Cliff Bleszinski

See first gameplay of the anti-gravity shooter by Cliff Bleszinski for release in 2016. Watch Gears of War creator's new game The video also looks at the work-in-progress multiplayer map for the game. Cliff Bleszinski's new game teaser video The Gears of War designer was nominated by Minecraft creator Notch. Cliffy B takes the Ice Bucket Challenge Bleszinski will experiment, tweak and tune the game to build a positive community. Bleszinski's BlueStreak won't be pay-to-win Boss Key Productions enters into a strategic partnership with Nexon. CliffyB's new studio reveals first game Reports suggest that Arjan Brussee is listed as Boss Key COO in documents. Guerrilla founder joins Cliffy B's studio? The Gears of War creator's first project is expected to be unveiled next week. Cliff Bleszinski's new studio uncovered The Gears of War designer confirms he's 'coming out of retirement'. Cliffy B returning to games this week "I don't think the franchise could be in better hands," he says. CliffyB applauds Gears of War acquisition Cliff Bleszinski's next project will hearken back to a "certain type of game". Bleszinski to make arena shooter for PC Bleszinski pens an open letter to Phil Fish after the Fez creator quit games. Bleszinski urges Phil Fish to "come back" Cliff Bleszinski says that Sony forced Microsoft to reverse used games policy. Xbox One change: Cliffy B predicts more DLC Cliff Bleszinski believes that always-online tech will eventually be accepted. Cliff Bleszinski defends always-online New Line Cinema puts the project on the back burner to focus on The Hobbit. 'Gears of War' movie seeking new studio Watch Gears of War's Cliff Bleszinski addressing the Fighting Fantasy contest. Cliffy B Fighting Fantasy contest video Leading industry figures are to assist in Making Something Unreal next month. Molyneux for 'Fighting Fantasy' contest Epic Games reveals its new property Fortnite at the Spike VGAs. 'Fortnite' revealed by Epic Games Gears of War 3's campaign DLC is to feature a character from the graphic novels. 'Gears of War 3' DLC character revealed Gears of War 3 campaign downloadable content will feature new characters. 'Gears of War 3' DLC won't have Marcus Gears of War won't be the "final legacy" of developer Epic Games, says designer Cliff Bleszinski. 'Gears of War' won't be the "legacy" of Epic Games Digital Spy visits Epic Games to meet the people behind the phenomenon that is Gears of War. Feature: Truly Epic: Grinding the 'Gears Of War' We talk to Cliff Bleszinski about Gears of War multiplayer, including the problems that beset Gears 2. 'Gears of War 3': Cliff Bleszinski on multiplayer We go hands-on with Horde 2.0, Gears of War 3's evolution of the beloved co-operative mode. 'Gears of War 3': Horde 2.0 Preview Gears of War 3 is the fastest pre-ordered title on Xbox 360, topping one million in pre-orders. 'Gears of War 3' sets Xbox pre-order record Epic Games reveals that users of its games will receive special unlocks in Gears Of War 3. 'Gears 3' unlockables for Epic Games fans Cliff Bleszinski teases next month's Gears Of War reveal, saying "it's not what you're expecting". Bleszinski teases VGAs 'Gears' reveal It is reported that Microsoft is preparing to unveil a spinoff Gears Of War title that uses the Kinect device. 'Gears Of War' Kinect game in the works? Avatar shirts that decided the fate of a Gears Of War 3 character have raised over $150,000 for charity. 'Gears 3' shirts raise $150k for charity Watch a developer walkthrough of Bulletstorm by Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski. Cliff Bleszinski shows off 'Bulletstorm' Epic Games confirms that Gears Of War 3's campaign is to feature four-player co-operative play. 'Gears Of War 3' to feature four-player co-op Epic Games is to reveal its latest project, heavily rumoured to be Gears Of War 3, next week. Epic Games to reveal new project next week