Diane Parish

Occupation: Actress

Nationality: British

Born: January 20, 1969 (46)

Following Ross's shock comeback, other soap characters who rose again. 10 soap favourites who returned from the dead Denise steps up to support her troubled sister Kim next week. EastEnders pictures: Kim struggles to cope Kim Fox will go into premature labour in tonight's hour-long special. EastEnders star nervous over live birth Kim shocked her sister Denise in Tuesday night's episode. EastEnders: Kim returns with a surprise Kim will be delivered some shocks when she returns to Walford over the festive season. EastEnders: Denise Fox shocks Kim Back to Ours will see the show's cast look back on the show's highlights. EastEnders plans 30th anniversary series Kim will return to Walford later this month after a year away. EastEnders: Kim Fox return date revealed Denise finds her petty crimes catching up with her next week. EastEnders Denise stealing to be exposed? Both Ian and Lee make new discoveries next week. EastEnders: New Lucy Beale murder shocks Denise finds Lucy's missing wallet and phone in tonight's episode. POTD: EastEnders' Denise gets a shock Diane Parish offers her thoughts on Denise's upcoming troubles. 'Enders star: 'Denise at breaking point' We present the latest storylines and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders shock, Oaks wedding, Corrie scare Get a sneak peek at the storylines lined up for the next few weeks. EastEnders releases new autumn trailer Diane Parish chats to us about the possibility of Denise being Lucy's killer. Enders star: Denise could be Lucy killer Shabnam is offered a new job on EastEnders next week. EastEnders Shabnam faces a dilemma Ian has a lot of explaining to do in tonight's episode. EastEnders: Will Denise forgive Ian? Ian knows he needs to come clean to Denise in EastEnders next week. EastEnders: Ian secret under more threat Ian Beale finds himself under more pressure next week. EastEnders: Ian Beale's secret under threat Diane Parish's character Denise is currently engaged to Ian Beale. 'Enders star defends miserable soap stories Nicholas Bailey's character arrived back for a one-off episode. EastEnders airs surprise Anthony return Rudolph Walker chats about his challenging new storyline. EastEnders star: 'Stroke plot an honour' Patrick Trueman is rushed to hospital in next week's episodes. EastEnders: First look at Patrick story Ian still seems to be hiding something on EastEnders next week. EastEnders: Ian's secrecy to concern Peter Diane Parish is glad to be busy following a "quiet" period on screen for Denise. 'Enders star grateful for Denise drama Belinda Owusu makes another guest appearance on the show next week. EastEnders: Libby returns for funeral Diane Parish admits that she is suspicious of her character's behaviour. EastEnders star: 'Killer could be Denise' Speculation continues as further details about Lucy's last hours emerge. EastEnders: Watch new 'Suspicion' trailer The aftermath of Ian and Jane's passionate moment is revealed. EastEnders: Ian to ask Jane for reunion The Beales find their private business under scrutiny next week. EastEnders: Lucy's death hits headlines We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders plan, Corrie jealousy, Oaks drugs The actress says that Jane Beale is an "outside shot" in the whodunit mystery. 'Enders Brett: 'I can't guess Lucy killer' We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Corrie shocks, Enders plan, Oaks tragedy Libby and her on-screen mum Denise were spotted filming in Oxford. EastEnders: Libby to make brief return Denise wants Ian to kick Jake out on EastEnders next week. EastEnders: Jake to cause problems Patrick is at the end of his tether at Kim's Palace in tonight's episode. POTD: 'Enders Patrick mulls big decision Patrick asks Cora to move in with him next week. EastEnders confusion for Cora, Patrick Denise is forced to face the consequences of her betrayal. POTD: EastEnders' Ian confronts Denise Jane clashes with Ian when she arrives back on Albert Square. EastEnders pictures: Jane returns again Shabnam tells Ian that Denise has kissed someone else. EastEnders Shabnam to reveal Denise secret The Walford locals are horrified by the news next week. EastEnders market faces surprise closure