Jamie Laing

"There's penis everywhere!" See MIC Spencer & Jamie under the duvet Jamie Laing reveals that Spencer Matthews is currently making up for being in a relationship for a year. Made in Chelsea Jamie: 'Spencer is happier single' "I tried to do a magic trick. That went really badly wrong." Jamie Laing is doing Celebrity First Dates Jamie Laing is dressed as a lemon! And wait - is Richard Dinan back? Watch the bonkers Made in Chelsea trailer The Made in Chelsea star picks a perfectly posh name. Jamie Laing reveals what he calls his thing The Made in Chelsea star could be stirring trouble between Lana and AJ. Jamie Laing to appear on Young, Free & Single He thinks it would be "hilarious - all of us surfing and catching octopuses". Jamie Laing wants Made in Chelsea: Australia Jamie Laing says his "best buddy" Spenny hasn't told him he's quitting. Spencer might not be quitting Made in Chelsea Jamie goes down the classic route for his first date with Naz by taking her to the cinema. Fresh, boi. Watch Jamie put on the moves in a new MIC clip Will Jamie instantly forget that he has a girlfriend upon landing in the States? 13 things we want in Made in Chelsea: LA Reality TV star has firm plans about where he wants his career to go after Made in Chelsea. Jamie Laing wants his own TV travel show Reality TV star explains the difference between a 'bro' and a 'boi' among other conundrums. Jamie Laing looks back on MIC after 100 eps The semi-improvised comedy continues this Wednesday (June 3) on BBC Three. Watch Kimberly Wyatt in Murder in Successville We're not quite sure what Murder in Successville is. Apart from very, very funny. Why you should watch Murder in Successville Jamie Laing tries to solve a killing in new BBC Three show Murder in Successville. Would you trust Jamie Laing to be a cop? Everyone hates each other. Hooray! Made in Chelsea recap: 16 best bits The Made in Chelsea star says he's "very happy and very in love". Spencer Matthews on giving up alcohol Five new cast members for the upcoming series were announced earlier today. Watch Made in Chelsea's series 9 trailer Friends of Andy Jordan, Jamie Laing and Binky Felstead will join series nine. Meet the new Made in Chelsea castmembers "Luckily I still look good in a red nose," says Made in Chelsea star. See Jamie Laing get slimed for Comic Relief We didn't know Stephen Mulhern was into such filth. Jamie Laing, Rylan and Gaz Beadle's parsnip Specsavers are selling the charity glasses for £3 in stores nationwide. Stars model comedy glasses for Red Nose Day Murder in Successville follows a celebrity trying to solve a fictional murder. BBC Three announces interactive murder mystery The star channels his inner 007 to persuade schools to fundraise for charity. Laing recruits schools for Red Nose Day Lots of people have chats about having a chat. Our mind is blown. Made in Chelsea: 23 best bits from this week Alik gets himself in hot water, Prudders is a beast, and pétanque heats up. Made in Chelsea: 24 best bits Sam Thompson predicts which of the cast will be married... and divorced. Made in Chelsea: Sam predicts the future The E4 reality show's six-episode spinoff series begins in the US next month. MiC:NYC to be aired in US on Bravo Andy's back! There are new boys! Lucy's gone all soppy! Here's what happened. 22 best bits from Made in Chelsea's premiere Mel C jumps out of a plane with cancer survivor Lauren for the Channel 4 series. Mel C joins cancer survivor for skydive We are baffled by Jules, Binky faces Alex, Jamie weeps and Spencer rides a bike. Made in Chelsea: New York - 21 best bits Jamie Laing and Tamara Ecclestone are available to do your bidding for charity. What would you make Jamie Laing do? The spin-off sees Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson relocated to the Big Apple. When is Made in Chelsea: New York on TV? Jamie Laing ends up in hospital after being bitten by a spider, the poor thing. Made in Chelsea Jamie in spider bite drama Jamie Laing hasn't told Riley that he loves her yet. Should she be offended? Made in Chelsea: Who does Jamie love? Has Spencer made the cut? Will Binky and Alex reunite in the Big Apple? Made in Chelsea: Who'll be in New York? The reality star got a police caution when he didn't stop using his phone. Jamie Laing arrested in train phone row Gethin Jones's groin gets a battering, Ellen Page loves Elizabeth Banks in our Twitter roundup. Why does Beyoncé scare 1D's Liam Payne? Can Prouders get revenge on an unsuspecting Jamie in this fizzy pop-based prank? Watch Chelsea's Proudlock prank Jamie Jamie, Proudlock and Fran talk mixtapes and girls vs boys while chatting to DS. Made in Chelsea: Jamie, Proudlock & Fran Q&A