Kate Gosselin

Occupation: Reality TV personality

Nationality: American

Born: March 28, 1975 (40)

Kate Plus 8 is returning for five special episodes next year. Kate Gosselin returns in Kate Plus 8 Kevin Jonas, Brandi Glanville and Kate Gosselin are among the 2015 contestants. Celebrity Apprentice 2015 lineup revealed Cara and Mady Gosselin, 13, go silent when asked whether they are doing okay. Kate Gosselin in awkward interview - watch Kate Gosselin alleges that her ex-husband used hacked material for a book. Kate Gosselin suing Jon over 'hacking' Kate Gosselin insists she is the "last person that could be called a racist". Kate Gosselin defends 'eye-slanting' photo Kendra Wilkinson trades the Playboy Mansion for caring for eight kids. Gosselin, Wilkinson star in 'Wife Swap' The former reality star allegedly owes IRS for taxes due in the year 2009. Jon Gosselin 'hit with $39k tax lien' Company wants Gosselin to strip as Naked Host for new cable network. Kate Gosselin offered job by porn show Jon Gosselin says he's having trouble keeping a job and is struggling with child support. Jon Gosselin: 'I can't afford my rent' Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars will apparently also feature a new twist. Pam Anderson, Rycroft for 'DWTS'? The Melissa & Joey star says she "didn't have the best time" on the ABC series. Melissa Joan Hart: 'No more DWTS' The Kate Plus 8 star is "ready to find love again", says a source. Kate Gosselin for dating reality show? Dancing with the Stars brings back the most popular contestants this season. 'DWTS: All-Stars' to announce cast Kate Gosselin says that her eight children "miss filming" their reality show. Kate Gosselin: 'Kids miss reality show' The Kate Plus 8 star's summer cruise is axed amid low sales. Kate Gosselin cancels fan cruise Kate Gosselin says it's upsetting that her former DWTS partner doesn't like her. Kate Gosselin: DWTS partner slam a shame Reality star reveals she's single again during Dr Drew appearance. Kate Gosselin: 'I'm too busy for love' The reality star will vacation with fans on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Kate Gosselin to host Caribbean cruise Kate Gosselin dismisses reports that she recently went under the knife. Kate Gosselin denies facelift The mother-of-eight joins Steve Irwin's family at Australia Zoo for the event. Kate Gosselin celebrates Steve Irwin Day Kate Gosselin says that paparazzi attention is "only harmful". Kate Gosselin: 'Paparazzi don't tell truth' Kate Gosselin clarifies her comment about ex-husband Jon being "mediocre". Kate Gosselin sorry for 'mediocre' remark Kate Gosselin hopes to continue her career in television. Kate Gosselin: 'I feel comfortable on TV' Kate Gosselin reveals plans to launch a new family website. Kate Gosselin launches family website Kate Gosselin prepares for the final episode of Kate Plus 8 to air. Kate Gosselin: 'Finale is end of an era' Jon Gosselin advises ex-wife Kate Gosselin to go back to living a "normal life". Jon Gosselin in new Kate Gosselin slam Kate Gosselin says that she will "work [her] fingers to the bone" for the sake of her family. Kate Gosselin "freaking out" over TV axe TLC is said to have cancelled the reality series due to decreased interest in Kate Gosselin. 'Kate Plus 8' cancelled due to Kate Gosselin's waning popularity? Kate Plus 8's Kate Gosselin claims that she has moved on from her painful divorce from ex-husband Jon. Kate Gosselin: "I'm glad to be divorced" Kate Gosselin says that she is "choosing to see the positive" after her reality show Kate Plus 8 is axed by TLC. Kate Gosselin: 'I want to challenge myself again' TLC reveals that it hopes to check in on the Gosselin family's life in future specials. Kate Gosselin's 'Kate Plus 8' cancelled by TLC Kate Gosselin says that her kids are eager for her to remarry. Kate Gosselin on dating again: 'There are a lot of obstacles' Kate Gosselin says that she has worked hard for all of her success in life. Kate Gosselin: 'I'm not a money-hungry bitch' Kate Gosselin remains tight-lipped on her future television projects while talking to Extra. Kate Gosselin: 'I'll get back into TV work' Kate Gosselin says that she hopes to "reconnect" with Terri Irwin in the near future. Kate Gosselin: 'I miss Terri Irwin the most' Kate Gosselin says that her six young kids have asked if she will ever marry again. Kate Gosselin: 'I'm ready to date again' Kate Gosselin claims that her relationship with her ex-husband Jon has improved. Kate Gosselin: 'Jon and I are more peaceful' Former Dancing with the Stars contestant Kate Gosselin says she would "never" return to the ballroom. Kate Gosselin would "never" return to 'DWTS' Kate Gosselin says that the $10,674 (£6,529) owed to a Pennsylvania firm is her former husband Jon's debt. Kate Gosselin 'shocked by counselling lawsuit' Kate Gosselin reportedly owes more than $10,000 to a marriage counselling firm for previous services. Kate Gosselin 'sued by marriage counsellor'