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Linda Henry

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: British

Born: January 1, 1963 (51)

Mick and Dean track Shirley down in tonight's episode. POTD: EastEnders return for Shirley Shirley hides something from Mick and Dean when they catch up with her next week. EastEnders: Shirley returns with a secret The actress admits to "pangs" when watching EastEnders. Carly Wicks 'has unfinished EastEnders work' Can Sharon cover for Shirley, or will she tell the truth about the shooting? EastEnders: Sharon to face huge decision The fallout from Shirley's shocking revelation continues in tonight's episode. EastEnders: Sharon prepares to flee Will everyone make it out alive when Phil, Shirley and Sharon come face-to-face? POTD: EastEnders trio in huge showdown Kellie Bright discusses the challenging scenes ahead on the BBC soap. EastEnders star talks Linda rape story Will Shirley take revenge against Phil and Sharon? POTD: EastEnders' Shirley Carter in turmoil Sylvie will arrive in Walford seeking help from the family she abandoned. EastEnders reveals Sylvie Carter casting One Walford resident will be left fighting for their life. EastEnders wedding leads to shock shooting Will the wedding go ahead as planned? EastEnders drama at Sharon, Phil wedding Letitia Dean previews the big week ahead. EastEnders star previews wedding drama Dean supports Shirley following Ben's return. EastEnders: Dean to comfort Shirley Harry Reid promises that Ben will have a softer side when he reappears. EastEnders newbie teases Ben's return Ben Mitchell's return sends shockwaves through the square next week. EastEnders: Ben Mitchell returns Phil responds to Shirley's advances in tonight's episode (September 9) EastEnders pictures: Phil's affair begins Someone witnesses Phil and Shirley kissing next week. EastEnders: Phil, Shirley to be caught out An eventful month for Walford is revealed in an official BBC promo. EastEnders releases dramatic autumn trail Show bosses are promising an explosive start to autumn in Walford. EastEnders reveals autumn story gossip Phil snubs Shirley and carries on as normal after uncovering Sharon's plan. EastEnders: Phil is acting suspiciously Phil turns to Shirley for support after making a discovery next week EastEnders: Phil discovers Sharon plan Dean will seek a distraction from his lust for Linda Carter. EastEnders: Dean's new fling confirmed Show bosses are keeping tight-lipped about when the character will appear. EastEnders plans Sylvie Carter arrival Phil betrays Sharon by giving into temptation with Shirley. EastEnders affair for Phil and Shirley First look footage shows Mick facing his fears and getting arrested. EastEnders trailer teases Mick's big week Will Aunt Babe tell Mick who his mother really is? EastEnders: Aunt Babe to threaten Shirley Annette Badland chats about the Carter drama to come on EastEnders. EastEnders star: 'Aunt Babe is ruthless' Rebecca Scroggs discusses the two different sides of her character. EastEnders star: 'Tosh has a backstory' Sharon Rickman and Shirley Carter go head to head in new promo. Watch EastEnders' World Cup-themed trailer Shirley and Sharon go head-to-head as football rivals in the new promo. EastEnders: First look at fun new trailer Denny runs away after Sharon grabs and shakes him. EastEnders: Sharon loses it with Denny Kellie Bright discusses Shirley Carter's big secret. EastEnders star on Shirley, Mick secret Shirley makes an unexpected offer to Dean next week. EastEnders: Shirley to disown Dean? Matt Di Angelo says Dean will welcome the big secret that Shirley is hiding. EastEnders star: 'Dean wants to be Mick' Shirley has some explaining to do in tonight's EastEnders episode. POTD: Dean catches Shirley stealing Phil manipulates Shirley on EastEnders next week. EastEnders: Phil to blackmail Shirley Shirley urges Phil to be honest in tonight's episode. POTD: Phil reveals his feelings for Shirley Letitia Dean chats about the terrible ordeal ahead for her character. EastEnders star talks Sharon attack shock Shirley's true feelings are revealed in the aftermath of Sharon's attack. EastEnders: Shirley reveals love for Phil Danny Dyer chats about the shock reveal which aired in Thursday's episode. EastEnders star reacts to Shirley twist