Ife Kuku

David and Steve discuss what media opportunities may await them in the outside world. David, Steve ponder media opportunities John James suggests that a depressed Mario is "missing Ife". Group concerned for downbeat Mario Evicted housemate Ife describes John James and Josie as "thick" and "gameplayers". Ife blasts 'thick' John James, Josie Evicted housemate Ife admits that she got sexually frustrated inside the Big Brother house. Ife: 'I needed some sex in the house' We chat to Ife Kuku about dancing, sexual tension and the John James and Josie showmance. Ife Kuku ('Big Brother') Mario gets upset following Ife's departure from the house. Mario upset after Ife's eviction Ife becomes the fifth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house with 56.5% of the vote. Ife evicted! Davina McCall offers her judgement on the housemates up for eviction this week. McCall: 'Mario is a bag of horn dog' Housemates tell Steve that his snoring was the loudest it has ever been last night. Steve's snoring 'hits record levels' Bookmakers are confident that Mario will not be evicted from the Big Brother 11 house tonight. Bookies predict public will save Mario Josie says she'd 'rather live off healthy food' than indulge the housemates' whims. Josie continues to defend shopping list 'I told you to be careful about leading Shabby on,' Ife tells Caoimhe. Ife, Caoimhe discuss Shabby's crush Ife's task failure means that she cannot save David or Andrew from the Uber Cougar. Ife fails strength challenge Bookmakers shorten the odds on John James being the Big Brother 11 winner. Odds shortened on John James BB win The female housemates begin their superhero transformation. Girls transform into superheroes The female housemates become superheroes to save the boys in this week's shopping task. Male housemates kidnapped by 'Uber Cougar' Ife discusses today's events with John James, arguing that she is "allowed" to behave badly. Ife defends "spiteful" behaviour Some of the housemates discuss how Ife's attitude is beginning to change for the worse. Housemates speak of "poisonous" Ife Bookmakers expect that dancer Ife will be the next housemate evicted from Big Brother 11. Bookies tip Ife for Friday eviction exit John James is worried what Ife thinks of him after she hinted that some housemates are tactical. John James worried about Ife's opinion Caoimhe, Corin and Ife compete in western-style duels to determine who will be safe from eviction. Caoimhe wins 'Save and Replace' task Corin, Caoimhe and Ife prepare for today's 'Save & Replace' task. Housemates prepare for today's task Ife, Corin and Keeley discuss their ambitions for being in the Big Brother house.;Ife Ife tells Corin: 'I'm here to win' Ife complains to Andrew and Mario about negative people in the house. Ife 'frustrated with house negativity' Housemates discuss Ife, Corin and Caoimhe's nomination for eviction this week. Housemates react to nominations result Big Brother informs Corin, Ife and Caoimhe of their 'Save and Replace' task. 'Save and Replace' task revealed Ife and John James discuss the implication of having to choose someone as a nominations replacement. Ife worries about 'Save & Replace' task John James and Steve are predicting that Ben is in fact an actor within the house. John James, Steve think Ben is an actor Steve gets drunk with Dave "on the Holy Spirit". Steve 'gets drunk on Holy Spirit' Corin, Ife and Steve tell the new housemates how much they miss the evictees. Corin, Ife and Steve miss evictees Click here for the results of this week's Big Brother nominations. Latest Big Brother nominations revealed Caoimhe has been telling Josie and John James this evening about her hatred for Ife. Caoimhe expresses her dislike for Ife Keeley's persistent questioning leads housemates to suggest that she has a task from Big Brother. Steve: 'Keeley has a secret task' Several housemates say that they are missing Nathan after his eviction last night. Housemates miss Nathan's presence Corin and Josie are looking forward to the entrance of new housemates while Ife and Dave are not so sure. Group divided over possible new arrivals Mario and Ife discuss his sexuality and what it means to him. Mario wouldn't change his sexuality Ife is worried about being perceived as 'tight' as she becomes increasingly irritated with housemates. Ife worried about looking 'tight' Ben explains to John James that Ife sometimes 'grates' on him. Ben complains about "bizarre" Ife Big Brobot claims two further housemates in the early afternoon Nathan, Ife turn into robots Housemates react angrily at Ife's request to keep out of her bed. Ife's bed request irritates housemates