Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans tested positive for marijuana during a court appearance. 'Teen Mom' star released from jail Reality star is ordered to spend 48 hours behind bars after a random drug test. 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans returns to jail The Teen Mom 2 star says misunderstanding led to her arrest. 'Teen Mom' Jenelle explains arrest The reality star turns herself into police, after warrant is issued for her arrest. 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans arrested The mother of Jenelle Evans's estranged husband orders her out of family home. 'Teen Mom' Evans 'kicked out of home' A source claims that Jenelle Evans did not complete the therapy MTV wanted. 'Teen Mom 2' axed after Evans arrest? Jenelle Evans's attorney reveals the Teen Mom star was "crying in court". Jenelle Evans attorney on drug charges The Teen Mom star is facing heroin possession and assault charges. 'Teen Mom' Jenelle arrested for drugs The Teen Mom 2 star is currently in a North Carolina clinic for drug addiction. 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans rehab confirmed Jenelle Evans's ex-boyfriend Gary Evans stresses that she is "not on drugs". 'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans 'enters rehab' Courtland Rogers, estranged husband of Jenelle Evans, is reportedly in hospital. 'Teen Mom 2' star 'on suicide watch' Reports suggest that bosses consider star Jenelle Evans a 'liability'. 'Teen Mom 2' to be dropped by MTV? The Teen Mom star's lawyer says Evans was assaulted "over a period of time". Jenelle Evans accuses husband of assault The Teen Mom star married her partner Courtland Rogers in December. Jenelle Evans pregnant with second baby? Teen Mom star explains that the pair never split up despite a Twitter row. Jenelle Evans denies Rogers split Courtland Rogers takes to Twitter in a bid to clarify the couple's situation. 'Teen Mom 2' Evans, Rogers split denied Evans decides to skip jail to attend the singer's concert. Ke$ha praises 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Jenelle Evans's sister claims the couple wed in a North Carolina courthouse. 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans weds boyfriend? The MTV reality star reveals she will wed Courtland Evans. 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans engaged The Teen Mom star is said to be "afraid" of her former fiancé Gary Head. Jenelle Evans 'gets restraining order' Jenelle Evans says she and Kieffer Delp are "both very happy" together. 'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans, Delp reunite The on-again, off-again couple have been charged with assault. 'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans arrested again The Teen Mom 2 star hits back at tabloid reports that she's gained weight. Jenelle Evans: I'm not pregnant or fat Jenelle Evans accuses Gary Head of violence but later recants the claims. Jenelle Evans claims boyfriend assault The original cast of the MTV show will star in a final fourth season. 'Teen Mom' cast to leave next season Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans hands herself into police after a warrant is issued. 'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle charged with stalking Music featured in the first two seasons of Teen Mom appears on the soundtrack. 'Teen Mom' soundtrack goes on sale Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is sentenced for fighting with a love rival earlier this year. 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans avoids jail Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is arrested for violating her probation after testing positive for drugs. 'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans arrested for probation violation Teen Mom's Kieffer Delp is accused of attacking a woman and her male friend outside a convenience store. 'Teen Mom' star Kieffer Delp arrested on assault charge 16 & Pregnant star Jordan Ward will become a teenage mother for the second time later this year. '16 & Pregnant' star expecting new baby Teen Mum star Jenelle Evans is arrested on assault charges in North Carolina. 'Teen Mum' star Evans arrested for assault Amber Portwood reveals her strong dislike of troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. Portwood 'despises' star of 'Teen Mom 2'