-loss documentary. 'Geordie Shore' Sophie documentary video Chanelle Hayes says that Jack Tweed is "brilliant" with her son Blakely. Chanelle Hayes: 'Jack Tweed helps with my son' Chanelle Hayes claims she wants a gastric band to drop to a size six following the birth of her son. Chanelle Hayes: 'I begged for a gastric band' Chanelle Hayes is reportedly afraid that the man who killed her mother will be released from prison. Chanelle Hayes 'fears mum's killer release' Chanelle Hayes blasts The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright for being "ugly" and desperate. Hayes: 'Wright would eat crap for press' Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes speaks out about her latest cosmetic surgery. BB Chanelle: 'I call boobs Pinky & Perky' Big Brother's Chanelle Hayes reveals that she has had a boob job and liposuction. BB Hayes reveals boob job, liposuction Sophie Kasaei talks to Digital Spy about her weight battles and MTV documentary. Sophie Kasaei 'Get Thin' interview Chanelle Hayes denies her involvement in Twitter messages declaring her "love" for ex-partner Jack Tweed. Hayes blames Tweed 'reunion' on 'hacker' Chanelle Hayes hits back at Jack Tweed in a series of messages on Twitter. Chanelle Hayes responds to Tweed "lies" Chanelle Hayes reportedly ends her on-off relationship with Jack Tweed in a series of Twitter posts. Chanelle Hayes 'dumps Jack Tweed online' Chantelle Hayes criticises the father of her son for not making more effort to see the child. Chanelle Hayes: 'My son deserves better' Chanelle Hayes reportedly reveals that she did not realise that she was in labour. Hayes 'didn't know she was having baby' Chanelle Hayes reveals that ex-boyfriend Jack Tweed wants the couple to try again. Chanelle Hayes: 'Tweed wants to reconcile' Big Brother 8 star Chanelle Hayes gives birth to her first child. Big Brother star Chanelle gives birth Jack Tweed admits that he was anxious about being part of Chanelley Haye's unborn child's life. Tweed 'anxious playing stepfather again' Chanelle Hayes reveals that she accidentally went into labour with her first child. Hayes 'accidentally went into labour' Chanelle Hayes confirms that she and former partner Jack Tweed are taking "a break". Chanelle Hayes confirms Jack Tweed split Chanelle Hayes splits up with her boyfriend Jack Tweed, according to reports. Chanelle Hayes dumps Jack Tweed? Chanelle Hayes says that she would not stand by Jack Tweed if she knew that he had been unfaithful. Hayes 'would dump Tweed if he cheated' Jack Tweed insists that he has no problem with girlfriend Chanelle Hayes's sex ban. Tweed: 'I'll wait for sex with Chanelle' Chanelle Hayes says that she will not have sex with Jack Tweed while she is pregnant. Hayes: 'I won't have sex with Tweed' Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes reportedly feels "let down" by the behaviour of Jack Tweed. Chanelle Hayes 'feels let down by Tweed' Chanelle Hayes admits that she unplugged Jack Tweed's electronic tag to use her hairdryer. BB Chanelle unplugged Jack Tweed's e-tag Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes confirms that she is "more than friends" with Jack Tweed. Chanelle 'more than friends' with Tweed Chanelle Hayes laughs off suggestions that she is faking her pregnancy. Chanelle Hayes: 'I really am pregnant' Chanelle Hayes reportedly tells friends that she will stand by Jack Tweed during his trial. Chanelle Hayes 'standing by Jack Tweed' Friends of Jack Tweed are reportedly concerned about his budding romance with Chanelle Hayes. Tweed friends 'worried about Chanelle' Jack Tweed is photographed on a date with Big Brother 8 star Chanelle Hayes. Jack Tweed dating Big Brother Chanelle?