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The move follows cyber attacks affecting Sony Pictures for its movie The Interview. Steve Carell's North Korea film scrapped The film kicks off a multi-year deal between Verbinski and New Regency. Steve Carell for Gore Verbinski thriller "I've been in this situation before," the actress says of bad reviews. Carter: Lone Ranger flop like Fight Club Digital Spy looks back on Johnny Depp's maiden voyage as Jack Sparrow. Re-Viewed: 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Disney is set to lose almost $200m (£129m) on the Johnny Depp-starring western. Lone Ranger flop to impact Pirates 5? Johnny Depp dominates in Gore Verbinski's flawed but soulful western. 'The Lone Ranger' review Lone Ranger star on his Westerns, honouring Native Americans and Transcendence. Depp: 'Rango and Tonto would get on well' Armie Hammer, Ruth Wilson on the brilliance of their "quiet and shy" A-lister. Lone Ranger stars on magic of Johnny Depp The projected box office taking is similar to that of 2011's John Carter. 'The Lone Ranger' on course to flop Find out the early word on Johnny Depp's reunion with the Pirates of the Caribbean team. Depp's Lone Ranger: Critics unimpressed Depp's Native American warrior Tonto joins forces with Armie Hammer's masked hero. 'The Lone Ranger' new Johnny Depp video The new featurette goes behind the scenes of the "dangerous" Disney movie. 'The Lone Ranger' unveils featurette Depp says he wanted to play Tonto as "a warrior with integrity and dignity". Johnny Depp on 'The Lone Ranger's Tonto The video spotlights Armie Hammer's brush with a 2,000-foot drop. 'The Lone Ranger' debuts new video Armie Hammer is back for justice in the latest Disney promo. 'The Lone Ranger' debuts new trailer Posters featuring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer were released last week. Tom Wilkinson 'Lone Ranger' poster Fichtner plays ruthless outlaw Butch Cavendish in Gore Verbinski's adventure. William Fichtner 'Lone Ranger' poster The remake reunites Depp with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski. Johnny Depp in 'Lone Ranger' posters Gore Verbinski's Kinect game, Matter, has been cancelled. Gore Verbinski's 'Matter' cancelled on XBLA Digital Spy counts down the five best trailers from Super Bowl XLVII. Top 5 Super Bowl movie trailers The Pirates of the Caribbean director will helm North Korea-set black comedy. Verbinski for 'Pyongyang' adaptation The former White Stripes musician is confirmed to be leaving the film. Zimmer replaces White on 'Lone Ranger' The famed composer appears to have replaced Jack White on the Disney movie. 'The Lone Ranger': Hans Zimmer to score? Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer lead the cast of Disney's Western blockbuster. 'The Lone Ranger': New trailer premieres Watch the first trailer for the new Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster. Johnny Depp's 'The Lone Ranger' trailer Armie Hammer plays the title role in Gore Verbinski's adaptation. Johnny Depp's 'Lone Ranger' new pictures Insider also claims that the Disney film's production is running behind schedule. 'Lone Ranger' over budget, says report The Pirate of the Caribbean filmmaker teams up with Blind Wink Games. 'Matter' announced for Xbox Live Arcade Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian will script the cinematic revival of the property. 'Fraggle Rock' film hires 'Rango' duo The series's creator says that he is "still focused" on the movie adaptation. 'BioShock' movie still going ahead Musician confirmed for role on Johnny Depp movie by producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Jack White to score 'Lone Ranger' movie BioShock's proposed movie adaptation suffers more setbacks. 'BioShock' movie director quits Producer Jerry Bruckheimer reveals Tonto and The Lone Ranger. First Lone Ranger photo revealed Western update starts production in New Mexico, hoping to 'reinvent' the TV show. Depp's Lone Ranger remake begins filming Director calls Johnny Depp "a real-world chameleon" in acceptance speech. Gore Verbinski wins first Oscar The Drive Angry actor replaces Dwight Yoakam in the Johnny Depp film. William Fichtner joins 'Lone Ranger' Johnny Depp's The Lone Ranger is to begin filming in Mexico next month. 'The Lone Ranger' filming next month Lone Ranger producers move to hire back previously confirmed actors. 'The Lone Ranger' re-hires Tom Wilkinson Johnny Depp says that The Lone Ranger's Tonto is similar to Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp: 'Lone Ranger is funny' Win a pair of tickets to attend a 'silent-screaming' of The Ring. Win: 'The Ring' screening in London