Debbie Rowe

Occupation: Dermatologist's Medical Assistant

Nationality: American

Born: December 6, 1958 (56)

Former bodyguard Matt Fiddes says late singer predicted his own premature death. Jackson knew he'd die, says bodyguard Debbie Rowe gives first update on her daughter Paris Jackson after hospitalisation. Paris Jackson 'is strong like Michael' Prince Jackson not following in sister's footsteps by speaking to Debbie Rowe. Prince Jackson 'not seeing birth mum' Paris Jackson and birth mum Debbie Rowe have "gotten really tight", says source. Paris Jackson meets with birth mum? Mother of Paris, Prince and Blanket backs TJ and Katherine Jackson as guardians. Debbie Rowe backs Michael kids ruling Paris Jackson says that father Michael will forever be in [her] heart". Paris Jackson honors Michael Jackson Debbie Rowe files court papers asking that the Michael Jackson estate to pay her legal fees. Rowe 'seeks money from Jackson estate' Michael Jackson's children are reportedly gradually getting to know their biological mother. Jackson kids 'spend time with Rowe' Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe is reportedly concerned about Jackson's son Blanket. Jackson ex-wife 'concerned over Blanket' A judge declares that Michael Jackson's children are "doing wonderfully" living with their grandmother. Jackson kids "doing wonderfully" Michael Jackson's family invite the star's ex-wife Debbie Rowe to his funeral. Jackson family 'invite Rowe to funeral' Michael Jackson's ex-wife allegedly reported his doctor to the police for supplying him with drugs. Jackson's ex-wife 'reported doctor' Katherine Jackson will reportedly tell Michael's eldest children that Debbie Rowe is their mother. Mother 'to tell Jackson kids about Rowe' Michael Jackson's mother is officially granted custody of his children by a Los Angeles judge. Jackson mother granted custody by court Michael Jackson's mother will reportedly retain custody of his three children under a new agreement. Jackson mother 'granted custody of kids' An attorney says that a custody agreement over Michael Jackson's children is "very close". Jackson kids custody agreement "very close" Debbie Rowe's friend insists that she wants the best for her kids with Michael Jackson. Rowe 'wants the best for Jackson kids' The custody hearing over Michael Jackson's three children is postponed until next month. Jackson custody hearing delayed Katherine Jackson reportedly grieves for her son Michael three weeks after his death. Katherine Jackson 'finally grieves' Debbie Rowe sues over allegations that she will give up custody of her kids for money. Jackson ex-wife sues over custody claims Michael Jackson's ex-wife threatens legal action against Rebecca White for a televised discussion of her personal emails. Jackson ex-wife 'threatens suit over emails' Debbie Rowe denies giving up her custody rights over her two children with Michael Jackson. Debbie Rowe denies payoff claims Michael Jackson's mother denies that she has paid Debbie Rowe to give up her rights to her children with the star. Jackson mum 'denies Rowe payoff' Debbie Rowe is reportedly being paid to forfeit her parental rights to her children with Michael Jackson. Rowe 'paid to give up Jackson kids' Michael Jackson's ex-wife reportedly plans to attend an upcoming custody hearing. Debbie Rowe 'will attend custody hearing' Dr Arnold Klein says that he did donate sperm but "absolutely not" for Michael Jackson's children. Doctor's sperm 'not for Jackson kids' Debbie Rowe breaks down after watching her daughter's tribute to Michael Jackson. Rowe 'in tears' after Jackson daughter tribute Debbie Rowe denies reports that she is attending ex-husband Michael Jackson's memorial service. Rowe 'won't attend Jackson memorial' Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe will attend his memorial service on Tuesday. Debbie Rowe to attend Jackson memorial Michael Jackson's ex-wife says that she wants custody of her two children from her marriage to the popstar. Jackson ex-wife: 'I want my children' Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe may fight for custody of their two children, according to reports. Jackson ex-wife's lawyer 'in custody hearing' A lawyer for Debbie Rowe slams reports that she is not the mother of Michael Jackson's kids. Lawyer: 'Ex-wife is Jackson kids mother' Reports claim that Michael Jackson was not the biological father of his eldest children. Report: Jackson not biological dad of kids Michael Jackson's ex-wife is reportedly reaching out to his family following his death. Jackson ex-wife 'reaching out to his family' Michael Jackson's three children are said to prefer living with grandparents Katherine and Joe Jackson. Jackson children 'prefer living with grandparents' Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe reacts to the news that he has died. Jackson's ex-wife "inconsolable" over death