Jodie Foster

Just put $300,000 and some lotion in the estate agent's basket. You can own house from Silence of the Lambs O'Connell says he couldn't pass up the chance to act with Clooney in Jodie Foster's Money Monster. Jack O'Connell to star alongside Clooney Julia Roberts and Jack O'Connell are in talks for the Jodie Foster-directed film. Julia Roberts eyes George Clooney film The actor and filmmaker will be honoured at the 2015 Golden Globes on January 11. Clooney to receive Cecil B DeMille Award DS's showbiz reporter on Nadine Coyle, Jodie Foster and BGT. Anna Williamson's Showbiz Peek at the Week The Academy Award winner ties the knot with photographer Alexandra Hedison. Jodie Foster marries partner From Seven to Social Network, the director's career in film promos. 8 incredible David Fincher movie trailers What became of Hollywood's youngest Oscar-nominated stars? Oscars child stars: Where are they now? Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet: Where do stars keep their Oscars? Where do stars keep their Oscars? The Inside Man director also says he will not allow his films to be remade. Spike Lee: 'Inside Man 2 was shelved' The actress has been seeing photographer Alexandra Hedison for some time. Jodie Foster dating Ellen ex-girlfriend The actress will helm part of the political thriller's second season. Jodie Foster to direct 'House of Cards' Sound off on Matt Damon and Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi extravaganza Elysium. 'Elysium': What did you think? Sharlto Copley says his Elysium co-stars are "amazingly professional". 'Elysium' star praises Matt Damon Matt Damon stars in Neill Blomkamp's follow-up to District 9. Elysium: Digital Spy review The Freaky Friday star is aided by friend Jodie Foster after LA accident. Jamie Lee Curtis in car crash From Only God Forgives to Alan Partridge, this month's essential big-screen viewing. 5 movies you need to see this August New theatrical movie releases for the UK in August 2013. UK movie releases: August 2013 A deadly robot fighter emerges in the clip from Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi film. Matt Damon's 'Elysium' debuts new clip The Elysium director says he is not interested in directing franchise movies. Neill Blomkamp rules out 'Star Trek' Digital Spy debuts the new promo for Neill Blomkamp's District 9 follow-up. Matt Damon in 'Elysium' trailer - watch Foster directed the Oscar-winning actress in The Beaver. Jennifer Lawrence: Jodie Foster is blunt Today's celebrity pictures. Celebrity Pictures: Kelly Rowland, TOWIE Bourne star teams up with District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. 'Elysium' trailer: New Matt Damon sci-fi Blomkamp's follow-up to District 9 is set in 2159 on a ruined Earth. Matt Damon in 'Elysium' poster Glee star says she was moved by Jodie Foster's statement on sexuality. Lynch praises Jodie Foster Globes speech Actor says he is a private person, but sexuality is something "everybody knows". 'Alias' Victor Garber comes out as gay Digital Spy takes an in-pictures look at the career of Jodie Foster. Jodie Foster: Career in pictures Jodie Foster has no plans to retire from acting but wanted to talk about change. Jodie Foster explains Globes speech The actress thanks her ex-partner during her Cecil B DeMille acceptance speech. Golden Globes: Jodie Foster 'comes out' Travis Bickle, Batman and more in our rundown of film's memorable vigilantes. 15 greatest movie vigilantes The image shows Sharlto Copley as the film's villain Kruger. 'Elysium' first set picture revealed The Elysium star is honoured for her life and legacy next year. Jodie Foster to get special Golden Globe Actress will helm Wall Street drama about insider trader. Jodie Foster to direct 'Money Monster' The actress criticises the media for speculating about Stewart's love life. Jodie Foster defends Kristen Stewart The Hollywood star will direct and produce a mob drama on Showtime. Jodie Foster developing Showtime drama Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster have been friends since 2002's Panic Room. Jodie Foster 'comforts Kristen Stewart' The actress reveals that her character in Elysium "isn't very nice". Jodie Foster: 'Elysium is thoughtful' The actor says he spent "four hours a day" in the gym to prepare for his role. Matt Damon: 'Elysium is really fun' Jodie Foster reveals pride in Kristen Stewart's new Hollywood success. Foster: 'Kristen Stewart like my child'