Marc Forster

Skyfall could've turned out very differently with the Quantum of Solace director at the helm. Marc Forster turned down Skyfall Sky and NBC are working together on the 10-episode series with World War Z director Marc Forster. New TV thriller from Imitation Game writer The role will be Lively's first since giving birth to her daughter in December. Blake Lively joins new Marc Foster film World War Z filmmaker Marc Forster is slated to direct. Ron Perlman to lead Hand of God pilot The director is not on board for Brad Pitt's action sequel. 'World War Z 2': Forster won't return Marc Forster talks about ditching 'The Battle of Moscow' in his zombie epic. 'WWZ' director reveals original ending Are you backing Tony Stark, Captain Kirk or Clark Kent? Vote now in DS's poll. What was 2013's best summer movie? Paramount contemplates World War Z sequel following box office success. 'World War Z' sequel in the works? The star says there is still "enough to mine" from the Max Brooks novel. Brad Pitt hints at 'World War Z' sequels Digital Spy unveils a new sequence from Marc Forster's apocalyptic film. 'World War Z': Brad Pitt in new clip Brad Pitt faces a zombie pandemic in the big screen version of Max Brooks's World War Z. Brad Pitt's 'World War Z': First review Marc Forster's long-delayed sci-fi also stars James Badge Dale and Mireille Enos. 'World War Z' releases new poster Lindelof was hired to rewrite the screenplay after shooting had already wrapped. Damon Lindelof on 'World War Z' rewrites New action-packed promo for Brad Pitt's World War Z launches. 'World War Z' new trailer - watch now Digital Spy's preview of the new year in film begins here. Top 20 Must-Watch Movies for 2013: 20-11 Killing Them Softly star faces the undead apocalypse in World War Z. Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' trailer - watch The first piece of footage from Marc Forster's zombie movie debuts. Brad Pitt in first 'World War Z' clip World War Z director is in negotiations for the Disney drama. Forster in line for 'Imagining Nathan' The former Lost star claims that the zombie film "is going to kick ass". Matthew Fox denies World War Z problems The actor and producer insists that the decision is "not unusual". Brad Pitt on 'World War Z' reshoots Actor is allegedly frustrated with his World War Z director Marc Forster. Brad Pitt 'frustrated over World War Z' The Prometheus screenwriter is hired to rewrite upcoming zombie movie. Damon Lindelof to re-write 'World War Z' Paramount Pictures is planning three films, says the movie's star. Brad Pitt: 'World War Z is a trilogy' Paramount announces it beat other studios in worldwide box office totals. 'Paranormal Activity 4' confirmed Gerard Butler's Machine Gun Preacher just fails to convince. 'Machine Gun Preacher' review World War Z director Marc Forster says Brad Pitt has "good taste". Brad Pitt is inspiring, says Marc Forster Director Martin Campbell says that the story for Quantum of Solace was uninteresting. 'Casino Royale' director: 'Quantum of Solace was lousy' TV actor James Badge Dale is the latest to join the Brad Pitt-produced adaptation of World War Z. 'Pacific' star cast in Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' Walt Disney Studios acquires the rights to Dave Andron's post-apocalyptic screenplay The Runner. Disney acquires 'The Runner' rights Gerard Butler teams up with James Bond director Marc Forster for true-life drama Machine Gun Preacher. Butler to front 'Machine Gun Preacher' Leonardo DiCaprio eyes the lead role in Marc Forster's political thriller The Chancellor Manuscript. DiCaprio eyes 'Chancellor Manuscript' Quantum Of Solace director Marc Forster says he turned down the chance to helm the next Bond movie. Forster turns down 'Bond 23' offer James Bond director Marc Forster signs up to direct an adaptation of Max Brooks's novel World War Z. Forster to helm zombie epic 'World War Z' Quantum Of Solace director Marc Forster is in talks to direct Die Bad for Universal. Bond helmer Forster circles 'Die Bad' Quantum Of Solace director Marc Forster says James Bond almost became a father in the film. Bond almost became a dad in 'Quantum'