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"Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?" See first clip of HBO sci-fi epic Westworld Screenwriter says his first ending was "much more straightforward". Nolan reveals original Interstellar ending Snippets from the upcoming series feature in a HBO 2015 trailer. JJ Abrams' Westworld gets first clip The Interstellar writer will create a series based on Isaac Asimov's trilogy. Nolan adapting sci-fi Foundation for HBO Visual effects supervisor Paul Franklin on using IMAX to film Christopher Nolan's space epic. Why Interstellar had to be filmed on IMAX Jonathan Nolan says he and Christopher aren't working on the DC Comics films. Nolans deny part in DC movie universe Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show celebrates US television showrunners. New documentary looks at US TV showrunners Miranda Otto signs up for Jonathan Nolan's adaptation of 1973 cult film. Miranda Otto joins cast of HBO's Westworld Rogue actress joins the cast of producer JJ Abrams's HBO series. Thandie Newton to star in HBO's Westworld Greg Plageman and Jonathan Nolan explain last night's episode's events. 'Person of Interest' writers talk twist Five movie blockbusters getting a TV makeover - will they be hits or flops? Rambo, Exorcist: 5 films headed for TV Person of Interest creator Jonathan Nolan will write and direct the pilot. JJ Abrams to remake 'Westworld' Irwin to reunite with Rachel Getting Married co-star Anne Hathaway for sci-fi. Bill Irwin for Nolan's 'Interstellar' Baker Street Irregulars will follow a crew who assist Sherlock. 'Elementary', 'PoI' get online spinoffs The Jonathan Nolan-scripted film will centre around wormholes and time travel. Matthew McConaughey confirms Interstellar Watch an exclusive action-centric montage from the Jonathan Nolan-created show. Person of Interest: Jim Caviezel in action Jonathan Nolan talks working on the Jim Caviezel thriller with JJ Abrams. 'Person of Interest': Exclusive video Christopher Nolan will incorporate an original idea of his own into the screenplay. Chris Nolan rewriting brother's movie The Dark Knight Rises director's next movie is revealed. Nolan to direct sci-fi 'Interstellar' The Chicago Fire actress lands a major role on the hit CBS drama. 'Person of Interest' adds Sarah Shahi Jonathan Nolan praises the Avengers writer-director. Dark Knight co-writer: 'Whedon is a god' The CBS drama's showrunners talk about the structure of future episodes. 'Person of Interest' execs on season two Taraji P Henson hypes up Channel 5's new hit US import Person of Interest. Person of Interest Taraji P Henson Q&A All the latest TV scoop and UK air dates in a new Tube Talk Q&A. 'Homeland', 'New Girl': Tube Talk Q&A The Dark Knight Rises screenwriter says he won't be tempted back to the series. Jonathan Nolan rules out 'Batman' return The director says his latest film was heavily influenced by A Tale of Two Cities. Nolan reveals 'Dark Knight' inspiration Jonathan Nolan denies that upcoming Batman film has too many characters. Dark Knight Rises 'won't be cluttered' The Batman director admits he was anxious about introducing Catwoman to his franchise. Chris Nolan was "nervous" over Catwoman The Dark Knight Rises actor will also produce the film for Warner Bros. Tom Hardy to star in '60s biker film Jonathan Nolan says that Tom Hardy is "spectacular" in the role of Bane. 'Dark Knight Rises' Nolan defends Bane Reports claim that the troubled project has not yet been abandoned. Warner Bros reviews 'Akira' script Reese is baffled when four new numbers arrive on Person of Interest. 'Person of Interest': Episode 10 recap Carter is targeted by a mystery assailant on Person of Interest. 'Person of Interest': 'Get Carter' recap A German spy hunts down his former comrades on Person of Interest. 'Person of Interest': 'Foe' recap Catch up on Person of Interest with our episode recap. 'Person of Interest': 'Witness' recap Jonathan Nolan claims that Person of Interest is based in reality. 'Person of Interest' not sci-fi, says exec CBS announces that Unforgettable and Person of Interest have received full season orders. 'Person of Interest' gets full season Jonathan Nolan hints that Person of Interest could get a full season. 'Person of Interest' for full season? Catch up on Person of Interest with our latest episode recap. 'Person of Interest': Episode 4 recap Catch up on Person of Interest with our latest episode recap. 'Person of Interest': Episode 3 recap