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It's Agent Carter's Hayley Atwell versus Agents of SHIELD's Clark Gregg. Marvel TV stars will face off in Lip Sync Battle This guy wins the Cosmic Cube for best proposal ever. Marvel fan proposes - in front of Chris Evans! Pack your bags - Marvel's secret agent is headed west. Agent Carter goes Hollywood in poster FOX UK is airing it soon after the US - meaning no painfully long wait this time. Agent Carter will be back early 2016 in the UK Looks like we've found Peter Capaldi's successor already. Hayley Atwell wants to be The Doctor New Channel 4 series Experimental may take your breath away when uncovering the most dangerous viral videos. What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks Agent Carter's Hayley Atwell calls on a friend to win an epic Marvel Dubsmash war. How Hayley Atwell won epic Dubsmash battle We get some hints about what's coming up in Agent Carter at Comic-Con. Agent Carter: Howard's opening a movie studio Peggy Carter actress says she wanted to bring a "fresh" interpretation. Hayley Atwell has never read a Marvel comic Marvel's Agent Carter finally hits UK screens, while Wimbledon serves up a clash of the tennis titans. What to Watch: Sunday's TV Picks The Marvel series premieres in the UK on FOX on Sunday, July 12. Agent Carter: Why so long to reach the UK? Hayley Atwell says Howard Stark is "pivotal" to Peggy Carter's backstory. Agent Carter: Is Dominic Cooper returning? The casts of Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter will be bringing us hints about what's coming up. Marvel TV at Comic-Con: As it happened Peggy might get a new love interest in upcoming episodes. Agent Carter season 2 is darkly glamorous 4000 plastic balls, hiding in trailers and more tricks from the Marvel star. Hayley Atwell is the queen of pranks Actress talks about feminism and big love on set for Peggy Carter's standalone Marvel series. Hayley Atwell wants 10 years of Agent Carter There will be more than one antagonist in the Marvel drama's next season. Agent Carter: Who is season 2's Big Bad? FOX UK has announced a premiere date for the Marvel TV spinoff show. Find out when Agent Carter airs in the UK Find out which channel has picked up the Hayley Atwell series. Agent Carter is finally coming to the UK Plus - will Dominic Cooper be back as Howard Stark? Agent Carter s2 will have a film noir vibe Agent Carter's second season will air two more episodes than the show's first. Agent Carter season 2 to get 10 episodes Agent Peggy Carter's new mission will take her to post-World War II Los Angeles. Agent Carter season 2 moving to Los Angeles Grey's, Scandal, Nashville and more will be back for another season. ABC renews shows including Agent Carter Find out when the fate of the cult ABC series will be revealed. Is Marvel's Agent Carter coming back? A popular character from Avengers: Age of Ultron will appear in ABC series. Which Avengers 2 star will be on SHIELD? The Avengers come together again to face earth's great threat in new promo. Watch 'world-ending' Avengers 2 promo Cast list for Avengers: Age of Ultron reveals two new stars. Linda Cardellini, Julie Delpy in Avengers 2 Guests included Henry Cavill, Hayley Atwell, Peter Capaldi and Kit Harington. See the stars arrive at Empire Awards The Peggy actress says that she'd like the film to explore "her vulnerability". Hayley Atwell wants Agent Carter movie Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are initiated into The Avengers in new Ultron teaser. Meet the new Avengers in latest trailer Peggy lets go of Steve Rogers as Agent Carter comes full circle. Marvel's Agent Carter finale recap Jeph Loeb says that the show's future lies in the hands of ABC bosses. Marvel TV boss talks Agent Carter future Marvel poster confirms Idris Elba, Hayley Atwell and Anthony Mackie are appearing. See Avengers assemble in Ultron poster Agent Carter throws caution to the wind as it races towards its climax. Marvel's Agent Carter: Episode 7 recap There's a big twist in store for Hayley Atwell's heroine in 'A Sin to Err'. Marvel's Agent Carter episode 6 recap Hayley Atwell says that sexism forms the background of tension in Marvel's Agent Carter. Atwell talks Agent Carter sexism 'Dum Dum' Dugan and 'Junior' Juniper return to the Marvel Universe tonight. See Howling Commandos in Agent Carter Marvel's movie prequel comic draws a link between Agent Carter and Ant-Man. Peggy Carter meets Ant-Man in prequel Marvel's Agent Carter bosses warn "not everyone is who they appear to be". Marvel's Agent Carter twist teased The network does not confirm if the Hayley Atwell series will be back. ABC "optimistic" about Agent Carter future