Jasmyn Banks

Shaun Williamson and Jasmyn Banks are among the cast of the UK tour. One Man, Two Guvnors tour announced Absence of Jasmyn Banks from scenes will have no impact on the planned story. EastEnders denies Janine exit changes Charlie Brooks talks about her decision to leave EastEnders . EastEnders' Charlie Brooks on show exit Kat pays a visit to Alice in prison on EastEnders next month. 'EastEnders': Kat Moon seeks answers Janine could take drastic action as her lies look set to be exposed. 'EastEnders' Christmas teasers revealed Stars from the BBC soap will stage a special performance tonight. 'Enders Children in Need dance - pictures Lauren Branning discovers that the unlikely pair are an item next week. 'EastEnders' pictures: Janine, Joey shock We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Enders Alice, Oaks arrest, E'dale scare More drama lies ahead for Janine in the aftermath of Michael's murder. 'EastEnders': Shock romance for Janine We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Enders lies, Oaks cover-up, Corrie anger Michael Moon departs with a dramatic showdown. EastEnders Michael exit - have your say Michael, Janine and Alice have an explosive final showdown tonight. POTD: 'EastEnders' Michael plot climax Steve John Shepherd reflects on his time on the show. 'EastEnders' star on Michael exit EastEnders will conclude the week with two dark episodes. EastEnders death build-up - new pictures Albert Square will be rocked by the events of Halloween. 'EastEnders' death aftermath - pictures The popular character's exit scenes will air in early 2014. 'EastEnders' exit for Janine Butcher Alice has a furious showdown with Michael in tonight's episode. 'EastEnders': Alice attacks Michael Show bosses have decided to leave the door open for a possible return. 'EastEnders' Joey exit to be low-key Steve John Shepherd reveals why it was time to bow out of the BBC soap. 'Enders star: 'Michael exit is shocking' Michael, Janine and Alice could all be in danger in dramatic episodes next week. 'EastEnders' pictures: Halloween murder Joey will bow out on screen at Christmas. 'EastEnders' exit for Joey Branning Michael remains at the centre of tension in tonight's visit to Walford. EastEnders pictures: Alice slaps Michael Alice is fed up with all the lies. 'EastEnders': Alice devastates Tamwar Jasmyn Banks previews a big fortnight ahead for her EastEnders character. 'EastEnders' star talks dark Alice story We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Enders plan, Corrie dance, Oaks newbies Michael tells Alice that he needs her. 'EastEnders' Alice, Michael kiss - picture Janine tries to reveal Michael's true colours on EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders' Janine to expose attack Actress Jasmyn Banks will bow out after 18 months in the BBC One soap. 'EastEnders' Alice Branning to leave Alice grows frustrated with Tamwar in EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders' romance trouble for Alice The pair enjoy a romantic date next week following some help from friends. 'EastEnders' romance for Tamwar, Alice Jasmyn Banks thinks Alice's grief is to blame for her shoplifting. 'EastEnders star talks Alice's stealing We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Corrie Tina, Oaks attack, Enders punch Michael pursues Alice after Janine leaves Walford next month. 'EastEnders': Michael pursues Alice Janine pulls off a cruel stunt at Michael's expense next week. 'EastEnders': Nasty shock for Michael Khali Best interviews cast and crew to discover how they got their roles. EastEnders star interviews cast - watch The actress thinks Alice should appreciate herself more. 'EastEnders' star: 'Alice is too naive' Jasmyn Banks describes co-star Steve John Shepherd as a "genius". 'EastEnders' star sad over Michael exit Jamie Foreman reflects on his EastEnders stint ahead of the Soap Awards. 'EastEnders' Foreman talks Derek, awards Alice feels torn between Janine and Michael on EastEnders next week. 'Enders Alice to struggle with deception Jasmyn Banks says that viewers want the unlikely pair to get together. 'Enders star wants Alice, Michael future