Conor Mcintyre

Channel 5 is criticised by the broadcast watchdog over the recent series. Big Brother breached Ofcom code over Conor The percentages for every eviction are confirmed by Channel 5. Big Brother 2012: Full voting results Deana Uppal is the third housemate to leave in tonight's final. Big Brother: Deana Uppal finishes third Luke Scrase is the first housemate to leave in tonight's final. Big Brother: Luke Scrase finishes fifth Ashleigh Hughes tells Brian Dowling that she and Luke S were no 'showmance'. BB Ashleigh: 'Luke S romance real' Conor's cash prize win picks up further complaints for the reality show. BB Conor win gets Ofcom complaints Brian Dowling claims that Conor McIntyre won his cash prize "fair and square". Big Brother Dowling defends Conor win Digital Spy readers blast Channel 5 for rewarding Conor McIntyre. Big Brother Conor cash win 'disgraceful' Four housemates will battle it out to avoid a double eviction. Big Brother latest nominations revealed Derry contestant says he does not believe he would have won the show. BB Conor: 'Money will change my life' Derry contestant's money is taken from the eventual winner's prize fund. BB: Conor leaves house with £50,000 Becky Hannon and Ashleigh Hughes are the bookies' faves to be booted off the show. Becky, Ashleigh tipped for BB eviction The duo will have the chance to take home half the prize fund. BB Conor, Luke offered £50k to walk Sara McLean gives up on the chance of winning a free pass to the final. Big Brother: Sara exits White Room The main housemates will have to survive off budget shopping for another week. Big Brother: White Room beat Main House Sara McLean claims she can't last another night in the White Room. Big Brother Sara struggles in White Room She tells Bit on the Side that she regrets nominating Scott Mason. Big Brother: Sara's mum apologises Conor, Luke S and Sara will battle it out for a free pass to the final. Big Brother White Room task - pictures The first details from the White Room task have been revealed. Big Brother White Room details revealed Luke Anderson claims that he wanted to win the Endurance Task to beat Luke S. BB Luke A: Task win was personal victory The housemates are given a chance to absolve their sins. Big Brother Confession task continues Conor passes the Lies on the Prize challenge. BB Conor wins football birthday party The Essex barmaid is tipped to lose out in this week's eight-way battle. Big Brother Ashleigh tipped for eviction The group win a luxury shopping budget after 48 hours of parties. BB housemates pass Party Animals task Who do you want to save? And who do you want to leave on Friday? Big Brother eviction: Who will you save? All but two contestants will face the public vote this Friday. Big Brother: Latest nominations revealed Caroline broke down in tears after being given an official warning by Big Brother. BB Caroline warned about 'bullying' Deana, Luke A and Sara get the housemates into trouble. BB issues punishment for nomination talk The housemates will reveal their nominations around a cowboy campfire. Big Brother for face-to-face nominations Conor McIntyre says he wants to beat Deana Uppal on the show. BB Conor revels in eviction survival Team Conor or Team Shievonne? Or Team Nobody? The forums give their verdict! BB eviction: What the forums are saying Big Brother responds to Shievonne's remarks about "suicide watch". BB brings in psychiatrist for Shievonne Caroline and Conor muck around in the Rules For Fools task. Big Brother: Caroline, Conor break rules Conor McIntyre rants about this week's nominations results. BB Conor to Deana: 'You're two faced' Lewisham ex-Playboy Bunny was nominated by Adam, Deana and Becky yesterday. Shievonne branded "intimidating" in noms The latest fall-out in the Big Brother house - in pictures. Big Brother latest pictures: Day 35 Deana Uppal questions Conor McIntyre's upbringing. BB Deana: Conor has treated me like s*** Conor battles Shievonne. Who should be evicted on Friday? Big Brother eviction: Who should go? Two housemates are nominated for this week's eviction from Big Brother. Big Brother latest nominations revealed The watchdog is investigating 1,225 complaints about the Channel 5 show. Ofcom looking at Big Brother complaints