George Osborne

"You could probably do a lot better on that issue," the musician says of government's response to refugee crisis. Geldof gives George Osborne a kicking Conservatives say the BBC could make it hard for competitors to "monetise emerging technologies". BBC iPlayer threat from government "We believe that this Green Paper would appear to herald a much diminished, less popular BBC." BBC to government: 'Let the public decide' The around-the-clock news channel is thought to cost the broadcaster £66.2m a year. Could BBC News channel be moving online? Rona Fairhead responds to George Osborne's plan for the BBC to cover cost of free TV licences for over-75s. BBC Trust "cannot endorse" licence fee change The corporation will have to cover the £650m annual cost of free licences for over-75s from 2018. BBC will take on cost of free TV licences "The BBC website becomes the national newspaper as well as the national broadcaster," the Chancellor says. George Osborne identifies BBC cuts Tech firms begin to feel the pressure from chancellor George Osborne's new diverted profits tax. Amazon is finally paying its way in the UK George Osborne celebrates May 4th with the news that the series is returning to Pinewood. Star Wars Episode 8 is filming in the UK However, chancellor George Osborne suggests BBC Trust should be abolished. Tories: We don't plan to ditch licence fee George Osborne announces several voter-pleasing measures ahead of the General Election. Budget 2015: Tech gets extra funding Apple and Google feature in this week's biggest tech stories. The week's biggest tech news in pictures Firms that operate in the UK but move profits to another country will be hit by a new 25% tax. 'Google tax' announced by government The Gone Girl star and Oscar winner meet the Chancellor in Downing Street. See Nyong'o, Pike at Downing Street Star Wars returns to the UK with visual effects studio ILM London. Star Wars will be in London for next 10 years Government now relies on a camera network to establish whether tax has been paid. Paper car tax discs now obsolete in UK The Chancellor avoids a simple Maths questions from Samuel Raddings, aged 7. Can George Osborne not do his times tables? UK chancellor George Osborne takes his picture with JJ Abrams and R2-D2. Star Wars standalone film to shoot in UK George Osborne may close loophole enabling customers to pay VAT at low rates. UK budget could spell price hike for apps Comedian tells students at the university's Union that "revolution is coming". Brand calls Cambridge students 'poofs' Her cover of Demi Lovato's 'Skyscraper' is already available on iTunes. X Factor: Sam Bailey single details Celebrating political pets through the ages, from Obama's dogs to the Clintons' cat. Political pets, from Blair to Obama From Kim Kardashian to Carmen Electra - celebrities photographed keeping fit. Staged celebrity workouts - pictures Labour MP Anas Sarwar triggers a payout of over £10,000 to punters from Ladbrokes. 'Jeffrey' Osborne causes big bet payout "I must have confused you with my favourite R&B singer," he explained. Obama calls George Osborne 'Jeffrey' The European Commission doubts whether the tax breaks are necessary. UK video game tax breaks in jeopardy The newspaper tweeted its front cover splash featuring embargoed details. Standard apologises for Budget leak Developers qualify easier by being games set or characters from the UK. UK games tax breaks cultural test revealed The comedian made the comments before this week's Autumn Statement. Paul O'Grady: 'I loathe George Osborne' Uk video game tax relief will be among the "most generous in the world". 25% tax relief for UK games industry David Cameron's cat Larry seen fighting with George Osbourne's pet Freya. Downing Street plays down 'cat fight' Will Smith says that the team weren't happy about the phrase being used. 'Thick of It' not flattered by Miliband The 80,000 crowd make their feelings clear to the chancellor. George Osborne booed at the Paralympics The Treasury minister battles with the Newsnight host. Jeremy Paxman vs Chloe Smith - video Prime minister to be sole witness on Thursday (June 14) at Inquiry. Cameron, Clegg, Brown to attend Leveson Firm reportedly paid just £10m in UK tax in 2010, despite estimated £5bn sales. Apple faces tax scrutiny in Britain Chancellor announces tax relief for creative industries to help them compete. Animation, TV and games get Budget boost The UK government announces the long-awaited arrival of tax breaks for games. UK games industry secures tax relief The BBC to appoint new chief business correspondent, with focus on Asian market. BBC to boost global business coverage Chancellor hits out at "relentless diet" of negative stories about business. BBC accused of 'anti-business' bias