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The zombie apocalypse survivors are on the edge of violence in new teaser images. First look at The Walking Dead s6 A season 6 banner poster is also released to tease the show's return. Walking Dead and spinoff coming to Comic-Con The horror drama will return to UK screens on Monday, February 9. The Walking Dead: See new cast photos The actress will lead the film which is being directed by The Devil Inside's William Brent Bell. Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan joins Boy The zombie drama teases its return with clip of the survivors fighting an enemy. The Walking Dead premieres new trailer Cast hint at what's in store for the characters on the show's return. Walking Dead cast talk upcoming episodes Though not perfect, this episode balances action and character to great effect. The Walking Dead s5, episode 7 recap The new Adult Swim anthology reunites Tim and Eric with Zach Galifianakis. See Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories trailer A self-help book unites people from all walks of life in upcoming movie. Watch Sly Stallone's Reach Me trailer Andrew Lincoln calls premiere "most ambitious first episode" in show's history. Watch Walking Dead season 5 preview Lauren Cohan discusses the separation of Walking Dead couple this season. Walking Dead star on Glenn, Maggie hope Actress says Archer is "a really good comedy break from" Walking Dead. Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan joins Archer Things look dire for the survivors as the sickness ravages the prison. Walking Dead season 4 'Internment' recap The prison 'family' begins to crumble in the aftermath of a zombie siege. 'The Walking Dead': 'Infected' recap The zombie drama will air in the UK five days after the US. 'Walking Dead' season 4 UK return date Behind-the-scenes teaser trailer for The Walking Dead season 4 released. 'Walking Dead' new season 4 trailer Lauren Cohan also hints at "wonderful slow burn" towards menacing threat. Walking Dead star teases intense season 4 Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan tease the zombie drama's new run at Comic Con 2013. Walking Dead stars: New season is bigger Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan talk their hit zombie drama at Comic Con 2013. 'Walking Dead' stars on comic changes Actor also reveals how he told his parents about his Walking Dead love scene. 'Walking Dead' Reedus 'brings in women' Rick Grimes and his foe finally face off as the zombie drama continues. 'Walking Dead': New episode review Lauren Cohan also expresses hopes of more scenes between Maggie and Herschel. Walking Dead star: Maggie 'stressful' Lauren Cohan and David Marciano will guest star in a 'legitimate rape' episode. Walking Dead star for Law & Order: SVU Greg Nicotero implies that more characters will be written off the zombie drama. 'Walking Dead' exec hints at more deaths The show's third season "only continues to intensify", says one of its stars. 'Walking Dead' will "make TV history" Rick and company head for Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie. 'The Walking Dead': New episode recap Cohan - who plays Maggie - promises more deaths to come on the zombie drama. 'Walking Dead' star hints at more deaths Elena and Damon go to see Jeremy, while Stefan tries to find the final stake. 'The Vampire Diaries': Episode 19 recap Execs promise fans of the comic book series that "the good stuff is coming". 'Walking Dead' execs tease season three The Vampire Diaries actress will appear full-time as Maggie Greene. Lauren Cohan to be Walking Dead regular Tragedy strikes for the survivors as The Walking Dead continues. 'The Walking Dead': Episode 11 recap The tension between Rick and Shane comes to a head on The Walking Dead. 'The Walking Dead': '18 Miles Out' recap Simmering tensions lead to a violent confrontation on The Walking Dead. 'The Walking Dead': Episode 7 recap A gallery of images from the Walking Dead midseason finale. 'The Walking Dead': Episode 7 in pictures Ten exciting teasers for The Walking Dead's mid-season finale. 'The Walking Dead': Episode 7 teasers The truth comes spilling out in the latest episode of The Walking Dead. 'The Walking Dead': 'Secrets' recap New images from season two, episode six of The Walking Dead. 'The Walking Dead': 'Secrets' gallery Ten tantalising teasers for episode six of The Walking Dead. 'The Walking Dead': Episode 6 teasers An injured Daryl must face his demons on The Walking Dead. 'The Walking Dead': 'Chupacabra' recap Take a look at images from this Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead. 'Walking Dead': Episode 5 in pictures