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He said there shouldn't be any facility where the child could buy anything. Kanye West: 'F**k in-app purchases in kid's games' "I'm Mark Watney, and I'm stuck on Uranus." See Martian's Matt Damon stuck on Uranus Rant comes after Caitlyn's Vanity Fair cover interview. Kris Jenner tells Caitlyn Jenner to go f**k herself Family adorn the cover of Cosmopolitan's November 2015 issue. Are the Kardashians 'America's First Family'? Kim Kardashian West watched on shortly before her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen plays My Little Pony with North West "I think it would be so much fun to be in the White House," reality star says. Kanye West's presidential bid shocked Kim "I don't think my husband likes that name, but I do like it," says the TV personality. Kim Kardashian to name next child Easton? Rihanna's rat tail can't be unseen. 13 of the most shocking celeb hair makeovers Now it's hip to not be square Instagram lets you upload landscape photos Kim Kardashian West, Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez help the singer with the reveal. Demi Lovato announces new album Confident Constant selfies and arse shots have finally paid off. Kim Kardashian is now Instagram's most-followed "Khaleesi! Give Tyrion his toys back." Babies are being named after Game of Thrones Kardashian clan weren't best pleased with Caitlyn's quotes in Vanity Fair. Kim K accuses Caitlyn of hurtful comments When you're friends with Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian West, this is what happens. Cara Delevingne got the best celeb birthday wishes Kim is definitely not faking her pregnancy… Kim Kardashian takes pregnant nude selfie Rapper treats himself to a nap after attending Kylie Jenner's birthday bash. Kim Kardashian shares another sleepy Kanye pic Stand-up ponders why advertisers are making beers sexy and how equal marriage isn't equal on Fox News. Tiff Stevenson: Kardashian fame terrifies me The reality TV star celebrated with boyfriend Tyga and family members including Caitlyn Jenner. Kylie Jenner gets a Ferrari for 18th birthday It is the first picture of the former couple since Caitlyn's transition. Kim posts selfie with Kris and Caitlyn Jenner The reality TV star backs the Democrat for president: "I really loved hearing her goals for our country!" Kim Kardashian shares Hillary Clinton selfie With two more celebs getting a mobile makeover, is Kim Kardashian still the gaming queen? Minaj and Statham to star in iPhone games The I Am Cait star talks about her struggle with her speaking voice. Caitlyn Jenner does her best feminine voice From Calvin Harris to Kim Kardashian West, here are 10 stars who've made big changes over the years. 10 celeb transformations showing there's hope for us all The star dresses as the iconic actress and the former Queen of France in energy drink video. See Kim Kardashian channel Audrey Hepburn The singer wore an eye-catching outfit to celebrate her 46th birthday. J-Lo's sheer dress takes the world by storm And Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey thinks it's a "good idea". Kardashian West requests new Twitter feature The reality TV star is thrown a surprise party by mum Kris - and the family come out to play. Kylie Jenner graduates, so celebrates in style The reality star is the latest celebrity to wade into the controversy over Texas woman's death. Kim Kardashian wants Sandra Bland justice Caitlyn Jenner's highs and lows are captured on the emotional docuseries. I Am Cait first look: 7 emotional moments Kris Jenner has some competition in the 'Who Wore it Best' category! See Caitlyn and Kris Jenner share a dress The self-styled sex enthusiast chats to Digital Spy about his new show, and his relationship with the Kardashians. Brody Jenner: 'I'm pretty burnt out on reality TV' The reality TV star lies in a mound of dirt for an exclusive booklet styled by Kanye. Kim Kardashian in bizarre Kanye West shoot Madame Tussauds has invested in its very first 'selfie taking' waxwork... Want to take a selfie with Kim Kardashian? Kim and Kanye's wedding kiss is no longer the most-liked image on Instagram. Kendall snatches Kim's Instagram record A very rude still from the star's infamous sex tape was flown before Kanye West's set. Did you see Kim K sex tape flag at Glasto? Kim posted a selfie of the pair with helicopter headphones as they head to the festival. Kim and Kanye fly to Glastonbury in style Will Smith's son explains: "I felt as though I needed to protect everyone there." Why Jaden Smith wore Batman suit to Kim K's wedding Reality television's first family celebrate the Olympian on a day dedicated to dads. See Caitlyn Jenner's Father's Day photo There are a lot of adorable photos here that will melt your heart. You have been warned. 9 cute Father's Day messages from the stars North West will have a baby brother - but he won't be called South. Kim Kardashian West is expecting a boy