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Akhtar says his dad is waiting to be inspired before writing a script for him. Farhan wants dad Javed to pen a script Kapoor has worked with a team who have shot with Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria. Kareena Kapoor shoots international ad Khan records a video message condemning violence against women. Aamir Khan: 'Men will have to change' Farhan Akhtar says the film is the most humorous project he has been a part of. Akhtar: 'SKSE dialogues are funny' Akhtar says he wouldn't give marital advice as you need to learn for yourself. Farhan Akhtar: 'No rules for marriage' Kareena is excited about working with Akhtar in Bombay Samurai. Kareena Kapoor praises Farhan Akhtar The film wins six awards including Best Actor for Farhan Akhtar and Best Director. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag wins big at Filmfare Farhan Akhtar claims marriage does not have any "side effects". Farhan Akhtar: 'No marriage side effects' Naseeruddin Shah is critical of film's realism and Farhan Akhtar's performance. Shah: 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is fake film' Kapoor describes "a feeling of unrest" after the spate of attacks against women. Kareena launches women's safety app Kareena Kapoor has signed films with Dev Benegal and Rohit Shetty. Kareena Kapoor wants unconventional roles Farhan Akhtar made the official announcement for next year's awards. 59th Filmfare Awards in January 2014 The two stars will share screen space for the first time. Shah Rukh, Farhan Akhtar cast in Raees The actress says she hopes the app will make women feel a little safer. Kareena supports 'safety app' for women The actor/director was performing at a concert curated by Quincy Jones. Farhan Akhtar meets Quincy Jones Shah Rukh Khan is reportedly keen on Maneesh Sharma's next project. SRK to work with Maneesh Sharma? Akhtar says Khan has been cast as a gangster in the film, set in Gujarat. Shah Rukh plays gangster in Akhtar film Shah Rukh Khan is said to be "excited about the film". Shah Rukh confirmed for Akhtar film Dutta says she will nevertheless support The Good Road. Divya Dutta: Bhaag deserved Oscars pick Akhtar says that happiness is not found in counting up box office figures. Farhan Akhtar: 'You have to move on' Farhan Akhtar calls for Indian censors to support cinema. Akhtar: 'Censor board should support us' Bhaag Milka Bhaag star says he will focus on his acting career over direction. Farhan: 'I'm concentrating on acting' Farhan Akhtar says directors have stopped stereotyping him. Farhan Akhtar: Latest film life-changing The film's director said he is " humbled" by the acceptance of the film. 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' wins tax exemption The actress said it was exciting to live another person's life through acting. Vidya Balan: 'I am humbled by praise' The actor says the film would reach a wider audience if the tax was waived. 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' seeks tax exemption Farhan Akhtar says growing a beard for his latest role helped him "think". Farhan Akhtar changed lifestyle for film Farhan Akhtar proves himself worthy of the iconic role of Milkha SIngh. 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' review Art Malik tells Digital Spy  about making his Bollywood debut. Art Malik: 'Milka Singh is extraordinary' Speaking to Digital Spy, Farhan describes the magic of movies. Farhan: 'MARD is a lifetime commitment' Sonam Kapoor says: "Prasoon Joshi has written a most amazing script." Sonam: 'Bhaag Milka Bhaag will be iconic' Akhtar says he has undergone six months of training to prepare for the role. Farhan Akhtar training video - watch Actress says she would like to portray flawed characters on screen. Sonam Kapoor keen to play tragic figures Farhan Akhtar says: "I kissed for the first time but not for just the heck of it." Farhan: Milkha love scenes not gratuitous The television soap stars feature in Hindi film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Rebecca Breeds, Malik in Bollywood debut The actor says biopics serve to remind us of the heroes of the past. Farhan Akhtar hopes for more biopics Bhaag Milkha Bhaag star says that he loved playing Olympian Milka Singh. Farhan Akhtar: 'Amazing to play athlete' The two friends have never starred in a film together before. Ranbir and Hrithik to work together? The actor will reportedly fulfil his commitments before beginning his prison term. Sanjay Dutt 'to complete films' The campaign is designed to raise awareness of gender-based violence. Farhan Akhtar promotes 'MARD' online