Jonny Lee Miller

The Fringe star will be a series regular on the fourth season. John Noble joins Elementary as Sherlock's dad Actor talks about Trainspotting sequel and his friendship with Danny Boyle. McGregor gives Trainspotting 2 update Bruce Fretts on CBS's returning detective series and ABC's new thriller series. Elementary: Englishmen in New York He will appear in the series in a recurring capacity when it returns in October. Raza Jaffrey joins Elementary season 3 Maleficent actress reveals fond memories of working with Hollywood ex. Jolie ex Miller 'still a great friend' The head of CBS appears to confirm the hit sitcom's renewal. Big Bang Theory renewed for 8th season? Benedict Cumberbatch confirms that he has no plans to quit the iconic role. Sherlock: Will Cumberbatch be back? Sherlock actor says he is also in contact with Elementary's Jonny Lee Miller. Cumberbatch, Downey Jr discuss Sherlock "There are 78 of us all vying for the position," says the Sherlock star. Cumberbatch praises Miller's Sherlock Digital Spy brings you the best offerings from tonight's (December 3) TV. What To Watch: Tonight's TV Picks Pertwee joins Jonny Lee Miller and Rhys Ifans in the US drama's second season. Sean Pertwee cast in 'Elementary' Digital Spy presents ten facts about the A-list Hollywood actress. Ten Things About... Angelina Jolie The Sherlock Holmes television drama is to film a new episode in the UK. 'Elementary' to shoot in London Baker Street Irregulars will follow a crew who assist Sherlock. 'Elementary', 'PoI' get online spinoffs The GI: Joe star lands a major role in the two-part season ender. Arnold Vosloo to play Elementary villain Byzantium releases an international trailer with Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan. Gemma Arterton in 'Byzantium' trailer Jones debuts as the villainous 'M' in Tuesday night's episode on Sky Living. Vinnie Jones returning to 'Elementary' Jill Flint will appear in Elementary episode that takes place during blizzard. Jill Flint to appear in 'Elementary' The on-screen detective duo discuss working on CBS's hit new drama series. Elementary: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu Q&A Hannah will appear opposite Jonny Lee Miller in the CBS detective series. John Hannah cast on 'Elementary' Actor hints at possible interest in follow up novel Porno. McGregor open to 'Trainspotting' sequel Our rundown of the most impressive new shows from US TV's 2012 fall season. 2012's Best New Shows - Friday Fiver A serial killer strikes again in new episode 'One Way To Get Off'. 'Elementary': Sherlock suspects a friend The latest Week in Geek blog weighs up casting options for the iconic villain. 'Elementary': Who should play Moriarty? Rob Doherty reveals that the iconic villain will play a part on the CBS drama. 'Elementary' exec teases Moriarty The five best actors to have portrayed the great detective. TV's Top 5 Sherlock Holmes stars Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock Holmes drama will air 24 episodes in its first run. 'Elementary' gets two more episodes Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu's Sherlock Holmes drama gets coveted post-game slot. Elementary to air after Super Bowl on CBS Holmes and Watson investigate a businessman's apparent overdose in 'The Rat Race'. 'Elementary': Sherlock fights temptation The mother of Lucy Liu's Joan Watson will debut in the show's ninth episode. 'Elementary' casts Watson's mother Both new shows will air 22 episodes in their first seasons. 'Elementary' gets full season from CBS The actor claims that there is room for two Sherlock Holmes TV series. Jonny Lee Miller: 'I'm Sherlock groupie' Sherlock and Watson are on the hunt for a 'Child Predator' in the latest episode. 'Elementary' recap: Holmes gets darker The Sherlock star insists that he enjoys the 'rival' US drama. Cumberbatch: 'Elementary is fantastic' Holmes and Watson investigate a pair of murders apparently committed by a coma patient. 'Elementary' recap: Share your verdict? Edelstein lands a role on the CBS Sherlock Holmes drama. Lisa Edelstein to star in 'Elementary' Digital Spy recaps the pilot episode of the US Sherlock Holmes reimagining. 'Elementary': Is it worth a watch? US Sherlock Holmes drama draws an impressive audience for its first outing. 'Elementary' premiere seen by 13.3m Liu claims that Steven Moffat was "really impressed" with the pilot. Lucy Liu: Sherlock team like Elementary Rob Doherty insists that Holmes and his female Watson will not get together. 'Elementary' exec rules out romance