Don Gilet

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: British

Born: 1967

A gay relationship for Nick Cotton and Corrie's Claire crashing a tram? It almost happened. 13 big soap stories that were scrapped We chat to Don Gilet about his new role in Holby City. Holby: Don Gilet reveals Jesse gossip Don Gilet will play newcomer Jesse. Ex-EastEnders star on Holby role Don Gilet, who played Lucas Johnson in EastEnders, is to appear in a Bromley production of Aladdin. Don Gilet to play evil sorcerer in panto Don Gilet insists that his current EastEnders plot is "not about religion". Don Gilet defends 'EastEnders' storyline It's the day of Denise's funeral in tonight's episode of EastEnders. POTD: Denise's funeral in 'Enders Extra EastEnders scenes featuring Lucas Johnson are to air on the BBC's red button service. Extra Lucas scenes to air on red button EastEnders producer John Yorke says that Don Gilet was excited at the prospect of Lucas being a murderer. Don Gilet 'ecstatic' over 'Enders Lucas BBC defends EastEnders' Lucas Johnson storyline after complaints that it is offensive to Christians. BBC defends 'EastEnders' Lucas storyline Details of BBC Three's latest EastEnders special - The Murders of Lucas Johnson. 'EastEnders': The Murders of Lucas Johnson Lucas takes Denise for a drive where he intends to baptise her, but things spiral out of control. POTD: Lucas strangles Denise in 'Enders The police quiz Denise over Owen's murder during this evening's EastEnders. POTD: Denise is questioned in 'EastEnders' Lucas coolly admits to Denise that he killed Owen during this evening's ep of EastEnders. POTD: Lucas comes clean with Denise in 'Enders Lucas is thrown into turmoil as Owen's body is unearthed during this evening's episode of EastEnders. POTD: Owen's body is uncovered in 'Enders Denise is hauled in for questioning in EastEnders, while Cheryl wins big on a scratchcard in Hollyoaks. Denise quizzed over murder, Cheryl's lotto win Walford bosses will refilm some parts of Lucas Johnson's story ahead of transmission next week. 'EastEnders' to drop Lucas prostitute link Lucas smashes up the community centre in 'Enders, Tony plots his Corrie escape and Elliot overdoses in Hollyoaks. Lucas loses it, Tony returns and an 'Oaks overdose EastEnders actress Tiana Benjamin hopes her character isn't killed off by her screen father Lucas. Benjamin: 'I don't want Chelsea to die' Actress and comedienne Tameka Empson returns to EastEnders next month. Tameka Empson returns to 'EastEnders' Walford star Don Gilet suggests that the camera can sometimes lie - but what does he mean? Or is he simply joking? 'EastEnders' Lucas: The camera can lie... EastEnders bad guy Lucas Johnson looks to claim his next victim - and this time, it's family. Pics: Lucas to kill loved one in 'EastEnders'? Is this Lucas claiming his third victim? Click in to see the latest on-location picture... Picture: Lucas to kill again in 'EastEnders'? Walford's resident green-fingered preacher Lucas Johnson worries that his killer secret will be unearthed during EastEnders. POTD: Lucas panics in 'EastEnders' Don Gilet jokes that he is scared to be seen in public after his Walford character's latest crime. 'Enders star jokes over dog death reaction Who could be Lucas Johnson's next victim in EastEnders? Is there a clue in next week's episodes? Lucas's next victim in 'EastEnders'? Diederick Santer hints that EastEnders' Lucas Johnson could kill again in the New Year. 'Enders exec teases over Lucas twists Click here to see the results of last week's EastEnders-themed poll about Owen's death. Poll Results: Was 'Enders right to kill off Owen? Results of last week's Tony Gordon poll and a new EastEnders poll which asks 'Was EastEnders right to kill off Owen?' Poll: Was 'EastEnders' right to kill off Owen? Click here to read what Don Gilet has to say about his EastEnders character Lucas Johnson's murderous ways... Reaction: 'Enders Don Gilet on murderous Lucas Denise and Lucas tie the knot in tonight's EastEnders but the day is marred by Owen's presence. POTD: Lucas and Denise tie the knot Click here to watch a clip from tonight's dramatic hour-long wedding episode of EastEnders. Video: Owen pushes Lucas to the edge DS takes an in-pictures look at the latest shock storyline twist in EastEnders. In Pictures: Shock 'EastEnders' Lucas twist Click here to watch a couple of clips from tomorrow night's EastEnders special The Two Faces of Lucas! Video Preview: The Two Faces of Lucas EastEnders actor Don Gilet offers his interpretation of Lucas Johnson's love life. Don Gilet: 'Denise isn't a token wife' Don Gilet reveals that he had mixed feelings over Lucas Johnson's new EastEnders plot. Don Gilet torn over shock Walford twist EastEnders star Don Gilet reveals that he does not know what is in store for killer Lucas. Don Gilet unsure over Lucas's future Click here to read loads of bonus excerpts from my recent interview with EastEnders star Don Gilet. 'EastEnders' Lucas on his story twist and character We chat to EastEnders' Lucas Johnson about his screen wedding and major upcoming storyline twist. Don Gilet (Lucas Johnson, 'EastEnders') Denise prepares to tie the knot with Lucas, while Kevin and Molly's ongoing affair is nearly rumbled. Owen at Denise's hen night, Molvin nearly caught Owen's arrested when Lucas informs the police about his presence on the Square during tonight's EastEnders. POTD: Lucas calls the police to arrest Owen