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Host Jeff Probst also reveals the names of former competitors who will return for the next season. Find out who won Survivor: Worlds Apart CBS commissions seasons 29 and 30 of the reality competition Survivor. Survivor renewed for two seasons Survivor host's syndicated daytime show will not get a second season. 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst talkshow axed The actor tells Jeff Probst that the topless shot was not a fake. Hugh Jackman: Wolverine poster is all me Survivor host cites unlikely role model ahead of new talk show's debut. Probst 'studied Stern for new talkshow' Jeff Probst also confirms three medical evacuees from past seasons will return. New 'Survivor' season to have three tribes Another Survivor contestant heads home from One World. 'Survivor: One World' recap New twists include men versus women tribes and living together on one island. 'Survivor: One World' reveals new cast Survivor host Jeff Probst marries Lisa Ann Russell at a ceremony in LA. 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst marries Dancing with the Stars finalist's new talkshow sold to 50% of the country. 'Ricki Lake Show' launching in 2012 CBS orders two more instalments of Survivor for the 2012-13 season. 'Survivor' renewed for two more seasons The tribes try to work as one on Survivor: South Pacific. 'Survivor: South Pacific' Episode 9 recap Jeff Probst reveals his true feelings behind the pork eating challenge. 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst Q&A Gwyneth Paltrow and Justin Timberlake won awards at last night's Creative Emmys. Paltrow, Timberlake win Creative Emmys Survivor host Jeff Probst has signed on to lead his own daytime talkshow for CBS. 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst gets daytime talkshow CBS announces that Survivor will broadcast a further two seasons in the 2011-2012 season. 'Survivor' renewed for two more seasons Mark Burnett talks about the Redemption Island twist in the upcoming season of Survivor. Mark Burnett talks 'Survivor: Redemption Island' CBS announces the new castaways for the upcoming Survivor: Redemption Island. Former stars to return for new 'Survivor' Jeff Probst says that next week's episode of Survivor: Nicaragua is one of his favourites. Jeff Probst teases thrilling 'Survivor' CBS unveils the 20 new castaways who will compete on Survivor: Nicaragua. 'Survivor: Nicaragua' reveals new cast, twist Jeff Probst reportedly officiated at the wedding of Office star Jenna Fischer. 'Survivor' host 'officiated Fischer wedding' Jeff Probst blogs that he would have voted for Parvati on the Survivor finale. Probst 'would have voted for Parvati' Jeff Probst shares his opinion that Rupert Boneham isn't the strongest player left on Survivor. Jeff Probst: 'Rupert isn't the strongest' Jeff Probst reportedly reveals that he is rooting for the Villains on this season's Survivor. Jeff Probst 'rooting for Survivor Villains' DS recaps the latest Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains episode. 'Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains': Episode 8 recap Jeff Probst says that there is "always pressure" to keep Survivor fresh and interesting. Jeff Probst admits 'Survivor' pressure Tom Westman from Survivor admits he did in fact eat the chocolate in the latest episode. 'Survivor' Tom: 'I did eat the chocolate' Host Jeff Probst reflects on the latest Tribal Council decision in Survivor. Probst: 'Survivor decision was lousy' Jeff Probst says that Russell Hantz is still one of the biggest villains in Survivor history. Probst: 'Hantz should have won Survivor' Jeff Probst says that this season's Heroes Vs. Villains theme has been interesting. Probst: 'Survivor heroes becoming villains' US reports claims that Jeff Probst may step down from Survivor in 2011. Jeff Probst 'may quit Survivor in 2011' Jeff Probst confirms that he will host another two cycles of Survivor. Jeff Probst signs new 'Survivor' contract Survivor host Jeff Probst pays tribute to friend and former contestant Jennifer Lyon. Probst pays tribute to 'Survivor' Lyon Jeff Probst reflects on the upcoming Heroes Vs. Villains season of Survivor. Jeff Probst discusses 'Survivor' theme Survivor host Jeff Probst blogs about the latest season of the reality show. Jeff Probst: 'Nobody outplayed Russell' Jeff Probst reveals the theme for the upcoming 20th instalment of Survivor. Theme revealed for 'Survivor 20' CBS announces it has ordered two new editions of reality series Survivor. 'Survivor' confirmed for two new seasons A group of reality TV hosts will present this year's Emmy Awards, producer Ken Ehrlich announces. Reality TV hosts to front Emmys