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Dominic Treadwell Collins

90 viewers complained over the storyline last month. EastEnders: Ofcom to investigate rape plot Show stars have stripped off to raise money for Children in Need. EastEnders: First look at risqué calendar Ryan Love offers his thoughts on recent changes for the tragic Mitchell sister. EastEnders: Why Ronnie has been reborn We have an exclusive chat with John Altman about Nick's comeback. EastEnders star reveals Nick return gossip Timothy West celebrates birthday with EastEnders cast, ahead of exit. See EastEnders' Timothy West birthday party James Bye will take over the role of Martin this winter. Was EastEnders right to recast Martin? Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins defends the Linda and Dean rape storyline. EastEnders boss defends rape plot Martin Fowler is returning to Albert Square, with James Bye taking on the role. EastEnders recasts Martin Fowler 278 viewers have complained about the dark storyline. EastEnders rape storyline defended by BBC Timothy West will bow out at the end of his contract. EastEnders exit ahead for Stan Carter Show bosses set tongues wagging with talk of another returnee. EastEnders to recast major character? The identity of the killer will be revealed in a live episode of the show. EastEnders killer to be told in January Dominic Treadwell-Collins says the BBC is "committed" to the soap's future. EastEnders omnibus to end in 2015 Dominic Treadwell-Collins discusses the show's plans for the rest of the year. EastEnders boss promises 'huge' storylines Dominic Treadwell-Collins chats about the next big storyline for EastEnders. EastEnders boss reveals rape plot details Matt Di Angelo speaks candidly about his thoughts on the Dean and Linda plot. EastEnders: Matt Di Angelo talks rape plot The show plans a live episode and other live elements across the big week. EastEnders to go live for 30th anniversary Show bosses advise fans to watch the episode as it airs at 7.30pm. EastEnders to air big surprise tonight The 61-year-old will play a potential rival to Phil Mitchell on Albert Square. Brush Strokes' Karl Howman joins EastEnders Sylvie will arrive in Walford seeking help from the family she abandoned. EastEnders reveals Sylvie Carter casting The same killer has been in place throughout the course of the plot. EastEnders boss denies Lucy plot change Maria Friedman is cast in the guest role of Elaine Peacock. EastEnders casts Linda Carter's mum Sylvie Carter's arrival will shake up the family. EastEnders boss talks future Carter plots Viewers will discover a lot more about Shabnam over the coming months. EastEnder boss teases 'amazing' Shabnam story The list of suspects in Lucy's murder will get smaller by the New Year. EastEnders boss shares Lucy killer gossip The new EastEnders producer is a "breath of fresh air", Ganatra claims. Nitin Ganatra: 'EastEnders is back on form' Ryan Love offers his take on the recent shocks in the soaps. Are soap surprises the way forward? Show bosses are promising an explosive start to autumn in Walford. EastEnders reveals autumn story gossip Kellie Bright says storyline has the power to "change people's perceptions" of rape. EastEnders to have Linda Carter rape plot Market trader Kush will cause a big stir when he arrives later this year. EastEnders casts newcomer Kush Kazemi Ryan Love offers his thoughts on whether Sharon's new storyline is a triumph. Soap Spy: The Return of Sharon Watts Walford's original bad boy is heading back to cause more trouble for Dot. EastEnders confirms Nick Cotton return Luisa Bradshaw-White admits that she isn't planning to seek work elsewhere. EastEnders' Tina wants to stay on show Perry Fenwick chats about Billy becoming a suspect in the Lucy case. EastEnders star reacts to Billy twist A character on the BBC soap will suffer a stroke. EastEnders to feature stroke storyline The character, last seen in 2008, reappeared in tonight's episode. 'Enders: Honey Mitchell in shock return Danny Dyer chats about the shock reveal which aired in Thursday's episode. EastEnders star reacts to Shirley twist The character will be back on screen for a short stint later this year. EastEnders return for Jean Slater Dominic Treadwell-Collins says there is room for more members of the family. EastEnders plans new Carter arrivals Jake Wood reveals plans to keep the killer's identity under wraps. EastEnders to film 15 Lucy outcomes?