Melanie Sykes

Melanie Sykes and Marco Pierre White will present the show that mixes culinary skills with a poker face. Watch announces slice of Humble Pie The former I'm a Celebrity contestant shares her harsh and amusing criticism. Mel Sykes reviews Fifty Shades of Grey A new King of the Jungle has been crowned - we round up reactions! I'm a Celebrity: Best finale reactions A new contestant achieves jungle glory - did the public make the right decision? I'm a Celebrity: Did the right person win? Jake, Foggy and Melanie face their worst fears to try to win a three-course meal. I'm a Celeb: The final 3 do their trials The I'm a Celeb finalists were treated to a three course meal on tonight's show. I'm A Celeb: Finalists dine on last supper Foggy, Jake and Melanie made it to the final three celebrities in the running. I'm a Celebrity: Melanie Sykes comes third Nearly 40% of DS voters hope that the X Factor star takes home the crown. I'm a Celeb: Readers back Jake to win Jake, Mel, Edwina and Foggy don superhero capes for the infamous trial. I'm a Celeb: Return of Celebrity Cyclone Who deserves jungle glory in the I'm a Celebrity finale? I'm a Celebrity: Who should win? Ant & Dec revealed the news to the celebrities in camp on Saturday. Edwina Currie leaves I'm a Celeb Kendra upsets Jake with sarcasm, Mel is annoyed by Edwina. Campers fall out after Vicki's departure The former MP reveals details about her virginity during truth or lie game. I'm a Celeb Edwina reveals virginity details The pair team up and confront their phobias for the latest trial. Mel & Kendra face biggest fears for trial The camp-mates complete dares to win treats in fun challenge. I'm a Celeb: Campers do dares for treats Jake and Edwina engage in flirting, as he admits he's "horny every day". I'm a Celeb: Jake a bit in love with Edwina The campmates have a chance to unwind at the Jungle Arms Office Party. I'm a Celeb: Jake Quickenden flirts with Mel Carl 'Foggy' Fogarty wins eight stars in the latest Bushtucker Trial. I'm a Celeb: Foggy wins Boulder Dash Jake Quickenden expresses hopes Melanie Sykes will soon fall in love with him. I'm a Celebrity: Camp bid Nadia farewell The TV presenter tells Edwina that she's "self-sufficient", doesn't need a man. I'm a Celeb Mel: Men only needed for sex The TV presenter and US reality TV star talk about Edwina's attitude to men. I'm a Celeb: Mel and Kendra discuss Edwina Campmates cry and reveal their shock as the former footballer is voted out. I'm a Celeb stars on 'life and soul' Jimmy The ex-MP suggests the TV star is "too much of a control freak". Edwina and Mel tense over cooking Former footballer says he wants Carl Fogarty or Jake Quickenden to win the show. I'm a Celebrity: Jimmy is voted out Foggy reckons that deer's blood tastes like Quavers. Now you know. I'm a Celeb: Watch the Wombats' Trial We want you to cast your vote – which contestant should be sent home? I'm a Celeb: Who should leave the jungle? The celebs battled for immunity from the public vote in the Terror Tomb trial. I'm a Celeb: Who faces the public vote? Kendra Wilkinson talks about her "dramatic" on-screen arguments with husband. I'm a Celeb's Kendra talks cheating scandal Michael Buerk also plays up, by jumping out and scaring Jimmy so much he swears. I'm a Celeb: Jimmy leads a singsong Kendra Wilkinson lies to her campmates about her trial success for a laugh. I'm a Celeb: Has Kendra won anything yet? The Galahs and the Wombats go head to head to win brownies in a new challenge. I'm a Celebrity: It's girls vs boys The former X Factor finalist is upset after Mel says his voice got on her nerves. I'm a Celeb: Jake's singing annoys Mel The former X Factor finalist is warned that human urine attracts snakes. Jake Quickenden reprimanded over jungle wee Darren Day being too sexy? Brian Harvey's flatulence? The silliest spats ever. 10 silliest jungle spats over the years Carl Fogarty and Jimmy Bullard were sent to the Shed of Dread and needed rescuing. I'm a Celeb: Huge storm ends Shed of Dread The TV presenter and actress fall out over make-up for Jimmy, Foggy challenge. I'm a Celeb: Mel, Vicki fight over pencil Michael Buerk opens up about biggest regret on his late dad and Jimmy Saville. I'm a Celeb: Michael on biggest regret ITV producers tighten security in jungle following two fatal incidents near camp. I'm a Celeb: Security at camp stepped up There's a lot of showering and looking pensive in hammocks on I'm a Celebrity. I'm a Celeb: New pictures from the jungle Jake, Jimmy, Edwina and Kendra are unmasked after completing their missions. I'm a Celebrity: CIA agents are unmasked