On the eve of Supergirl's Comic-Con debut, we look back at her chequered on-screen history. In Defence Of... Supergirl (1984) The legendary housemate clashed heavily with Helen before leaving the house on Friday. BB's Aisleyne: 'Helen is a dark presence' The couple post a string of adorable pictures of their baby girl. Helen Flanagan, Scott Sinclair welcome baby John calls Marc a nasty piece of work: "I can't stand wind-up merchants." Big Brother: John McCririck enters Hotel BB 'I have no reason to lie about this whatsoever.' Big Brother: Nikki denies Helen's claims Helen claims that Nikki received special treatment - including chocolate in her contract. BB Helen: 'Nikki received formal warning' "I understand how those comments are offensive [but] I was goaded to the point of breaking." BB Helen: 'I regret calling Brian a rapist' The pair started arguing after Marc continually asked Nick if he wants to win the show. BB: Danny warned for aggressive behaviour "I find her and Marc very overpowering together. They're quite intimidating." Big Brother's Nikki on "intimidating" Helen Mr Showbiz dishes his thoughts on why Jack should have gone and his bond with Marc. Big Brother: Simon Gross interview Timewarp housemates' return to the house comes to an end. Big Brother: Helen, Nikki exit the house We debate whether the new and 'legendary' housemates really benefited this series. Is Big Brother trying too hard for drama? Channel 5 confirms that it's time for the legendary housemates to pack their bags. Big Brother Helen and Nikki leaving tonight Jack is nervous about this week's eviction, but has no plans on leaving. BB's Jack: "I passionately want to win" Aisleyne's back, and already she's had a huge impact on the Big Brother house. Big Brother Day 44: Good Day / Bad Day Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace is horrified when she hears about Helen Wood's comments. Big Brother Aisleyne rages about Brian's exit But Danny Wisker is pleased that Aisleyne has entered to turn the tables on Helen. Big Brother Helen calls Aisleyne a slut "You're loathed by the nation because you're bitter and vile," says Nikki. BB: Nikki calls Helen "pure poison" "I'm staying away from that bitch. I need to avoid her like the plague," Helen later says. BB: Aisleyne calls Helen a "basic bitch" It all kicked off big time in the Big Brother house, but who came out of it well? Big Brother Day 43: Good Day / Bad Day "I still do love Big Brother, but for me, it's the end of my Big Brother journey." BB's Brian: 'I'm done with this series' Brian backs Aisleyne to hold her own against Helen. BB's Brian: 'Aisleyne will be brilliant TV' Viewers object to her behaviour after she compares Brian to a rapist and murderer. Big Brother's Helen gets 1,100 complaints "I'm the presenter and ALWAYS try to make as many people's opinions heard." Rylan insists he's not biased on BBBOTS "The other housemates are scared of Helen. They're absolutely petrified of her." BB's Brian: 'Helen is not a legend' It didn't take long for Aisleyne's "basic bitch" remark to cause a ruck. Aisleyne and Helen already arguing on BB The former housemate says he was one of the only few standing up to Helen. Big Brother's Brian explains why he escaped Nikki is not happy about how Helen reacted to her food fight freakout. Big Brother: Nikki and Helen fall out even more "I don't trust him as far as I can throw him," says Nikki Grahame. Big Brother's Simon called "fake as f**k" From food fights to Jack's cockblocking, yesterday's highlights were the best of the series. 13 best moments from last night's BB Brian also criticises Joel, having "fallen into Team Evil". BB's Brian: 'Helen is like a Dementor' Helen Worth reveals why it's round two for Gail and Eileen on the cobbles. Corrie star: 'Gail sees red over Eileen' Helen admits she shouldn't have listened to Nikki's opinion. Big Brother's Helen regrets nominating Jade Helen warns Danny that his "irate" behaviour is making him "look really bad". Big Brother: Helen gives advice to Danny Presenter and her rugby player husband Richie Myler welcomed first child on Friday. Helen Skelton gives birth to baby boy Gail and Eileen clash in Corrie, while Cain punishes Robert in Emmerdale. This week's Sunday soap gossip The argument started after Jade's eviction and a day of building tension. Big Brother: The house sees more rows Mirren believes there are double standards when it comes to casting in Hollywood. Mirren on 'outrageous' Hollywood ageism The recent Big Brother evictee liked that Helen was "ruthless" in the house. BB Jade on Helen: 'She is just misunderstood' The latest evicted housemate on Brian Belo, who had no backbone, and... paprika. Big Brother: Jade Lynch interview