Darryn Lyons

The infamous paparazzo has been sworn in as Geelong's new mayor today. Darryn Lyons elected mayor in Australia Big Pictures has made all its staff redundant. Darryn Lyons agency in administration Travel plans of Daniel Radcliffe, Sienna Miller and others handed to paparazzi. Virgin Atlantic probed over privacy leak Darryn Lyons says that he is "surprised" that Bingle objected the nude photos. Lara Bingle 'aware of nude photos' Model speaks of embarrassment as photos of her naked at penthouse flat emerge. Bingle: 'Nude photos violate my privacy' Flight details of celebrities reportedly handed to picture agency by employee. Virgin employee in paparazzi probe The victors of new Aussie weight-loss show Excess Baggage are revealed. 'Excess Baggage' winners announced Nicole Scherzinger says that she is "fascinated" by Formula 1. Scherzinger: 'Lewis is very special' The ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney says she "never" gave access to her messages. Heather Mills denies voicemail access Ajay Rochester says that Nine should have taken a "risk" with Excess Baggage. Ajay Rochester slams Excess Baggage axe Nine moves Excess Baggage to digital channel Go! because of poor ratings. 'Excess Baggage' axed by Channel Nine Big Brother contestant Darryn Lyons gives his verdict on his fellow housemates. Celebrity Big Brother Darryn Lyons interview Darryn Lyons becomes the fifth person to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother. Darryn Lyons evicted from Big Brother Tara Reid claims that she felt "bullied" by Celebrity Big Brother housemate Darryn Lyons. Tara Reid: 'Darryn Lyons bullied me' Brian Dowling says that he hopes Tara Reid looks back on Celebrity Big Brother in a "positive way". Brian Dowling: 'Tara Reid interview was weird' Tara Reid says that she "learnt about [her]self" in Celebrity Big Brother. Tara Reid: 'Big Brother was a life journey' Celebrity Big Brother evictee Tara Reid chats about her time in the house. Celebrity Big Brother Tara Reid Q&A The Celebrity Big Brother housemates are split into a '90s boyband and girl band for today's task. Big Brother housemates form bands for task The American Pie star is the third housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother. Tara Reid complains about Big Brother edit The American Pie actress becomes the third evictee from Celebrity Big Brother. Tara Reid evicted from Big Brother Pete Burns says that he is "fascinated" by Darryn Lyons's 'enhanced' six-pack. Pete Burns brands Darryn Lyons 'repulsive' Kerry Katona and Darryn Lyons reflect on last night's eviction and nomination twist. Kerry Katona: 'Big Brother twist a shock' Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff says, however, that she "had a great time" in the house. Pamela evicted: 'Big Brother was embarrassing' Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff becomes the second contestant to leave the house. Pamela evicted from Celebrity Big Brother Celebrity Big Brother stars Tara Reid and Darryn Lyons resolve their differences. Celebrity Big Brother: Tara Reid, Darryn Lyons make up Liam McKenna says that John and Edward Grimes won't have sex before marriage. Jedward are not gay, says tour manager Jedward and Darryn Lyons chat about their success, celebrity and the media. Jedward, Darryn Lyons: 'We're lucky people' Peter Andre discusses Celebrity Big Brother housemate Darryn Lyons's six-pack. Peter Andre "fascinated" by Darryn Lyons abs Kerry Katona tells Darryn Lyons that there are "snakes" in the Big Brother house. Kerry Katona: 'There are snakes in the house' Darryn Lyons and Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff are announced as this week's nominees. Celebrity Big Brother: Nominations revealed Enter Digital Spy's competition to win a Relaxation Day for two. Win: Relaxation Day for you and a friend Brian Dowling is a fan of Bobby Sabel, despite his "morally bad" sweat prank on Darryn Lyons. Brian Dowling: 'I like bad Bobby Sabel' Tara Reid says that Bobby Sabel will pay for making Darryn Lyons drink his sweat. Celebrity Big Brother's Tara Reid predicts Bobby Sabel eviction Odds on Bobby Sabel being evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house are cut. Big Brother Bobby eviction odds cut overnight Celebrity Big Brother housemate Tara Reid says that her surprise wedding just "felt right". Tara Reid 'didn't plan on marriage' Bobby Sabel ends his feud with Celebrity Big Brother housemate Darryn Lyons. Bobby Sabel, Darryn Lyons end feud? Darryn Lyons admits that he's drunk "worse things" than Bobby Sabel's sweat. Darryn Lyons drinks Bobby Sabel's sweat Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff and Darryn Lyons win Big Brother's Wizard of Oz task. Pamela, Darryn Lyons pass Big Brother task Darryn Lyons has an expletive-filled rant at Amy Childs when she removes her task outfit. Darryn Lyons, Amy Childs in Big Brother row Bobby Sabel tells Big Brother about his dislike of "fake" Darryn Lyons. Bobby Sabel blasts 'fake' Darryn Lyons