Kirsty Leigh Porter

Jessica Ellis discusses the latest twists in the soap's serial killer plot. Hollyoaks star reacts to Gloved Hand attack Leela may be proposing to Ziggy Roscoe for the wrong reasons next week. Hollyoaks star backs Leela and Cameron What will Ziggy's answer be when Leela asks him to marry her? Hollyoaks pictures: Leela proposes to Ziggy Leela decides where her future lies in surprising scenes next month. Hollyoaks: Leela proposes to Ziggy We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders row, Corrie suspicion, Oaks outburst We catch up with Hollyoaks actor Cameron Moore. Hollyoaks star talks future Cameron plots Tegan makes a decision over her future in Thursday's E4 episode. Hollyoaks pictures: Tegan shocks Leela New pictures show the aftermath of Tuesday's E4 cliffhanger. Hollyoaks: Will Cameron confess to Leela? The Gloved Hand Killer will claim a new victim within the next few weeks. Hollyoaks trailer teases new murder Ste comes face-to-face with his abusive stepfather next month. Hollyoaks: Ste Hay to face big shocks Jessica Ellis chats about her emotional new storyline for the first time. Hollyoaks star talks Tegan cancer story Nick Rhys chats to us about taking on the part of Cameron's brother. Hollyoaks newbie promises Lockie drama Cameron is shocked when his brother kisses Leela next week. Hollyoaks: Cameron's brother Lockie arrives Viewers saw Ziggy grow close to Leela's sister Tegan this week. Hollyoaks poll: Who should Ziggy be with? New pictures from the set show Fabrizio Santino filming big scenes. Hollyoaks: Behind the scenes at Ziggy drama Leela attempts to rescue Tegan when she becomes stuck in a lift next week. Hollyoaks: Leela comes to Tegan's rescue Leela will put herself in jeopardy to save her sister Tegan. Hollyoaks: Leela risks life in hostage plot Fabrizio Santino warns that Ziggy won't let Leela go without a fight. Hollyoaks star: 'Ziggy shows a new side' Kirsty-Leigh Porter promises more drama for the Lomax family. Hollyoaks lines up shocking killer twist The Lomax girls give a TV appeal next week with frightening consequences. Hollyoaks: Lomax family to be threatened The BBC wins big at the ceremony, with Happy Valley also winning two awards. Sherlock, EastEnders win at TV awards An emotional day for many of the villagers arrives next week. Hollyoaks: JP supports Ste at funeral Cameron stops Peri from making a huge mistake next week. Hollyoaks: Peri Lomax to rebel Stephen Billington chats to Digital Spy about his shock exit. Hollyoaks star reacts to Danny's exit One of the summer's biggest storylines begins on screen this evening. Hollyoaks: Huge shock to air tonight on E4 Ruby O'Donnell says that Peri will be angry with biological mum Leela. Hollyoaks star talks Peri reveal fallout Ziggy tries to win Leela back in next week's episodes. Hollyoaks pictures: Ziggy proposes Jessica Ellis previews the big storylines ahead for the Lomax family. Hollyoaks: Tegan shocked by Peri reveal Cameron Moore discusses the upcoming Cameron and Peri dynamic. Hollyoaks' Cameron to be a good dad? Ziggy tries to prove how much Leela means to him. Hollyoaks lines up new Roscoe proposal Cameron Moore chats to us about playing Peri Lomax's father. Hollyoaks newbie promises Cameron drama Sam goes to drastic lengths to protect her family in next week's episodes. Hollyoaks pictures: Sam issues a threat New character Cameron will make his first appearance later this month. Hollyoaks: Sam confronts Peri's father Fabrizio Santino chats to us about his new love triangle storyline. Hollyoaks star: 'Ziggy fights for Leela' Sienna's dreams are crushed in Wednesday's E4 first look episode. Hollyoaks: New setback for Sienna Blake Leela will be honest with her daughter Peri in the near future. Hollyoaks lines up Leela, Peri reveal Will Leela and Ziggy get together at last? Hollyoaks pictures: Leela kisses Ziggy Fabrizio Santino discusses his character's love life. Hollyoaks star on Ziggy, Leela romance Actor Cameron Moore has been cast as the complex new character. Hollyoaks unveils new regular Cameron Ziggy is tricked by Nana McQueen next month. Hollyoaks' Ziggy gets saucy webcam job