Jacqueline Jossa

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: British

Born: October 29, 1992 (22)

Lauren could hold the key to clearing Max's name as the Lucy Beale trial takes place. Jacqueline Jossa films EastEnders return The EastEnders star says she won't "ever forgive" Osborne for what he said. Jacqueline Jossa: Dan's comments were disgusting The former TOWIE star announces the news on Twitter, writing: "She said yes!" Dan Osborne is engaged to Jacqueline Jossa Dan Osborne will not be back on ITVBe following recent suspension. Dan Osborne not returning to TOWIE Jossa says the matter is something the reality TV star sorted out privately. Jacqueline Jossa defends boyfriend Osborne The TOWIE star takes to Twitter to deny he has ever been violent towards women. New Dan Osborne 'abusive tape' emerges The reality TV star insists he and Jacqueline Jossa are happier than ever. Dan Osborne, Jossa deny stress reports EastEnders actress welcomed her first child with Dan Osborne last month. Jacqueline Jossa shares baby Ella photos Dan Osborne was suspended from TOWIE after the release of the tape. Dan Osborne 'won't face police over tape' Dan Osborne was allegedly recorded threatening his ex-girlfriend recently. Dan Osborne suspended from TOWIE TOWIE star gets 'J' and heart inked on forearm for EastEnders actress. See Dan Osborne's Jacqueline Jossa tattoo TOWIE star and actress Jacqueline Jossa welcomed Ella earlier this month. See Dan Osborne's tattoo for baby daughter Actor joined  X-Men: Apocalypse cast after bowing out of the BBC soap last night. 'Enders Ben Hardy: 'Peter could return' The couple welcomed baby girl Ella Selina Osborne on February 15. Jossa and Osborne on family plans The 23-year-old stated that producers want to get his daughter in TOWIE. TOWIE's Dan: 'Baby Ella will be in the show' The 22-year-old, who plays Lauren Branning in the soap, had just given birth. 'Enders Jossa 'gutted' to miss anniversary Will Lauren leave for New Zealand with Peter in tonight's episode? EastEnders: Peter and Lauren share secrets Lauren drops a bombshell on Peter in tonight's episode. POTD: EastEnders' Peter confronts Lauren Jake Wood's final line leaves some EastEnders viewers confused. EastEnders cliffhanger confuses Twitter Jacqueline Jossa's presence in tonight's EastEnders leaves some viewers confused. EastEnders fans confused by live inserts The EastEnders star welcomes her first child with TOWIE's Dan Osborne. Jacqueline Jossa gives birth to baby girl Lauren and Stacey have another heart-to-heart in tonight's episode. POTD: EastEnders' Lauren shocks Stacey More unexpected developments on the Square air in the show's latest episode. EastEnders shocks for Lauren and Roxy Will Jane and Ian's wedding go ahead? EastEnders: Ian, Jane wedding to be disrupted Lauren desperately needs someone to talk to in tonight's episode. POTD: EastEnders' Lauren confides in Stacey Lauren tries to access Emma's phone in tonight's episode. POTD: EastEnders' Lauren wants answers Lauren Branning may have rumbled Lucy's killer in tonight's episode. EastEnders: See Lauren's shock discovery Stacey intervenes as Lauren's world spirals out of control following a discovery. EastEnders: Stacey calls police over Lucy The murder mystery will finally reach its conclusion next month. EastEnders: See new Lucy teaser image The couple don't have long to wait until the arrival of their first child together. See Jacqueline Jossa's surprising baby bump Lauren makes a big decision about her future with Peter next week. EastEnders: Lauren proposes to Peter Has Lauren worked out who killed Lucy? EastEnders: Lauren to discover Lucy clue The TOWIE star and EastEnders actress announce the news on Twitter. Dan Osborne, Jacqueline Jossa having girl Lauren will grow increasingly suspicious of Max's behaviour next week. EastEnders: Max confronted over murder Max's loved ones begin to wonder whether he could have killed Lucy. EastEnders: Max suspected of murder Can Peter save his relationship in tonight's episode? POTD: EastEnders' Peter seeks forgiveness Summerhayes will become further entangled in the Lucy mystery this Christmas. EastEnders: Another Lucy clue exposed Lauren hasn't been honest about her whereabouts on the night of Lucy's demise. EastEnders: Lauren back in murder frame The Lucy Beale murder plot takes more twists later this month. EastEnders: Laptop seized in Lucy probe Ben Hardy reveals the gossip on a big week for the Beale family. EastEnders star: 'New secrets come out'