Current Status: Walked

Day 1: Enters house
Day 2: Acts flirtatiously with Makosi
Day 3: Promises to stir things up in the house
Day 3: Faces eviction
Day 4: Tells Nick that there is a "double agent"
Day 4: Makes Nikki cry with his joking
Day 4: Rows with Nadia over his mimicking
Day 4: Saved from eviction
Day 5: Said by Nick that he is being unpleasant
Day 5: Walks

Age: 46

Series: Celebrity Big Brother 6

What he’s remembered for: Coolio is a multi-platinum selling, Grammy Award-winning rap artist. In 1994, after the success of his debut album It Takes A Thief, Coolio hit the US mainstream. In 1995, he made 'Gangsta's Paradise' for the movie Dangerous Minds which became one of the most successful rap songs of all time.

To date, Coolio has sold over 33 million records globally and has performed in concerts to adoring fans in Africa, Israel, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Australia, Turkey and throughout Europe. In the diversified hip-hop industry, Coolio is one of the few rap artists who has been able to garner mainstream success and critical acclaim.

His life post-Big Brother: Coolio imposed his inimitable gangsta style upon the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2009 when the US rap star was given a swear ban, but also showed his softer side as he cried when Big Brother let him watch Obama’s inauguration into the White House.

He caused many a disagreement in the house over his comments on women’s rights, racism and deliberately acting up to get his housemates to nominate him.

He reduced fellow housemate Michelle Heaton to tears, had a fractious relationship with Ulrika Jonsson, and admitted to having the hots for Mutya Buena while in the house. He was evicted on final night in third place.

Terry tells Davina that he did not think he would make it to second place. Terry: 'Second was a massive surprise' Verne gives Davina the lowdown about his time in the Big Brother house. Verne: 'I have no regrets' Verne remains the favourite to win Big Brother as it enters its final day. Bookies still tip Verne to win Channel 4 censors Coolio as he ponders whether Ulrika is racially motivated against black housemates. Coolio accuses Ulrika of racism Coolio says he plans to sell his story when he leaves the house and will embellish if necessary. Coolio: 'I'll make up my story to sell' Ulrika jokingly tells Coolio that La Toya may have been staying in a hotel for the past two weeks. Ulrika jokes about 'La Toya hotel' Coolio flirts with Ulrika as the housemates go to bed for the last time in the Big Brother house. Coolio propositions Ulrika in bedroom Coolio says that he does not believe Terry can win Big Brother, though he wouldn't mind if he did. Coolio: 'Terry will not win BB' Coolio explains the choices behind the farewell present that he made for Ulrika. Coolio tells Ulrika to have more fun The group gets crafty with feathers, glitter and photos for their present-making challenge. Feathers and glitter fill the house Terry and Coolio debate the number of people working behind the scenes on Celebrity Big Brother. Terry, Coolio muse over BB staff Terry and Coolio stay up talking about La Toya's bedroom and her relationship with Ulrika. Terry: 'La Toya negotiated private bedroom' Tommy talks about Coolio, Verne and Lucy as he leaves the Big Brother house. Tommy: 'Coolio is a beautiful guy' Davina McCall reveals that Coolio's response to Obama's inauguration made her reach for the tissues. Davina: 'I cried watching Coolio cry' Paparazzi boss Darryn Lyons says that CBB can have  "great or absolutely shocking" effects on careers. Lyons: 'CBB can make or break careers' Housemates start their Dare Devil Task with Terry licking a sweaty man's armpit. Daring antics on show in CBB house Tommy insists that the group purchase a luxury token, despite protests from some housemates. Tommy demands luxury token Tommy and Coolio discuss the lessons they have learnt from their time in the house. Coolio: "BB experience has humbled me" Coolio speaks directly to the cameras about his views on the nature of dreams and life lessons. Coolio shares philosophy with cameras Tina is reportedly using her Shameless character's reputation to pursue an alternative career. Tina 'available for hire as bouncer' Evicted Michelle says that she never wanted to win CBB and denies any romance with Ben. Michelle: "I never wanted to win" Housemates celebrate as BBLB reveals that a screening of Obama's inauguration ceremony will take place tonight. Coolio: "I'd give my life for Obama" Tommy makes a positive start to his baseball challenge from Big Brother. Tommy past first base in challenge Verne gets a break from Big Brother as he struggles with the latest challenge. Verne has problems on Route 66 The housemates have a US task to celebrate the swearing in of Barack Obama. Housemates get American challenge Coolio tells Ulrika and Verne about a novel method for clearing up a personal case of lice. Coolio: 'I killed crabs with Raid' Coolio urges Tommy to get a hair transplant while he still can. Coolio: 'Tommy needs a hair transplant' The boys stay up and pass the time by re-enacting the nominations process. Boys revisit nominations for laughs Michelle talks to BBBM about Ben, Coolio, La Toya and her time in the Big Brother house. Michelle: 'I won't see La Toya again' Verne starts filming the opening scene for the group's 'Big Brother: The Movie' task. Housemates reintroduced for movie task The group selects Verne to helm their two-hour Big Brother movie task. Verne handed director's chair Mutya admits that she may not receive her full £75,000 fee because she walked out of the show. Mutya to fight for show fee Mutya says that Coolio should have been reprimanded for his sexual advances on the female housemates. Mutya: "Coolio should have been stopped" The latest round of nominations has resulted in a Coolio vs Ulrika eviction showdown, say reports. Coolio and Ulrika 'up for eviction' Coolio is bet £100 that he can go without swearing for 24 hours. Coolio issued with 24-hour swear ban Coolio reportedly exhibited 'bullying' behaviour towards females on a German reality show. Coolio 'bullied' contestants on German TV Coolio claims that Michelle still "likes" Ben and wanted Lucy out of the house. Coolio: 'Michelle wanted rid of Lucy' Tommy again tips Verne as the person he wants to win this series of Celebrity Big Brother. Tommy: 'I want Verne to win' Coolio and Verne discuss their feelings on homosexuality with Tommy. Tommy questions Coolio's beliefs Coolio tells the male housemates that Michelle has a secret gameplan. Coolio: 'Michelle has a gameplan'