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In case you weren't sick of the Jon Snow 'Is he dead?' questions enough already. Game of Thrones star tired of Jon Snow debate He may know something after all... Is this proof of Jon Snow's Thrones fate? Don't believe recent rumours of Jon Snow's resurrection, Maisie warns. Game of Thrones star: 'Jon Snow is dead' Emilia Clarke's winter jumper is coming. Will Game of Thrones stars reject nudity? The actor just dropped a huge hint about his future on the HBO drama. Is Kit Harington back in Game of Thrones? Is the commander of the Night's Watch alive or dead? Click here for the most up-to-date info. GoT filming hints at Jon Snow fate Does Jon Snow have a twin sister? Almost certainly not. We love this absurd Game of Thrones fan theory Can you match the furry-chinned celebrity to the famous beard? Quiz fun: Name that famous beard! Penry-Jones admits he'd like to have played Adam Carter on the big screen. Penry-Jones: I wish I'd been in Spooks movie If Game of Thrones bosses are planning a Jon Snow resurrection, they're hiding it from HBO's president. HBO boss weighs in on Jon Snow's fate Winter is coming… and so is season two of James Franco's Making a Scene. See James Franco as Jon Snow on the Iron Throne So long as Kit Harington still has his long hair, we reckon he's coming back to Game of Thrones. Why Jon Snow's cover is blown (we hope) A man looking very much like Kit Harington is photographed arriving very near Game of Thrones gathering. Does this photo confirm Jon Snow's alive? If you think Melisandre will use the powers of the Lord of Light to save Jon Snow, you might be right. Jon Snow's not dead, Melisandre says Real Sports reporter Soledad O'Brien has a real challenge in trying to gain insight from this dumb tennis star. See Kit Harington as a dim tennis star Kit Harington, Dan Weiss and David Benioff may have already given us a taste of what's to come in Season 6. Did you miss a Game of Thrones spoiler? Actor's unchanged look re-ignites the debate over his Game of Thrones character. Why's Harington still got Jon Snow hair? Andy Samberg reveals he searched British actors and age bracket for casting. Samberg on casting Kit Harington in comedy Emilia Clarke is "50/50" on a return for Kit Harington's character. Game of Thrones: Jon Snow to return? The Daenerys Targaryen actress has a theory about what might be coming in season 6. Game of Thrones star has hope for Jon Snow The actor lines up his first post-Jon Snow movie role to replace Robert Pattinson. Kit Harington is the latest star to join Brimstone Director David Nutter says that the crew and extras take Game of Thrones seriously. Kit Harington was a "consummate professional" He definitely doesn't "know nothing". 6 finest Jon Snow Game of Thrones moments We're pretty certain we haven't seen the last of this fan favourite, and here's why. Here's why that GoT character can't be dead Finale victim: "I'm dead. I'm not coming back next season." Game of Thrones star 'won't be back' Kit Harington reveals his disastrous encounter with the music legend. Actor asks Stevie Wonder the worst question Did these Jimmy Kimmel Live viewers perfectly mimic the Lord Commander, or do they know nothing? Which GoT fan has the best Jon Snow impression? One-off faux-documentary tells the fictional story of the sport's most grueling bout. See Andy Samberg vs Kit Harington in tennis An HBO featurette reveals how the cast and crew pulled off this week's brutal massacre. GoT: Go behind the scenes for 'Hardhome' Kit Harington reveals it equated to a minute of footage per day for a solid month. That Game of Thrones battle took a month to film The internet had a lot of feelings about that showdown. Game of Thrones epic: How fans reacted Red Nose Day US brings together the stars of Game of Thrones for an epic musical. See Coldplay's amazing Game of Thrones musical 7 Days in Hell is a faux-documentary on the rivalry between fictional tennis greats. Andy Samberg tennis spoof debuts this summer The Marvel sequel fends off competition from Spooks: The Greater Good. Avengers see off Spooks at UK box office Game of Thrones cast, Jennifer Aniston, Jodie Foster and Coldplay join Red Nose Day US. Julia Roberts and Coldplay join Red Nose Day US Spooks: The Greater Good stars Peter Firth and Kit Harington take us through the spy show's comeback. The past, present and future of Spooks From Mad Max to Tomorrowland, the best films hitting cinemas this month. Spooks, Mad Max: 5 must-see May films Kit Harington once held a grudge against the Game of Thrones creator – but why? Game of Thrones star 'hated' George RR Martin Spooks is back from the dead - but is it a match for Bourne, Bond and the rest? Does the Spooks movie live up to the TV show? Kit Harington, Sophie Turner and more reveal whether they would rather be spoiled or kept in the dark. Do Game of Thrones stars read spoilers?