David Cronenberg

Writer Nic Pizzolatto might want to look away. Cronenberg turned down 'bad' True Detective David Cronenberg says review aggregation site diminishes the art of film criticism. Cronenberg: 'Rotten Tomatoes dilutes criticism' The filmmaker says there is always an "observed and humorous aspect" to his films. Cronenberg: 'All my films are comedies' Robert Pattinson and Julianne Moore star in David Cronenberg's mesmerising movie. Maps To The Stars review ★★★★ Julianne Moore and Mia Wasikowska star in David Cronenberg's Hollywood satire. Pattinson in new Maps to the Stars trailer David Cronenberg's latest is a tiresome blend of satire and melodrama. Cannes 2014: Maps to the Stars review Robert Pattinson, Julianne Moore and John Cusack star in David Cronenberg's film. Maps to the Stars debuts first trailer Ghost sex! Motion-capture sex! Pie sex! Bear suit sex! And more... 14 bizarre movie sex scenes In honour of the trippy A Field in England, 20 films that'll mess with your head. 20 greatest mindf**k movies Pattinson previously starred in Cronenberg's Cosmopolis. Robert Pattinson for Cronenberg reunion An abundance of effective shocks supercedes the repetitive nature of V/H/S. Horror anthology 'V/H/S': Review Director says he is relieved that Cosmopolis didn't earn award nominations. David Cronenberg: 'Awards are bulls**t' The director clarifies his Batman criticism. Cronenberg: Superhero films are adolescent Digital Spy prepares for the end of days with 5 apocalyptic movies. December 21 apocalypse movie playlist David Cronenberg discusses Clive Barker's "horrible" experience making Nightbreed. David Cronenberg discusses 'Nightbreed' The actress talks candidly about filming sex scenes in movies. Keira Knightley poses topless for Allure Cosmopolis director reveals he almost made Return of the Jedi. Cronenberg asked to direct 'Star Wars' Director David Cronenberg on his career and R-Patz collaboration Cosmopolis. Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg - Q&A David Cronenberg on scrapped sequels to The Fly and Eastern Promises. Cronenberg: Eastern Promises sequel axed Actor credits director David Cronenberg for helping him out of depression. Pattinson 'reveals bout of depression' The Bourne Legacy star may join Robert Pattinson and Viggo Mortensen. Rachel Weisz eyes David Cronenberg film Universal Pictures finds a director to revive David Cronenberg's 1983 horror. 'Videodrome' remake hires Adam Berg The helmer suggests that superhero movies can never be considered "art". David Cronenberg slams Nolan's 'Batman' Focus Features pulls the plug on the crime thriller sequel. David Cronenberg: No Eastern Promises 2 David Cronenberg refuses to get involved in Robert Pattinson's personal life. David Cronenberg on Pattinson, Stewart The actor rings the opening bell in Wall Street to promote Cosmopolis. Robert Pattinson opens NY Stock Exchange Robert Pattinson has high praise for Cosmopolis director on Daily Show appearance. Pattinson on 'sweetest guy' Cronenberg Roth will play an unorthodox, self-educated surgeon. Tim Roth joins David Cronenberg series The erotic novel is already one of the fastest-selling in UK history. 'Fifty Shades' to sell 1m in UK in 2012? Twilight actor reveals what it was like filming raunchy scenes for new movie. Pattinson: Cosmopolis sex scenes awkward In honour of Cosmopolis, we select ten great films set in a single day. Top 10 '24-hour' movies The Vampire Diaries star gets in touch with Bret Easton Ellis. Ian Somerhalder wants '50 Shades' role David Cronenberg was previously attached to direct. Neil Burger to helm Dennis Lehane film The American Psycho author muses on his perfect cast for the erotic fiction. Bret Easton Ellis considers 'Grey' cast Actor says that he was eager to know critics' reaction to David Cronenberg movie. Pattinson: I Googled 'Cosmopolis' reviews The actor says he struggled to gain industry credibility. Robert Pattinson: 'Don't call me R-Patz' Vincent Cassel is also lined up for the film, with David Cronenberg directing. Viggo Mortensen for Eastern Promises 2? Prometheus, Cosmopolis, Rock of Ages hit cinemas this month. Digital Spy's 5 must-watch June movies The price is for a screening and Q&A with David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson. 'Cosmopolis' Q&A tickets sold for £50 The Twilight actor told his co-star, "I haven't got my ball-sack on". Pattinson: 'Sex scene made me cringe'