Jeph Loeb

Marvel's Jeph Loeb gives us the latest on the ever-expanding TV universe. Jeph Loeb talks the future of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb says that the show's future lies in the hands of ABC bosses. Marvel TV boss talks Agent Carter future Drea De Matteo will play a woman with a grudge against the group. Sopranos star joins Agents of SHIELD Rachael Taylor joins Krysten Ritter and David Tennant on the Netflix/Marvel show. Marvel's Jessica Jones adds Rachael Taylor The network does not confirm if the Hayley Atwell series will be back. ABC "optimistic" about Agent Carter future The Battlestar Galactica actor will play a character set to "shake up" the team. Edward James Olmos for Agents of SHIELD Jeph Loeb says the show is "a very unique look at Hell's Kitchen in New York". Daredevil: Marvel head hints at plot Former Breaking Bad actress Ritter plays superhero-turned-detective. Krysten Ritter is Marvel's Jessica Jones Jeph Loeb on Agent Carter flashbacks, disturbing twists and new allies. Marvel TV chief on new Agents of SHIELD Jeph Loeb talks the expanding Marvel television universe, including Daredevil. Marvel's head of TV talks Daredevil Rosario Dawson's character in the upcoming Netflix series is also revealed. See Charlie Cox in first Daredevil photos Star-Lord backs up Rocket Raccoon in battle in test footage from animated series. See clip of Guardians of Galaxy animation Jeph Loeb and Jeff Bell talk plans for "100 more" episodes. Agents of SHIELD: Will it get a season 2? 'Turn, Turn, Turn' revealed that all is not what it appears on the SHIELD team. Agents of SHIELD execs talk shock twist Producers of Agents of SHIELD discuss possible mutants in Marvel films. SHIELD, Captain America crossover teased Jeph Loeb wants to launch more to series to air alongside Agents of SHIELD. Marvel boss talks future TV shows Guillermo del Toro's TV take on The Incredible Hulk has been put on hold. 'Hulk' TV series shelved, says Marvel Digital Spy looks at the pair's history after the news of their joint movie. Batman & Superman top team-ups, battles Find out what Joss Whedon has to say about new television show Agents of SHIELD. Marvel 'Agents of SHIELD' Comic-Con blog Marvel TV confirms that the Guillermo del Toro project has been put on hold. 'Hulk' TV show "on pause", says Marvel The Joss Whedon TV drama will "weave in between the films", says show exec. 'SHIELD' to continue Marvel movie plot 'Greenest Night' celebrates the writer's soon-to-conclude Green Lantern run. Geoff Johns honoured at CBLDF event The Chitauri from Joss Whedon's movie make their first Marvel Comics appearance. 'Nova' #4 debuts 'Avengers' movie aliens The major event will reportedly begin in the first issue of Nova next month. Marvel Comics cosmic crossover rumoured The Punisher and Black Widow will team up in an unannounced animated film. Marvel teases future animated feature Jeph Loeb says that Marvel's street-level heroes are still under consideration. 'Heroes for Hire' movie a possibility Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb reveals the target for Joss Whedon's show. S.H.I.E.L.D. planned for fall 2013 debut Jackson reveals that he would like a voice role in the ABC TV project. Samuel L Jackson wants S.H.I.E.LD. role The publisher officially announces the two titles for the Marvel NOW! initiative. Guardians, Nova return to Marvel Clark Gregg is confirmed for a role in the upcoming television series. Agent Coulson returns in 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' The animated feature will be "similar in tone" to the Avengers movie. Heroes United unveiled by Marvel Studios DS examines five possibilities for Warner Bros' Batman reboot. 'Batman' movie reboot: 5 storylines The former Guardians of the Galaxy leader is revealed on the Point One teaser. Star-Lord concludes Marvel NOW! teasers Miss America joins the pair in Marvel's latest Marvel NOW! Point One teaser. Wiccan, Kid Loki will shape Marvel NOW! Marvel hints that the pint-sized superhero will play a major role going forward. 'Marvel NOW!' gets Ant-Man teaser The hero features in the latest Marvel NOW! Point One teaser. Nova revealed as key Marvel NOW! player Marvel Comics releases a second 'Who will shape the future?' teaser. Marvel Point One has Cable in its sights A+X, Consequences and a Skottie Young one-shot are announced. 'Avengers Vs. X-Men' spinoffs unveiled Ed McGuinness will allegedly provide artwork for the character's solo outing. 'Nova' solo series rumours gather pace The cartoon series will mirror the tone and cast of the blockbuster movie. Avengers Assemble animation in the works