Joshua Pascoe

Phil Mitchell lands his own EastEnders Red Button episode. 'Enders Phil gets Red Button special EastEnders' Shirley will soon have an angry argument with Ben. EastEnders Shirley, Ben showdown - Pic We reveal what Ben will be getting up to next on EastEnders. EastEnders Ben sparks turmoil - Spoilers More rumours emerge over a dark EastEnders story on the way. 'EastEnders' murder details revealed? Ben is to be kicked out by the Mitchells on EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders' Ben to face huge backlash We reveal why things are about to get worse for EastEnders' Phil. 'EastEnders' Phil makes huge mistake? Find out why Stella's death comes back to haunt Phil in EastEnders. 'Enders death revisited - More Spoilers EastEnders actor says Ben Mitchell wants to pass vulnerability on to his father. Joshua Pascoe: Ben wants Phil to feel pain Heather joins the official list of EastEnders stalker suspects. 'EastEnders': Is Heather the stalker? EastEnders bosses name Lola as an official stalker suspect. 'EastEnders' Lola joins stalker suspects EastEnders reveals more possible culprits in the Phil stalker story. EastEnders names more stalker suspects A Walford resident is to be investigated by police over a past death. 'Enders character in double murder rap EastEnders' Ben is the bookies' favourite to be revealed as Phil's stalker. 'EastEnders' Ben is stalker favourite Joshua Pascoe chats about his role as EastEnders' Ben Mitchell. 'EastEnders' Ben talks role future Ben tries to get revenge against Christian on EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders' Ben's shock lie - Pics Rita Simons reflects on the 'bad mum' claims about to be thrown at Roxy Mitchell. 'EastEnders' star talks Roxy, Amy plot Read the details of why EastEnders' Roxy is suspected of being an unfit mother. 'EastEnders' Roxy left devastated - Pics Details of EastEnders' upcoming pregnancy storyline emerge. 'EastEnders' pregnancy twist revealed? We present the latest spoilers and pictures for EastEnders' Ben plot. 'EastEnders' Ben to sleep with Lola EastEnders' Ben and Phil plot is tipped to play out for months to come. 'EastEnders' promises long Phil, Ben story EastEnders' Steve McFadden says there could be turmoil ahead for Phil. 'EastEnders' Phil 'could hit the bottle' Steve McFadden praises Ben Mitchell's EastEnders gay plot. 'EastEnders' McFadden backs new Ben plot We take an in-pictures look at Patrick's forthcoming EastEnders troubles. 'Enders Patrick, Phil, Ben plot: Pics Latest spoilers on Patrick's victimisation at the hands of the Mitchells. 'EastEnders' Ben, Patrick plot - spoilers EastEnders' executive producer Bryan Kirkwood comments on the soap's new gay storyline. 'EastEnders' new gay storyline: Update An EastEnders regular is about to become the third gay character on Albert Square. 'EastEnders' character to come out as gay Ben tells the truth about Heather's online boyfriend 'Kevin' in tonight's episode of EastEnders. POTD: Ben finally confesses in 'EastEnders' EastEnders star Joshua Pascoe is reportedly suspended from school following bullying claims. 'EastEnders' actor 'facing bullying probe' Ben punches Phil following his return to the Square in tonight's EastEnders. POTD: Ben punches Phil in 'EastEnders' EastEnders star Jamie Borthwick praises the soap's new recruit Joshua Pascoe. 'Enders actor praises new Ben Mitchell Joshua Pascoe is announced as the new actor who will play Ben Mitchell in EastEnders. 'EastEnders' new Ben Mitchell revealed