Elen Rivas

The star appears in new advert to coincide with National Vegetarian Week. Elen Rivas strips for new PETA campaign Dancing on Ice host said to be looking at venues in Northern Ireland. Bleakley, Lampard plan spring wedding? Elen Rivas says Frank Lampard moving to the US with Christine Bleakley would be "terrible". Rivas 'dreading Lampard, Bleakley US move' Peter Andre says he wants to have fun before seeking a serious relationship. Andre 'wants to date before turning 40' Christine Bleakley says they are "incredibly conscious" in front of the camera. Bleakley, Lampard 'won't sell wedding' Sources shed light on Rivas's claim that she was stopped from contacting her children at Christmas. Frank Lampard kids 'call Bleakley mum' Footballer's ex-fiancee claims she was unable to speak to their children over Christmas. Christine Bleakley slams Lampard ex Peter Andre confirms that he is dating his backing dancer Kristina MacMillan. Peter Andre confirms dancer relationship Peter Andre says that he does not want to be single, but admits that he "backs off" when dating. Peter Andre: 'I'm going to be single for a while' Peter Andre reveals that he is considering the injection of more Botox for his face. Peter Andre: 'I'm considering Botox again' Peter Andre denies that ex-girlfriend Elen Rivas wants to get back together with him. Peter Andre: 'Elen Rivas doesn't want me back' Frank Lampard reportedly plans to marry Christine Bleakley before her 33rd birthday in February. Frank Lampard 'to wed Christine Bleakley before February' Peter Andre says that there is no truth to reports that he and Elen Rivas are getting back together. Peter Andre denies Elen Rivas reunion Elen Rivas says she doesn't care that her ex-fiancé Frank Lampard is engaged. Elen Rivas 'fine with Frank Lampard engagement' Peter Andre and Elen Rivas spark speculation that they are back together after reportedly kissing at an event. Peter Andre, Elen Rivas 'seen kissing at Amy Childs party' Peter Andre is reportedly considering signing up to an "exclusive" dating agency. Peter Andre to join dating agency? Kimberley Walsh says that she doesn't think Peter Andre and Elen Rivas's relationship was genuine. Walsh: 'Andre, Rivas relationship seemed fake' Elen Rivas admits that she is confused by The Only Way Is Essex despite being friends with show star Amy Childs. Elen Rivas: 'I don't understand TOWIE' Reality Bites chats to Peter Andre about The X Factor, Elen Rivas and The Next Chapter. Peter Andre: Is it the Last Chapter? Peter Andre says that he is staying single because he can't "prioritise" a relationship over his kids and career. Peter Andre: 'I can't prioritise a relationship' Peter Andre says that he never let his children see him in bed with Elen Rivas. Peter Andre 'never let kids see Rivas in bed' Peter Andre dismisses "nonsense" claims about his split from Spanish model Elen Rivas. Peter Andre dismisses "nonsense" Rivas press Peter Andre says that splitting up with Elen Rivas has saved his friendship with the Spanish model. Peter Andre: 'Split saved Rivas friendship' Peter Andre says that he and Elen Rivas are still attracted to one another. Peter Andre 'still attracted to Elen Rivas' Elen Rivas reportedly tells friends that she regrets dating Katie Price's ex-husband Peter Andre. Elen Rivas 'regrets dating Peter Andre' Peter Andre hits back at suggestions his romance with Elen Rivas may have been fake. Peter Andre "hurt" by fake romance claims Peter Andre confirms that he has split up with girlfriend Elen Rivas. Peter Andre confirms split from Elen Rivas Sources claim that Elen Rivas and Peter Andre's relationship isn't going anywhere. Peter Andre, Elen Rivas 'have no future' Peter Andre's relationship with Elen Rivas reportedly hits the rocks. Peter Andre, Elen Rivas 'barely speaking' Elen Rivas insists that her relationship with Peter Andre is going well. Elen Rivas: 'Everything's fine with Andre' Elen Rivas says that it would "kill" her gran if she knew Frank Lampard wanted her out of her flat. Elen Rivas 'fears for elderly gran' Friends of Peter Andre and Elen Rivas reportedly say that they are "relaxed" in their relationship. Andre, Rivas relationship 'is so different' Peter Andre says that reports suggesting he and Elen Rivas have split are "rubbish". Peter Andre rubbishes Rivas split claims Elen Rivas says that she enjoys going out with someone as popular as Peter Andre. Rivas: 'Andre is loved by everyone' Peter Andre claims that he and Elen Rivas are going to let their romance continue in private. Andre 'keeping Rivas romance private' Elen Rivas discusses her relationship with "passionate" and "tender" Peter Andre. Elen Rivas: 'Andre makes me laugh' Elen Rivas is reportedly angry over comments made by ex Frank Lampard about their children. Rivas 'thinks Lampard was heavy-handed' Elen Rivas is reportedly left furious after Katie Price reportedly wished death on Peter Andre. Elen Rivas 'angered by Price comments' Frank Lampard reportedly orders Elen Rivas to scrap plans for a new fly-on-the-wall reality show. Elen Rivas 'warned by Frank Lampard' Elen Rivas reportedly suggests a reality TV show with her current boyfriend Peter Andre. Rivas 'wants reality show with Andre'