Khali Best

Can Stan save his relationship in emotional EastEnders scenes next week? EastEnders: Stan will beg Cora to stay Dexter considers going to live with his mum in the New Year. EastEnders: Dexter's exit revealed? Ryan Love offers his thoughts on upcoming departures in our latest soaps column. Soap Spy: Are EastEnders exits a loss? Khali Best is exiting EastEnders ahead of upcoming Christmas episodes. EastEnders: Dexter Hartman actor leaving Linda misreads a situation between Dexter and Nancy in Thursday's episode. EastEnders: See Linda lose it with Dexter Nancy and Dexter get passionate on EastEnders next week. EastEnders passion for Nancy and Dexter The actor joined the cast last year as Dexter Hartman. EastEnders star suspended for 3 months We chat to EastEnders actress Maddy Hill ahead of the British Soap Awards. EastEnders star on awards, Nancy future Will Dexter finally manage to make progress with Nancy? EastEnders: Dexter pursues Nancy again Maddy Hill says that the condition will continue to affect Nancy Carter. 'Enders star scared over epilepsy plot Patrick asks Cora to move in with him next week. EastEnders confusion for Cora, Patrick Dexter and Nancy continue to grow close next week. EastEnders' Dexter to seduce Nancy Khali Best admits he's had more attention from women since joining EastEnders. NTAs 2014: Who gives Khali Best advice? Best was named Best Newcomer at the 19th National Television Awards. EastEnders' Khali Best talks Danny Dyer Matt Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch and, of course, Ant & Dec take home awards. NTAs 2014 - The winners in full We catch up with Khali Best following his first year as Walford's Dexter. EastEnders star on NTAs, Dexter future Maddy Hill says she genuinely isn't sure what is in store for Nancy and Dexter. EastEnders star on Nancy, Dexter future Khali Best discusses future plans for his EastEnders character. EastEnders actor on Dexter, Nancy future Dexter has an argument with Phil in EastEnders tonight (December 12). POTD: Dexter Hartman clashes with Phil Ava leaves to start a new job in Newcastle. EastEnders: Ava leaves Walford Dexter tries to get back in Phil's good books after losing his job. 'EastEnders' Phil fury to shock Dexter Jay Brown and Abi Branning hit the rocks on EastEnders next month. 'EastEnders' Jay secret to be exposed Ava tries to shield Dexter from a painful truth in EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders' Ava to deceive Dexter Sam has been lying to Ava ever since he arrived in Walford. 'EastEnders' to reveal Sam's secret The ITV rural drama is named 'Best Soap' at the event. 'Emmerdale' wins top prize at ISAs Dexter and Patrick have a heart-to-heart over the kidney transplant tonight. POTD: 'EastEnders' Dexter reveals fears Ava and Sam are relieved when Dexter comes round after the operation. 'EastEnders': Dexter wakes up - pictures Dexter may be having second thoughts about donating a kidney. POTD: 'EastEnders' Dexter breaks down A potentially life-changing moment for the Hartman family arrives next week. 'EastEnders' Sam transplant goes ahead Both characters will be bowing out on screen later this year. 'EastEnders' exits for Sam and Ava Clare Perkins relates to Ava in the Hartmans' upcoming storyline. 'Enders star: 'Dexter shouldn't have op' Dexter is desperate to help his ill father in EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders' Dexter vows to donate kidney Khali Best talks about his soap fame after joining soap as Dexter Harman. EastEnders star can't live 'normal life' Jay and Abi realise they may want different things in EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders' pictures: Abi's baby row A vengeful Phil terrorises Dexter in EastEnders next week. 'EastEnders' Phil, Dexter in showdown The show's cast drum up votes for the upcoming ceremony. 'EastEnders' cast promote award nods Cornell S John promises that there is more to come from Sam James. 'Enders actor: Twists ahead in Sam plot Khali Best doesn't expect Dexter to forgive Sam soon. 'EastEnders' Dexter 'to stay angry' The BBC programme receives six nominations in the four soaps categories. 'Enders leads TVChoice soaps shortlist Clare Perkins fears that her EastEnders character is making a big mistake. 'EastEnders' actress: 'Ava is crazy'