Michelle Hardwick

We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders newbie, Corrie scheme, Oaks rows Watch a video preview of Wednesday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale preview: Adam's big mistake Adam Thomas explains why Adam Barton sleeps with Vanessa Woodfield. Emmerdale star reveals shock Adam fling Watch a video preview of Monday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale preview: Pearl's lies exposed Michelle Hardwick previews an emotional week for her character. Emmerdale's Vanessa to have health scare We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders clash, Corrie newbie, Oaks runaways We present the latest spoilers and news for the UK soaps. Enders return, Corrie danger, Oaks mishap Priya is determined to split Vanessa and Kirin up next week. Emmerdale's Priya to sabotage fling Watch a video preview of Thursday's Emmerdale double bill. Emmerdale video: Vanessa's big panic Vanessa has a tough decision to make next week. Emmerdale: Vanessa's fling exposed Adam Fielding will be playing the role of Kirin, a new regular character. Emmerdale casts Rakesh's teenage son Michelle Hardwick promises a busier summer for her character. Emmerdale: New love interest for Vanessa We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders spark, Corrie punch, Oaks reveal Michelle Hardwick proposed to her partner in Gran Canaria on New Year's Eve. Emmerdale star announces engagement Danny Dyer clashes with a number of Emmerdale cast members. 'Emmerdale' stars hit back at Danny Dyer Dominic Brunt previews the latest twist in his character's love life. 'Emmerdale' star on Paddy, Chas shock Zoe Henry reveals why her on-screen marriage hits the rocks. 'Emmerdale' star on Rhona, Paddy split Vanessa says too much in front of Pearl in Emmerdale tonight. POTD: 'Emmerdale's Vanessa annoys Paddy Actress realised she'd have to speak publicly about being gay when she joined the soap. Hardwick: 'Emmerdale helped me come out' Paddy stumbles upon Rhona and Vanessa's secret tonight. 'Emmerdale' pictures: Shock for Paddy Dominic Brunt reveals what's ahead as Rhona's secrets are exposed. 'Emmerdale' star on Paddy discoveries Rhona steps up her manipulation of Vanessa on Emmerdale next week. 'Emmerdale' kiss for Rhona, Vanessa Digital Spy catches up with Emmerdale's Michelle Hardwick. 'Emmerdale' star on Vanessa plot future Actress Michelle Hardwick discusses Vanessa's troubles with Rhona. 'Emmerdale' star on Vanessa, Rhona plot Inside Soap bosses announce the nominees for this year's awards. Inside Soap Awards 2013 nominations revealed Vanessa steals Rhona's supply of pills in Emmerdale tonight. POTD: 'Emmerdale's Vanessa gets tough Michelle Hardwick chats about Vanessa's feelings for Rhona. 'Emmerdale' star fears Vanessa backlash Michelle Hardwick is "blissfully" happy with girlfriend Rosie Nicholl. 'Emmerdale' star opens up over sexuality Zoe Henry reveals where her Emmerdale storyline is heading next. 'Emmerdale' star teases new Rhona twists We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Oaks horror, E'dale scare, Corrie scheme Laurel will get caught up in Rhona's drug world. 'Emmerdale' Laurel to be attacked Cast members form a team for the Great Manchester Cycle on June 30. Emmerdale stars for charity cycle event Emmerdale's Michelle Hardwick teases desperate moves from Rhona. 'Emmerdale' star talks new Rhona twists Rhona begs Vanessa for drugs in Emmerdale tonight. POTD: 'Emmerdale' Rhona at rock bottom Zoe Henry reveals her thoughts on her latest Emmerdale storyline. 'Emmerdale' star talks Rhona addiction Katie demands answers after her horse dies on Emmerdale tonight. POTD: 'Emmerdale' heartache for Katie Emmerdale actress Michelle Hardwick wants to explore character's past. 'Emmerdale' Vanessa star wants family Emmerdale's Michelle Hardwick on why Vanessa sparks big trouble next week. 'Emmerdale' star reveals Vanessa crisis Michelle Hardwick teases Vanessa Woodfield's Emmerdale arrival. 'Emmerdale' newcomer 'may be trouble' We present the latest spoilers and pictures for the UK soaps. Oaks punch, Enders fears, E'dale arrival