Georgie Parker

Myles Pollard has been cast as a possible love interest for the character. Home and Away romance plot for Roo? Maddy will be left with a decision to make when her mother arrives. Home & Away: Will Maddy leave Summer Bay? Georgie Parker is looking forward to turning 50 this month. H&A star: 'Women are defined by age' The couple decide to sneak out of Summer Bay following a recent tragedy. H&A: Marilyn and John prepare to elope We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the Aussie soaps on Channel 5. Neighbours fight, Home and Away concern We present the latest spoilers and news from the Aussie soaps on Channel 5. Neighbours accident, H&A collapse Roo's loved ones prepare for the worst as her health continues to deteriorate. H&A: Alf left devastated over Roo news The doctor will suffer a crisis of confidence as Roo remains in a critical condition. H&A: Nate to struggle with Roo diagnosis Roo's life will be left hanging in the balance. H&A: Roo Stewart in shock collapse We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the Aussie soaps on Channel 5. Neighbours return, Home and Away crisis Harvey struggles to cope with life back in Summer Bay. Home and Away star on Harvey, Roo trouble Harvey will be a changed man after getting lost at sea. 'Home and Away' Harvey discovered alive Roo will be told that Harvey has gone missing during a sailing trip. 'Home and Away': Harvey's life in danger Marilyn is stressed as she struggles to deal with her feelings for John. 'H&A' Marilyn confesses John crush John will turn to Marilyn for support following Gina's death. 'Home and Away' John, Marilyn grow close Roo Stewart actress says that the show's "heart" shouldn't be forgotten. 'H&A' star wants more fostering stories The actor says he still enjoys playing Alf Stewart. 'Home and Away' Ray Meagher not retiring Reality star admits he felt nervous when he started filming on the soap. 'Home and Away' Johnny Ruffo 'daunted' We present the latest spoilers and pictures for Home and Away on Channel 5. 'H&A' Maddy choice, Sid discovery Fiona Spence speaks to Digital Spy about reprising her Summer Bay role. 'H&A' Celia reveals delight over return Summer Bay's longest-serving star reflects on the soap's 25-year milestone. 'H&A' Ray Meagher 'prouder than ever' We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the Aussie soaps on Channel 5. 'H&A' attack, 'Neighbours' break-ups New character Maddy hides away at Summer Bay High after arriving in the area. 'Home and Away' star talks Maddy debut Newcomers Spencer and Maddie "arrive with a secret" in 2013. 'Home and Away' star teases new arrivals Luke Mitchell gives a backstage perspective on Roo and Harvey's big day. 'H&A' wedding - behind the scenes Georgie Parker says that Roo Stewart and Harvey Ryan can be happy together. 'H&A' lines up bright Roo, Harvey future We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the Aussie soaps on Channel 5. 'Neighbours' Priya dramas, 'H&A' kiss Summer Bay couple will become engaged for a second time over the coming weeks. 'H&A' Parker positive about Roo, Harvey Marcus Graham explains why Harvey makes a big mistake in Home and Away. Home and Away: Harvey confession ahead Roo will be torn as ex-boyfriend Tim makes an intriguing business proposal. 'Home and Away' Roo dilemma revealed Jonny Pasvolsky is cast as Tim on Home and Away. 'H&A' casts Roo's ex-boyfriend Tim Alf Stewart and Marilyn Chambers will suffer health scares in upcoming episodes. 'Home and Away' stars in mortal danger Ada Nicodemou teases details of Leah's "really embarrassing" date at Angelo's. Home and Away Leah to try online dating Allison Cratchley will play doctor Mel in the Summer Bay soap. 'Home and Away' casts ex-All Saints star More trouble lies ahead for Ruby in upcoming Home and Away episodes. Home and Away Ruby in hospital dash Home and Away actress Georgie Parker says that she won't let scoliosis slow her down. 'H&A's Parker reveals health "obstacles" Georgie Parker says that she is not too "elite" an actress to star in an Australian soap. Parker defends decision to join 'H&A' Home and Away announces the return of Alf Stewart's daughter Ruth 'Roo' Stewart. 'Home and Away' recasts Alf's daughter