Jason Aaron

The All-New X-Men writer replaces John Cassaday on the series. Stuart Immonen joins Star Wars comic Marvel Comics revives the Avengers character Arkon for the event tie-in. Jason Aaron brings Weirdworld to Secret Wars Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse deliver a Secret Wars tie-in with multiple Thors. Marvel makes multiple Thors a "cop story" The publisher solicits the identity reveal of Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman's hero. Marvel revealing female Thor's identity The Thor writer wants a standalone issue about Mjolnir. Jason Aaron teases comic for Thor's hammer Marvel Comics confirms the highest sales figure for a comic in 20 years. Star Wars #1 gets over 1 million orders This week is busy with signings ahead of Leeds's Thought Bubble. Don't Miss: Thought Bubble, Scott Snyder New stats reveal that new characters from Marvel and DC tend to be male. Women still under-represented in comics Jason Aaron says that Marvel won't restore the characters before the 2015 film. Original Cap, Thor not back for new comics Simon Bisley and RM Guera join Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic for the bumper issue. Simon Bisley announced for Thor #25 Jason Aaron, John Cassaday and Mark Waid are among the contributors. Marvel announces three Star Wars comics A mystery woman takes up the iconic character's mantle in a new series. Marvel unveils a new female Thor Jason Aaron and Ron Garney bring Men of Wrath to the flagging Marvel imprint. New project for Marvel's forgotten Icon The publisher teases Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato's event miniseries. Original Sin: Marvel delivers trailer Marvel Comics also announces plans for X-Men and Star-Lord in Chicago. C2E2: Marvel reveals Thor's sister Marvel Comics begins to tease the event surrounding the Watcher's murder. Captain America in Original Sin teaser Jason Aaron steps off the book early due to his heavy work schedule. Amazing X-Men: Kyle, Yost take over Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato Jr unite on the murder mystery event. Marvel kills the Watcher in Original Sin Jason Latour and Mahmud Asrar tackle the new series after Jason Aaron bows out. Wolverine and the X-Men relaunching The French annual comic event reveals the titles up for its four prizes. Angoulême 2014 unveils shortlists X-Men Legacy may also be on the chopping block. Young Avengers, Wolverine & X-Men end Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato Jr's project arrives in May 2014. Marvel teases death of The Watcher Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness bring an X-Man back in the new ongoing series. Amazing X-Men, Longshot mini unveiled Jason Aaron and Jason Latour reunite on Japan's Most Wanted. Marvel launches Wolverine digital series The Wolverine team make their return to creator-owned comics at Image. Aaron, Latour launch 'Southern Bastards' Malekith the Accursed arrives in Jason Aaron's second upcoming arc. Thor comic revives 'Dark World' villain The crossover draws in Brian Bendis, Jason Aaron and Brian Wood's titles. 'X-Men: Battle of the Atom' announced Wolverine and the X-Men writer discusses his approach to Thanos Rising. Thanos to be 'darker, weirder' The oversized, slipcase hardcover features key stories from the hero's history. Wolverine Adamantium Collection unveiled Simone Bianchi joins the Thor: God of Thunder writer on the new series. Thanos Rising: Marvel unveils miniseries Marvel Comics releases a 'Birth' teaser for its latest initiative. Aaron, Bianchi conceive for Marvel NOW! Comics creators tweet their thoughts on the veteran DC editor's resignation. Industry responds to Berger's departure The writer discusses the genesis of the new title out of Avengers vs X-Men. Bendis outlines 'Uncanny X-Men' plans The comic book firm designs a superhero for the New York basketball team. Marvel designs mascot for Brooklyn Nets The publisher collects the event and bonus features in an oversized hardback. Limited edition 'AvX' hardcover unveiled Esad Ribic joins the Wolverine and the X-Men writer on the Marvel NOW! title. Jason Aaron for 'Thor: God of Thunder' Marvel's solicitations reveal a Doop-starring Wolverine and the X-Men issue. 'X-Men': Mike Allred draws Doop issue A teaser hints at a new creative team for the Marvel NOW! title. Thor passes to Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic? Marvel Comics' new Act Three teaser promises that "There can only be one..." 'AvX' teases a struggle for the Phoenix Marvel says the alternate universe character won't feature in his own series. Ultimate Captain America plans clarified