Danica Thrall

Bobby Sabel. Danica Thrall. Prince Lorenzo. Who? Celebrity Big Brother's 11 biggest non-celebs The singers both lend their voices to the new single by DJ Cassidy. Thicke, Jessie J in new video - watch Model praises Rihanna for making emotional displays in the bathroom "fashionable". Jasmine Lennard in naked 'bath breakdown' Digital Spy columnist on Katie Price's marriage, the Golden Globes and Dancing on Ice. Anna Williamson's Showbiz Peek at the Week Danica Thrall has reportedly ditched her boyfriend to be with Prince Lorenzo. CBB: Danica 'dumps lover for Lorenzo' The Jersey Shore star says he is hoping for more British TV appearances. The Situation: 'Danica Thrall loves me' Rhian Sugden contacts police over tweets stating she should be "very afraid". CBB Rhian calls police over Jasmine tweets Producers are concerned about Jasmine Lennard and Rhian Sugden's rivalry. CBB final brings in extra security The Situation, Martin Kemp and MC Harvey talk about Danica's hold over men. CBB men brand Danica 'the fisherwoman' The Spandau Ballet frontman talks about his bandmate. Tony Hadley: 'Martin Kemp is a nice guy' Danica brands her Celebrity Big Brother co-star "very unstable". CBB Danica Thrall: 'Jasmine needs help' The former soap star says she wants to represent "all geriatrics". Julie Goodyear wants to make CBB final Model says she has "no regrets" about steamy sex scenes. Danica Thrall 'shot lesbian sex scenes' The soap star quizzed Harvey about nominations after last night's eviction. CBB: Julie discusses nominations Celebrity Big Brother contestant is shocked by footage of her flirting. Danica Thrall: 'Flirting crossed a line' The ex-Spandau Ballet star claims watching Danica is like "watching EastEnders". CBB: Martin on Danica's "bed-hopping" Coleen Nolan, Danica Thrall and Samantha Brick face the public vote. CBB: Who should be evicted next? Three housemates up for public vote ahead of Friday's double eviction. Celebrity Big Brother: Latest nominations The model claims she felt like she "didn't have anyone to talk to" in the house. CBB Rhian Sugden rues Ashley incident The public chooses to save Danica, The Situation and Samantha from eviction. Rhian evicted from Celeb Big Brother The pair reconcile, with The Situation claiming "we had something in here". CBB: Danica and The Situation make up Coleen Nolan is forced to dress up in a gnome costume as punishment. CBB: Coleen Nolan loses Gnome Alone task Danica, Samantha, The Situation or Rhian - who should be evicted? CBB: Who do you want to leave tonight? The glamour model claims that she can't stay beyond tonight's eviction. CBB: Rhian Sugden wants exit Jersey Shore star The Situation is given a warning by Big Brother. CBB: Situation 'warned over kill remark' The model flirts with Bachelor star after being called "fake" by The Situation. CBB: Lorenzo, Danica flirting increases Danica Thrall and The Situation clash in the Celebrity Big Brother house. CBB: Danica, The Situation have bust-up Coleen Nolan, Julian Clary and Danica Thrall put the journalist up for eviction. Samantha distraught over CBB nomination Love-sick housemate Mike Sorrentino believes the model is "playing" with him. Celeb Big Brother Danica least popular The celebrity housemates nominate for a third time this afternoon. Celeb Big Brother nominations revealed Jasmine says she doesn't mind because they caused enough drama. CBB: Jasmine Lennard's mum fails task Star has heart-to-heart with Thrall after telling the house she "let [him] down" after nominations. CBB: The Situation snubs "special" Danica The fashion model had some parting shots for her former housemates upon leaving. CBB Jasmine: 'Danica, Rhian are skanks' The model causes fear among housemates after sudden angry outbursts. CBB: Jasmine Lennard 'being monitored' Jasmine later realises that Danica's mum passed away when the model was 14. CBB: Jasmine continues Danica feud The Jersey Shore star says he is scared of being "played". The Situation: 'Danica is my kryptonite' Julie Goodyear and Julian Clary judge the celebrities' talents in a contest. CBB: Housemates show off talents - pics Coleen will inform the girls that they must flirt with the prince to win gifts. CBB: Girls flirt with Lorenzo for task The housemates will have to choose who they want to evict live. CBB face-to-face nominations tonight All the celebrities make confessions to each other about their pasts. Coleen Nolan admits to sex tape in CBB